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sailormatlacsailormatlac1 месяц назад

I'm actually in the process of reorganizing my collection. I own several sitting figures, most of them having the ubiquitous white fluff round display base such as this one: static.myfigure.... I know some people hate them, personally, I kind of like them since the fluff is perfect to hide misalignment of parts, as often occur on sitting figure. As a matter of fact, for the sake of consistency, I would like to purchase a few other similar bases for a few figures.

I've been trying to find them online, but no success so far. I recall having seen some online store selling them, however, I now longer remember the name of that store and searches have been useless. Any idea?

On the other hand, I would say no to purchase pre-owned based if it is the only viable option.

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I've have one like that, I just cut a circle of fake fur without bothering with a proper base. It works fine.
If you want a base but don't wanna spend a lot trying to find a wood one, you could use a plastic jar lid. Repaint it and put fur on top and it should look just fine.
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
If it's of any help, I do know some who have the base.
ITEM #98882

Nsfw: ITEM #100075

I owned both (sold saeki ai)

Good luck finding them seperately sorry not much of a help ><
1 месяц назад
My answer is pretty much the same like FigyourEd's answer. This user made a customized base for the FREEing Nanachi and Mitty figure. picture/2068614... The progress shots are seen on the user's Instagram account. www.instagram.c...
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E2046 sells them but shipping is ridiculous for a $2 base. Unless of course you live in/near China or maybe double check the shipping estimate with them. They have quite a variety of bases
1 месяц назад
Or you can make your own with this



Then head to your local WalMart and grab





It's basically the same thing as E2046 I guess but honestly, I've never noticed anything special from official figs that have a round, furry base. They're typically just plastic discs with a fur pad glued to it.
1 месяц назад
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