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Hello MFC Community! ♡ I've wanted to do a review for a long time, so when I got these guys in today, I thought it would be the perfect time to do it! They're candy figures, but they're still really high quality, so they're worthy of a review I believe.
I'll be reviewing ITEM #906599, ITEM #906598, ITEM #906587 and ITEM #906588.



Standard candy figure boxes! I like that these aren't generic and actually tell you which Pokemon on the front. It always makes it so much easier to do box splits on items that identify themselves on the outside of the box!
I forgot to take a picture of Ethan's box, though I'm sure it's easy enough to imagine what it might look like c:
Each figure came with a small piece of candy and a small stand, aside from Typhlosion, who can stand on his own.

Let's start with Ethan! ♡
For a candy figure, he isn't bad. He's a little over three inches tall, and he's well sculpted. The paint, though, is a different story.

The paint on his hat is very messy. It's only on his hat... But it's very noticeable, even from an arm's distance. This is the only flaw I really noticed on him, but this is one that kinda puts me off. Other than that, he's great! He definitely sizes well with the others. I initially didn't plan on keeping Ethan, but he's pretty cute with the other Pokemon I have!
On to Cyndaquil! ♡

Cyndaquil is so cute and tiny! I love him very much! Oddly enough, despite Cyndaquil being the smallest, he stands up the easiest without his base. I had to fight with him to get him to stand up right on his base - so I just took the pictures with it off! Cyndaquil suffered the same fate as Ethan when it came to paint flaws, though.
The paint on this side of his flame is messy too. It's only on this side of the flame though - and I checked multiple Cyndaquils from this set - they're all messy on that side of the flame lol! It's still really good for a candy figure.

On to Quilava! ♡

His back flame is detachable:

Also, his little feet are sooo cute!
He does come with a stand and he cannot stand without it. However, it's clear, and hidden behind his flame so it's hard to see it! Quilava is VERY cute and honestly the best one out of the 4 (´∀`)♡ I found no issues with him at all.

On to the biggest, Typhlosion! ♡

Like Quilava, his flame is also detachable:
Also like Quilava, he has cute little hands and feet:

So, Typhlosion's body and flames are REALLY well made, better than a lot of other candy figures I've seen. However, he has one HUGE flaw. His mouth (。•́︿•̀。)


His mouth seams are so bad ; n ; They're super noticeable, even more so than Ethan's hat paint issue, which makes him a little less photogenic than he should be. I checked the other Typhlosion I got of the same line as well, and he also has the mouth issue. Buuuut, I still think his redeeming quality is how good the rest of him is. He is still very pretty!
Lastly, I'm just gonna compare them to two common, smaller figure types.
Here's how they compare to ITEM #899556, which is also very cute! It'd be easy to blend Cyndaquil, Quilava and Typhlosion in with kid figures for photos. However, I do think Ethan has to be with other scale world figures or gacha figures, because kids make him look really small.
Here's how the Pokemon look with item/739699! Cyndaquil looks so cute with Karna! He's his little buddy now. The smaller ones go very well with smaller action figures like Nendos and Figmas!

Overall, I'm very happy with them! Of course they have a few flaws, they're candy figures, but they are very high quality for their price and I'm excited for Bandai to continue this line (I hope we get all the way to at least gen 5, I'd love a Zoroark one)!

Thank you for reading this far, and please let me know if you have any suggesstions on what I could do better in future reviews! I'm considering doing reviews on ENTRY #192256 every month, since I consistently buy them for people who can't get them outside of the US, I would always be able to review every release.
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Oh gosh, this is such a cute set, thank you for the review! I especially like the Cyndaquil, his tinyness makes him so adorable. <3
5 месяцев назад
These are super well done but what the fuck is up with the price?
I hope one day I can find them at a reasonable price.
5 месяцев назад
jumpluff Pegasus Knight
Always fun to see more Pokémon merch reviews here. And I love Johto! I think this is really good for a candy figure, and the photos you took are really cute. :)
5 месяцев назад
His flames look like mustard to me, or maybe melty cheese haha. They're so cute though I love them so much.
5 месяцев назад
Typhlosion looks really cute! It's too bad about the mouth seams, but he still looks pretty good especially when paired up with the other evolutions you picked up.

I think it'd be nice to see those Evee figures for sure. As for comments on the review itself, I think it came out pretty good, love the little extra commentary on each picture.

Maybe I might just have a sweet tooth, but I am curious what the candy tasted like.
5 месяцев назад