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Hello everyone !

I just wanted to share you with you all my little work of those few last days. Let's get strait to the point, I challenged myself to repaint my FFX-2 Yuna's figure.

The story begins something like 6 years ago, maybe a bit more. I was a newbie and gathring a collection can be sometimes tricky. I sure did bought overpriced figures on e-bay or amazon, but as long as the figures itselves are good, it's not fully wasted. I do own a figure for a long time, but I simply never displayed it because... well, let's be honest, it was awful. You guessed it, I'm talking about Yuna from FFX-2.

Just everything was wrong with her. Sculpting was rough with many scratches on top of that, painting was bad almost everywhere, and the usual problem with this figure : leaning forward.

So she was chained down in the jail of shame for 6 years, unsellable, too ugly to be displayed among the others. You already know what happenend next, I challenged myself to redeem her, to try at least. The last time I handled a brush was 2011, painting my warhammer 40k's eldars. Time to see what remains...

...In the worst case, I did not lost anything, if Yuna's still ugly in the end, she'll stay in her jail and nothing changes.

So, this is what I started with :
Bland colors, huge white dot in the eyes.
Peeled paint on the guns.
Many little scratches on the hair, imprecise paintjob on the armsbands.
Laces overflowing, and again, many scratches on the not-so-shiny boots.
Leaning forward.
Satchel and belt poorly detailed, overflow again from the pinky underwear. The gradation of the dress part is the only thing that looks cool even if it has, you know what, multiple scratches.

The rest is in my hands. I wasn't sure if I could handle it to be honest. It is a challenge after all, I know, but I was afraid to bite bigger than I can chew. But I won't do it blindlessly. This pics will be my model : imgur.com/2IEHG...

I decided to start with the precise parts, the face, the armsbands, the little braid.
Surely, it wasn't the easiest part to begin with, and I'm now sure of one thing : I really hate painting yellow ! The eyes were almost a fun part, trying to reproduce the eldar's spirit stone technique. But I was still disturbed by something, so I took a look, searching among my other statues what makes their eyes beautiful and mines not. The answer cames out quickly : eyeliner ! A thin black eyeliner changes everything ! The whole hair has been repainted into a darker tone, and the strong red lips lightened to looks more natural (C'mon, Yuna isn't a femme fatale !).
Pistols next, filing the peeled paint and then, making them shine as they should be ! The simple black layer became a steel one, and so the pale yellow turns to gold. I mimicked the engraved letters with a thin marker, as the surface of the side gun is flat.
Boots ! Entirely painted from glossy black to matte. I didn't find a single official artwork of Yuna wearing shiny boots so... And of course, laces remake.
Adjustment on the "tail" of Yuna (kinda weird said that way), I experimented dry brushing for the very first time here (yep... I never needed to do this on my beloved eldars before).
To be honest, i'm not good enough to reproduce this graduation, maybe i should buy an aerograph one day. So I kept that dress as it is, repairing the scratches and making them the less noticeable as I could. I only put the strip at the edge of each part of the gown into pure white to increse the contrast it gives.
The belt was one of the most scandalous piece of the figure. Overflowing paint from everywhere, some buckles were brown and some leather parts were metal colored. Special mention granted to the little gems who were flat purple (because... ?). Here again, spirit-stones no jutsu ! Ho and don't worry, the little tip inside the hole has been cut off after taking the pics.
The base, let's have a talk about the base. I planned to build another one out of materials and stuff I still own from that old time I built decorative items (still in the Warhammer perspective). After considering everything, I decided to keep the original base, add some pieces of an out of date magnetic card to get rid of the leaning problem, and paint the whole thing a uniform off-white. In my opinion, black boots on black base is "meh" and I do love contrast ^.^
The final step, the body itself. As I handled her from here most of the time, it was obvious that this should be the very last thing to paint. Now Yuna truly joined the collection and stands among the others figures.

I'm satisfied of the result. They're some parts I could do better, maybe, maybe not. Let's stay humble with my amateur level ;) In any case, Yuna is way more beautiful now than before (ok, it was hard to make her look worst, but still !).

Tell me your thoughts guys.
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JosukeWasHere2 месяца назад#78605426You did a great job improving Yuna! She looks so much cleaner and the little details are lovely. She's a fantastic character and her design in X2 is really nice, I'm shocked that Kotobukiya screwed up the paint job so badly. :0

Thx ^.^ I do think this is a bootleg, I can't believe that Kotobukiya screwed the paint job up that much.
2 месяца назад
You did a great job improving Yuna! She looks so much cleaner and the little details are lovely. She's a fantastic character and her design in X2 is really nice, I'm shocked that Kotobukiya screwed up the paint job so badly. :0
2 месяца назад
An improvement for sure!
2 месяца назад
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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