Mishima Haruna -- Chunithm - 1/7 - Alphamax -- REVIEW 28Mishima Haruna -- Chunithm - 1/7 - Alphamax -- REVIEW 28Review

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January Greetings!
The car has a fine layer of icy frost surrounding its entire exterior, and just the look of it from the front hall window makes me want to shiver. Winter has finally arrived in Michigan, and even though there isn’t a lot of snow on the ground yet, the temps are enough to make the insides of your nostrils painful.

Back Story
There’s not much to tell about this purchase. I’ve been awaiting the release of a couple of figures from AmiAmi that I’ve had on pre-order, and every morning before I start my writing, I look through the previous night’s ads. When this figure popped up, I recognized it immediately from the list of figures that I rank among my favorites (though, not in my Top 10 Most Wanted). The price was pretty good, and I’ve been really itching to write another review of something beautiful, so I contacted the seller and after a little chatting, we settled on the purchase.

I don’t know anything about Mishima Haruna or Chunithm (the game from which she is derived). After reading the Wikipedia listing on the game, it looks like it’s a music-based arcade game with loads of characters (male and female). At present, this is the only figure listed on MFC that has been developed from the illustrations in the game, which is a real shame because there are some AWESOME artistic renderings of characters that should definitely be transformed into 3D models! If you want to explore more of the characters, check out this link:


With that said, let’s take a closer look at this beautiful figure!


Mishima Haruna – Chunithm – 1/7 -- ITEM #397068
Sculptor: Hiro -- ENTRY #40167
Vendor: private MFC seller ($114.20 in January of 2020)

The Box
The box is a nice presentation method for the figure within, but I have to be honest about my surprise in its size – it was smaller than I’d expected for a figure of this size and intricacy. I’m not sure why I had that expectation, but when I saw the box for the first time, I thought it looked more like a “doll box” than a “figure box”.

With a wrap-around window on the front and sides, as well as a small window on the top, the visibility of the figure within is pretty good, especially if you don’t plan on removing her to display. There are numerous photos and illustrations of the figure laid over a curious yellow-golden background, and while the color choice doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, it does allow the colors on the figure to pop a little bit and may grab the attention of potential buyers from the shelf.


The blister packaging is really precise and well-laid-out. The figure itself is contained very safely within, and the accessories are also protected in their own small insets. There were several pieces of plastic sheeting that separated close or touching pieces, and everything looked fantastic and clean as the figure came out of the packaging.


The Figure
Included in the box are two additional items that might excite collectors. The first is a basic instruction sheet that indicates the manufacturer’s directions for assembly.


The second inclusion is a nice postcard with the original illustration of the Haruna character on one side, and the typical postcard markings on the other.


The base for this figure is one of the aspects that intrigued me most when considering her purchase. Unlike most of the circular bases that act as foundations for the figures in my collection, this figure is posed as if stepping down a narrow flight of stairs, and the base has been developed in such a way that the structure of the stairway is evident without being overly intrusive to the rest of the figure. There’s just enough there for the viewer to get the full concept, and the shape and angle of the design gives the figure excellent strength in the foundation.

There is a small “in-step” structure with metallic posts that rises from the second step down which attaches tightly and perfectly to the companion holes in the bottom of Haruna’s left foot.


Accompanying Haruna’s beautiful wardrobe is a white beret with chocolate-colored ribbon. The hat is affixed to Haruna’s head by internal magnets and fits perfectly on the figure’s head.


The only other accessory to Haruna’s outfit is a pink umbrella with bright red handle which is to be held in her left hand. Note the small white peg just below the red handle – this fits neatly into a corresponding hole in Haruna’s left hand and secures the umbrella in position nicely.


Haruna’s body comes in two parts – head and body. The head/neck joint is tight and fits very well when assembling. Notice, too, the holes in the bottom of the figure’s left foot, which fit perfectly into the pins on the base.


Reviewer's Notes
Overall Sculpt
Starting from the ground and working our way up …

The positioning of the feet on the base, the angle of the heels as they traverse the uneven terrain, and the details in the beautiful booties is just superb! I absolutely love the small detail of the overturned cuff of the boots with the slim dark chocolate brown line that is mirrored in several areas of the figure.


As most of you already know, I’m a big fan of a long, strong, and beautifully sculpted leg, and this figure has two perfect examples. The choice to make the stockings opaque in bright white was brilliant, as was the addition of the chocolate stripe. I’m also impressed by the sculpt at the top of the stockings – the indentation of the skin where the stocking ends is quite realistic and gives the strong impression that the fabric is wrapped tightly around her thighs.


