Комментарии Which character has the most figures?

  • darkfader2 месяца назад#80404455As long they are cute girl figures, I don't really mind.
    Agreed, my 3x3 eyes profil picture friend.
    2 месяца назад
    darkfader ⱠØⱠł₵Ø₦
    As long they are cute girl figures, I don't really mind.
    2 месяца назад
    Wow thank you for all the responses everyone! I think we had some pretty good discussion, and found the winner.

    bUt CaN MikU beAt GoKu?
    2 месяца назад
    skylinedo BANNED
    Long live saber on here; mysabercollection.net !
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    I was expecting Miku and Saber to dominate, but Saber has far fewer figures than I expected. I guess it just feels like she compares to Miku since all the newest rounds of figures are so Fate dominated. I'm surprised Goku is still #1, although I think Miku will dethrone him very soon.

    Luffy is also a surprise. I know One Piece is the best-selling manga, but I thought all the Namis and Choppers would take away from the number of Luffys.

    I'm also surprised at the sheer number of Eva figures. I mean, I know it's popular, but up until the Netflix dub came out, I barely knew anyone who had seen Eva. I didn't think the fandom was still so active.
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    Elise_Grimwald2 месяца назад#80368493It looks like it's actually Goku, if all of his forms are combined in terms of sheer number (SSJ and regular Goku have 900+ figures combined, SSGSS has 83, Goku Black has 34, Ultra Instinct has 58, ssj4 has 59, ssj3 has 108, and I'm sure I missed some), followed by Miku (1000+), then followed by Luffy (900+).
    For being *way* newer than Goku though, the amount of Mikus is absurd. Goku is barely winning Miku in terms of number. His series is 20 years older. The amount of Luffy figures is also crazy, given his series is ALSO 10 years newer than DBZ and all of the other DB series.
    Let's see...

    Goku 602
    Goku SSJ 330
    Goku SSJ2 29
    Goku SSJ3 108
    Goku SSJ4 46
    Goku SSJ God 30
    Goku SSJSS 83
    Goku UI 64

    1292. And that's without Goku Black, the Xeno versions, the fusions, which all can be counted as different characters (but are also still Goku).

    So yes, it's definitely Goku. And it will probably still be until the end of times.
    2 месяца назад
    miku... it seriously needs to stop. 1098 entries and counting.
    2 месяца назад
    CreepyOldMan2 месяца назад#80369789Miku.
    When humans go extinct and the next intelligent species inherit earth and found artifacts of human beings, they will wonder if all humans looked like Miku.

    Or like Funko Pop statues
    2 месяца назад
    I remember looking around a few years ago because I was curious too. It wasn't a very thorough search, but I looked up some popular characters you'd expect to see lots of figures of (Miku, Saber, etc.) I remember Rei from NGE having a LOT of figures, like way more than Miku. I don't know if she's the top, but I think she'd probably be up there.
    2 месяца назад
    Terrence Collects scales exclusively
    I'd say the big 3 are: Miku, Saber (and all her alter-egos and what not), and Sonico. Though Evangelion figs, Rem, etc are also pretty crowded.
    2 месяца назад
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