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Hello MFC readers! I hope you're all having a wonderful day and staying safe. Unfortunately it seems many collectors have had some trouble recently, what with shipping delays, shop cancellations and the works. I know this can be hard, and I hope my reviews are at least a little entertaining so you'll have something to brighten your day!

Today I'll be doing the next entry in the An Afternoon with Eevee & Friends series (ENTRY #192256), Sylveon (ITEM #947750)!


Sylveon is the newest evolution of Eevee as of my writing this review, she's by far one of if not the most popular Eeveelutions and is definitely the pinkest! This figure was $14.99 MSRP on release and has since sold out, as every other figure in this series has.

This figure is made by Funko in collaboration with the Pokemon Center U.S., and was limited to the Pokemon Center in the USA.

Let's take a look at her box!


Front, with the standard window as the others have had


Side, with Sylveon's silhouette now filled in


Top, with Sylveon's art on it

I'm gonna skip the back and other side as it's just the Pokemon Center advertising itself ; w ;

Out of the box she goes!


Inside the blister!

The blister is standard, it's the shape of the figure itself with three little tabs holding it together. The tabs didn't really help this one, she came out super easy.


Outside the blister! She's very cute, definitely well posed. Her smile is just perfect :D
Some turnaround pics:






Other Side



Overall this figure is really high quality! I definitely like it more than Eevee. She's very cute, running through the flowers. I do like the way they posed her feelers, as well as the shade of pink they used on her. I do wish the blue they used on her feelers was more vibrant, though. I feel like the blues kind of pale in comparison to the pink, at least on her feelers. The blue in her eyes is quite perfect!

Now, for some close ups, picking apart the good parts and not so good parts of the figure.


Starting off with the front, she has this weird... Indent? Imprint? On her face in two areas. It's a QC issue as most of her issues are, but I'm not quite sure how they could have gotten there. I suppose the ones on her face could have come from a machine when she was being molded, but the ones on her ear bow sort of confuse me because they don't align with the lines on the bow at all. This issue seems to be only on this one in particular, as I got multiple of this figure, and they don't have the lines on that bow. Weird!


Next, the neck bow. It's kinda funny looking! It definitely could have been smoothed out better.


She has some filler issues, most notably on her face on a seam.


There's another area that could have been smoothed out better, I assume this is where they joined her feeler together with the other half of it? The others aren't as visible as this one if at all. The issue is also on the other side of the same feeler.


Her front paw also has an issue, another machine issue probably. This issue is consistent with the others I got.


The flowers have definitely improved from the Eevee figure. No more paint chips! The base is a bit simple though, similar to Eevee's. I wouldn't be surprised if they used the same base and just changed the shape a bit.


I'm including a picture of the bottom of the figure because, despite this being a 2020 release, it's marked as 2019. This means they've probably already had most of if not all of this line pre-made since last year, meaning once they're sold out, they're probably gone for good.


Her back foot. I'm pointing this one out because I personally don't see anything wrong with it - but my sister, on the other hand, immediately pointed out that "It's just kinda sticking out there and it looks weird."
She inspected it before I did, and found almost every issue with it, before promptly accepting it into her collection of Eevees.

Now that we've looked at the closeups of the figure, let's compare it to some others to check out the size!


Compared to ITEM #876381, which is about the size of a kid figure, she's pretty big!


Ahh, Astolfo, you're too tall! Compared to ITEM #720383, she's so small!


Arjuna's mad at me because I never use him in any of my reviews! (ಥ﹏ಥ) Compared to ITEM #739701, she's about the same height as him on his stand, if not a little shorter.


So much pink!! Group picture with all the pink stuff my sister and I have. Most of them are mine, but I borrowed the My Melody capchara, Sylveon Christmas plush, Sylveon desk helper and Skitty kid figure from her.
What do you mean Karna isn't pink? He's pink enough!

Thank you for reading my review if you made it here! I've been trying to put more "personality" into my reviews as I go along, and while I still want it to be a "proper" review, I would like to make at least one person laugh a bit. I still have quite a few entries to go though, so hopefully I'll get it right eventually.

Next time, I'll be reviewing Glaceon! ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

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SkunkPunk3 месяца назад#77723765Read both your vaporeon and sylveon review and liked them but idk if your aware but the bottom of each box gives a story about each figure and you never talked about or showed them

It's not a story, it's just the description of the figure from the Pokemon Center website !
3 месяца назад
Im glad the first 2 eeveelutions to be released are my 2 favorites
3 месяца назад
Read both your vaporeon and sylveon review and liked them but idk if your aware but the bottom of each box gives a story about each figure and you never talked about or showed them
3 месяца назад
I found the style this time much more and engaging, definitely enjoy seeing more personality shine through in reviews. Helps them stand out among the rest (And I definitely did laugh at the karna joke xD). Can't wait to see the Galceon review!
3 месяца назад
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