Haruna’s skirt is super short, and while it doesn’t take up a lot of space on the figure, it adds a tremendous amount of movement and implication of wind to the front. This is precisely the type of tantalizing display that makes young (and old) men swoon at what they can see (and curious about what they can’t).


For those who are interested, Haruna wears a pair of plain white knickers – feel free to check them out in the following spoiler – NSFW, so, fair warning.

Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлер
Though not easily visible, Haruna has adorable buns!


The corset and attached “tails” are simply gorgeous additions that I can’t thank the designer enough for! Such an amazing sculpt (and painting, discussed later) that gives amazingly intricate details, while at the same time being rather understated in the grand scheme of the overall presentation of the figure.

The pinstriping of the corset, the buttons, the lower triangular flaps of fabric that add such a beautiful base to the wardrobe piece, the tiny gold chains that sway from buttons centered on her ribcage, and the gathered fabric of the tails flapping to the invisible wind around her … it’s all a masterpiece that creates a slim center section of the figure.


At the back of the figure, affixed the corset at the base of Haruna’s spine is a wonderful bow with long sashes that fall beyond the length of the corset tails. This is a fantastic addition to the figure that largely gets lost behind all of her hair.


Haruna’s blouse is another piece of really creative wardrobe that I’ve never seen before. As a practical piece of clothing, I don’t think it would really work, but for an anime character who lives in a world where gravity is only partially recognized, I think it’s awesome!

The off-the-shoulder sleeves are stunning. The detail of the cuffs (especially when viewed from the side and you can clearly see the arm continuing into the sculpt) is phenomenal. The stretch of the bustline and the dark chocolate straps that rise to her shoulders on each side are beautiful. And while the collar may not be connected to the blouse in a literal sense, the continuation of the style and theme of the top in the collar and tie is amazing, to say the least. I’ve never seen a collar this long, and I absolutely LOVE it on her!


And the body beneath the top … is flawless! I’m so impressed with the natural flow of shoulder to breast that has been created in this figure. Absolutely stunning!


The stylish gloves (in matching pattern) and the tie flowing forward with the unseen breeze are perfect additions that round out the figure’s costume. All are sculpted skillfully, and the hands show just enough detail to make me very satisfied in the patience of the artists behind the figure (nothing annoys me more than hands and feet that look like after-thoughts).


As stated previously, Haruna’s beret and umbrella are great additions to the character, giving her a more polished personality.


Haruna’s hair is absolutely wonderful, combining just enough intricacy and detail without going overboard on strands that are so delicate you might worry about breakage. The wind is really swirling around this figure, and the hair is just floating on it in weightless wonder. From her perfect bangs, to the tight seam at the top of her head, the sculptor did an amazing job here!

I also love the small white flourettes that ride just behind each of Haruna’s ears – great additions that add detail without distracting too much from the head or face. Not to mention the flying ribbons from her beret that so closely match the color of her hair.


Before we get into the amazing painting skills that were used on this figure, I need to make a note about the color of my photos. When I shoot the images for my reviews, I use both a soft light box (with a slightly yellow-leaning bulb) and natural light coming from the right-side window. I perform a pre-shoot white balance of the camera, but due to the ever-changing nature of natural light (the sun moving behind clouds, time of day, etc.), image colors can look very different from one another, even during the same shoot. So I run all of my shots through a process in Photoshop that I developed during my years as a photographer, and I do my best to get ALL of the colors as close to the original product as possible. Sometimes this is an easy task – other times, it’s a bit of a pain. Today, I couldn’t keep the skin and red tones true while still keeping the chocolate colors accurate. So I finished the images with flesh tones correct, and then finished the image below to show the truest tones of the browns – these are pretty much spot-on for the milk- and dark-chocolate tones in the figure.


The painting of the figure itself is really outstanding. Lines are clean, there are no smudges anywhere, and the detail throughout is spectacular. The dark chocolate tones of her wardrobe, combined with the milk-chocolate tones of her hair is really delicious!


I’m not so sure about the colors of the tie and the umbrella. Both of them are different than the color family of the base, and as such, none seem to go together. While the base has a nice deep crimson color to it, the pink of the umbrella is a little too bubble-gum, and the tie (including the glossiness) reminds me of a fruit-roll-up from my childhood.


There is an interesting blend that is used in the hair – at first, I thought that my copy of the figure had been mis-painted, but upon review of the figure on the MFC site, I found that the painting style is intentional. The inner curls of Haruna’s hair (near her back) are painted in a mid-violet color – almost purple – and it’s an interesting contrast to the browns of the rest of her locks.


And finally, Haruna’s face is just a delight of color. Beautiful pink tones on the mouth, with a subtle blushing on the upper cheeks. And her eyes are a myriad of tones from the rest of the figure, including pink, red, and a lighter variant of the violet in her hair.


