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Hello MFC readers! I've decided to start my reviews on the An Afternoon with Eevee & Friends series (ENTRY #192256) with Vaporeon (ITEM #947748), who came out earlier last week. She's $14.99 MSRP at the Pokemon Center Online, currently in stock, but they are limited in numbers so they could be gone at any time!

For reference's sake, I'll be referring to Vaporeon as a She.


I tried to take as many pictures as possible to make this very thorough! I'll start with the box.

Window (front)
Window (Side)
Other side

Box is pretty neat! It's kinda hard to see Vaporeon even in good lighting inside the box, but she's still visible. There's a bit of advertisement on the box for the others in the series as well as for the Pokemon Center US online as well. Very neat and compact, there's no extra room inside the box for anything but the figure and it's blister packaging.

Let's take her out!

Her inside the blister
The blister itself

The blister is really simple, it's got three little peg-to-hole parts that just snap together. It fits right to her shape. I did find it a bit difficult to get her back into the blister once I took her out the first time, the snap in near the base didn't want to snap, haha.

https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/0/00/Spr_2c_134.png Vaporeon! https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/0/00/Spr_2c_134.png

Some different angles!

Vaporeon is very pretty. I really like this figure, it's better than the Eevee one before it by far. I found the Eevee one to be too shiny and the eyebrows made them look angry, but I really like the way Vaporeon looks in this figure! She's a good size and has a bit of weight to her as well. The colors are very vibrant and I love the scene.

Now, I'll get to the closeups, and my opinion on the different parts of her.


So, I definitely expected some issues with her due to it being a Funko product and with the price being so low. It does seem that these past two Eevee and Friends figures have had a bit more issues than the series before it (ENTRY #170426). Vaporeon has a decent number of flaws, albeit they're all pretty small. In this first image, you can see a good amount of paint smudged right in the corner of her fin.


In this image, the most glaring issue is the seam on her shoulder. I really dislike seams - which is the reason I got rid of ITEM #806117 as soon as I got it - the seam line on Vaporeon's tail was awful. You can also see small paint flaws on the yellow line around her top fin, as well as a bit missing in the white on her neck fin.


You can see the seam issue here as well on her back leg, although I don't think this one is as bad as the one on her shoulder. Her paws are perfect though, cute little feets!


Paint flaws on the splash, but just barely.


So, I'm pretty indifferent around the base. I really like the vibrant colors but at the same time it feels less like waves in the water and more like someone just stretched the material wrong. That may just be me, though.


There's not much wrong with the little mountain on the base, however, you can just barely see some scratches on the brown part. It came like this - it looks as though it may have been heavily handled before being put in the packaging. They're not heavy scratches, just light enough to see well if you shine it in good lighting.

Overall, she's really good for the price, but has a glaring number of issues QC wise. If you don't like prize figures or hate QC problems you may not like her!

Here's some size comparison pictures!


Compared to the previous entry in the series (ITEM #947746), she's really big! A lot heavier as well.


She's about the same size as ITEM #804802, an entry in the series that came before the Eevee and Friends one.


She's a lot bigger than a kid figure! She towers over ITEM #899556.


And finally, for those who don't have many Pokemon items. she's a little shorter than ITEM #739699, who is a Nendoroid.

Thank you for reading if you made it this far! I'm excited to review the other figures in this series in the months to come, so please let me know if you have any suggestions on what I can do better!

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My favorite vee gal! btw bottom of box has a mini story
3 месяца назад
Thank you for reviewing this! I’ve always been curious about this line (especially the Pikachu set from last year) and I didn’t realize it was so small. Makes me kind of regret not looking into them sooner, ahaha.
4 месяца назад
Nice review! I have a soft spot for Vaporeon, it is my first evolved Pokemon and one of my favourites to use in Pokemon Go.
4 месяца назад
A Funko figure that doesnt suck??? And that it has a better price-to-quality ratio compared to the MH pokemon figures full of seams and other defects??? Oh my. Never thought I would see the day!

Thanks for the review!! I hope to see more from this line, it looks very promising
4 месяца назад
Vaporeon looks awesome! Really love the review and can't wait to see more in the future.
4 месяца назад
As a kid, I never liked any of the Pokémon figures; they lacked dynamic poses or they just look like they didn't quite look as nice...

But nowadays, they look great! Vaporeon cute as heck, despite the flaws.

Thanks for the review!
4 месяца назад
wow, nice review! I'd be interested in seeing how the rest turn out as well if you decide to get them! Glaceon is my favourite :D
4 месяца назад
Nemsy4 месяца назад#76509541I would be happy to proxy for you (or anyone outside of the US) if you'd like to get it :) I currently proxy for 2 other people outside of the US who cannot get these figures. The total cost comes out to something around $40 USD after shipping and such.

Ohhh I'll bear that in mine thank you! Currently not buying much because Coronavirus stuff locking things down, wouldn't be surprised if the mail gets hit sooner or later (and if I'm out of work for a bit, yikes) but I absolutely am interested in the future!
4 месяца назад
HitomiHime4 месяца назад#76509491GAH she's so cute. I'm so mad you can't get them in the UK and other places like eBay selling them are straight up gouging. £60??? Like wtf???

I would be happy to proxy for you (or anyone outside of the US) if you'd like to get it :) I currently proxy for 2 other people outside of the US who cannot get these figures. The total cost comes out to something around $40 USD after shipping and such.
4 месяца назад
GAH she's so cute. I'm so mad you can't get them in the UK and other places like eBay selling them are straight up gouging. £60??? Like wtf???
4 месяца назад
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