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Continuation of my first post about the making of my first custom nendoroid.

The rest of the parts that I ordered arrived! Kind of...
The three face plates from ITEM #740128 arrived safe and sound. I will only be using two of them for my custom nendoroid. I also ordered some various parts from ITEM #795477. The hair, main body, upper body with shirt off, gun, and arms with hands in pockets. I really only wanted the upper body part with shirt off because the character I am making the figure of, M-21, is always missing his shirt after every fight he's in. I thought this part would be perfect! I opened the bubble wrap that the parts were in and guess what? The one part I wanted, and the only reason I made the purchase, was nowhere to be found. Just my luck. I contacted the proxy service I used to buy it and they are looking into it. I most likely will not be getting it. It couldn't have been one of the other parts that I didn't want to be the one to go missing!

Moving on from that problem, I painted the two face plates that I got. They are perfect! This nendoroid really looks like M-21 now!





The smiling face looks so cute!



I'm really happy with the final look of my first custom nendoroid! Hopefully I will get some info about my missing part. I have a feeling I will be hunting for a new one.

Thanks for reading!
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Oooh Akashis faceplates fit him even better :D Still can't get over your neat painting skills.
Would love to see more custom Nendos of yours :3
3 месяца назад
Heliodora Collector of the Boiis
Woah, that looks spot on, really nice work!
3 месяца назад
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