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My very first diary entry. :-) I finally got around ordering several figures!

I registered almost 5 years ago, in 2015,without a particular reason. It was probably because I stumbled upon this site every time I searched a figure out of curiosity. Then, at the end of 2017, I was thinking about buying myself a figure for real. I was absolutely opposed buying figures before, because there would be no end in sight if I started, but this Figma of Samus from Metroid Prime 3 made me weak: ITEM #396865


Unlike with all other figures I saw before, I found the joints were beautifully incorporated/hidden into the character design itself. With me having such fond feelings of Metroid Prime 1 and 2, the first Metroid Prime being the game that came bundled with my Nintendo GameCube in 2002, I just couldn't resist.

Sadly, when the figma was finally released, my order was cancelled, because I had just a few cents deficit on my credit card... At the time, I was just not willing to spend any more than what the pre-order price was, and so this potential new hobby of mine went into hibernation.

Fast forward around two and a half years later, present time, I was gushing over this Android 21 figure: ITEM #846055


I now know that many are bothered by the proportions of MegaHouse's character designs in the Dragon Ball Gals line, but I don't mind at all. :-P I'm not even very far into DragonBall FighterZ, but I absolutely love her and I find that the figure captures her allure really well.

Even so, that figure alone wasn't enough to draw me into the hobby. But then, through pure coincidence, when I decided to look up Play-Asia for no particular reason, I noticed that the aforementioned Samus figma gets a reissue.

It had to be fate. This time, I would get her!

Now the floodgates were open. Since for the last one and a half years I had time to get into anime again, there came many characters to mind that I'd love to have a figure of, but one in particular that also gets reissues soon both for full-fledged figures as well as of its Nendoroid: Nanachi from "Made in Abyss"!

ITEM #604500
ITEM #675854

She's one of those memorable characters that I'll never forget.


And while I never was interested in Nendoroids, I found hers to be incredibly charming, and with the possibility to remove her headgear and with her coming with accessories (Mitty!) I just had to get her.


And with that, my budget that I set aside for this haul of mine was at its limit. Or was it?

When doing my research into the hobby, I noticed this new line from Good Smile Company named Pop Up Parade: ENTRY #159583

They still haven't many figures, but with those that are available and that are currently up for preorder, they seem to strike a good balance of price and quality.

That's why I just couldn't say no to their Hatsune Miku and Shiro figures:
ITEM #740152
ITEM #740207



And that's it from me! I hope my order goes well, as everything will be shipped when every item is out, meaning only after Nanachi's Nendoroid is released at the last day of June.

Now I have to update my profile soon and get acquainted with all site functions here as well. :-)
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Welcome!!! That is one sweet Samus figma and Nanachi! Made in the Abymss hits me right in the freaking feels every time I see Nanachi and Mitty...

I hope you'll get Shiro and Miku!
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Welcome! Hope you get your figurines soon ^^
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Welcome to the hobby! I hope you can enjoy your figures soon!
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Welcome onboard ;)
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Welcome to the wonderful world of figures
Couldn't say no to the Shiro PUP either!

Joined MFC and began collecting figures about 2 years ago,
but have been watching and subbing anime for quite awhile longer
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I remember how excited I was the first time I ordered a figure. It was not so long ago, approximately a year ago, so I'm quite new too. Congratulations! I'm sure you'll love this hobby.
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