Overall Presentation
This figure has been one of the great surprises of my collection so far. I really wasn’t expecting much out of her at the time of purchase – I really just wanted ANY new figure to write about – but what I got was a really splendid example of how well a figure can be designed, crafted, and finished. On the shelf, she is every bit as polished as my other favorites, and with her unique pose and base, she stands out immediately as a figure at which you want to take a closer look. Her colors are deep and rich, and there’s a wonderful feminine quality to her pose and movement that also draws the eye.

And those legs!

This figure could really be compared with any of the others in my collection and something interesting would be spotted in contrast – she’s quite unique in many ways, but there are similarities that allow her to look right at home in my display.

The first comparison is my typical comp with Scáthach – Fate/Grand Order - Scáthach - 1/7 - Heyagi Mode (Alter) -- ITEM #464672

I love the coloring of these two figures side-by-side, and as far as the body sculpts go, they look like they could be sisters. The only real difference between them in style is in the sculpt of their hair.


The second comparison is with another intricate favorite, Judith – Kidou Sentai Iron Saga Judith 1/8 Complete Figure – not listed on MFC

When I looked at my display to decide which figures to use in the comparisons with Haruna, Judith stood out immediately. Not only in color, but in the intricacy of the wardrobe and accessories – they are both two of the strongest figures in my collection for the work that has gone into their costumes. For a 1/8 scale figure, Judith stands up pretty evenly with the 1/7 scale Haruna.


The third comparison is with Angela Balzac – Rakuen Tsuihou: Expelled From Paradise - Angela Balzac - 1/8 (Alphamax) -- ITEM #279274

I honestly couldn’t decide on a third comparison until I noticed Angela’s leg placement/pose, and I realized that this would be an excellent display of the figures’ single common feature, and the diversity of everything else. From colors used, to the technique of realism vs. exaggerated features, to the techniques used in the actual sculpting of specific features like hair and wardrobe, these two figures couldn’t be more different. I think they’re both wonderful, and they actually accentuate each other nicely, each coming from very different perspectives.


Lessons Learned
Don’t let the stock photos of MFC or a simple box design fool you. There are gems out there to be found where you may least expect it, and with this figure, I’ve learned not to take any of them for granted. Every figure has an opportunity to shine in the eyes of someone who goes out of their way to appreciate the skill and talents that went into it. For me, this figure is an absolute delight!

As always, please feel free to reach out with questions or comments! I love hearing from you all!

Until next time!
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I really love the fact that her hair goes to purple on the tips. Like you, I'm a little confused about how the tie and the umbrella coloring plays off of each other, but I think that the umbrella is a nice pop of color.

Also, disappointed she doesn't have whatever that cute little snowball is in her actual sculpt! It's so cute!!
8 месяцев назад
At first, I was wondering if Misaki Kurehito had a hand in her creation and after looking up Haruna, she is indeed illustrated by Kurehito.

Haruna's bowtie blouse, despite the impossibility you mentioned, is very cute. My love her long, delicate, and flowy hair that's swaying along with her movement that's accented with her jasmine floral hair accessory and beret.

Actually the beret is my favorite part of this figure; it's an accessory that you seldom see in the real world but it always matches the sailor uniform theme.

Haruna carrying an umbrella and the way she's moving invokes an image as if she's walking out of a cafe and into a city street after a downpour— like a jasmine flower that just bloomed after a rain and is blessing her presence amidst the busy concrete landscape... But that's just me.
8 месяцев назад
I always like seeing rhythm game characters getting figures, as there are a lot of really good ones out there and I think the possibilities for nice, elegant, dynamic figures are almost endless (figure companies don't appear to agree with me though...) I really liked the review, and the figure. That purple gradient on the hair tips is pretty typical of Misaki Kurehito and is also in the source illustration.
8 месяцев назад
Thanks for this review.

This figure caught my eye because of the attractive Misaki Kurehito character design, and the simple black and white design of her outfit is really nice. The figure even prompted me to research what Chunithm was (at first, I thought it would be a visual novel, so I was surprised to see it was a rhythm game!).

I also stumbled across this ENTRY #183273 character from the same franchise, and I would strongly consider getting a figure of her* if one ever got made.

*-EDIT: Looking closer, it seems possible the character is a trap. Since I don't know the game, I can't be sure...

Also, your comment about Michigan in the winter - I now live in a (mostly) warm-weather climate, and I can't imagine living in some frozen winter hellscape again :). The other day, I was out running and it was about 45 degrees and breezy; I felt like I was going to freeze my ass off.
8 месяцев назад
PanchitoMatte Emilia-tan Maji Tenshi!
HAPPYAKRZ back at it again with the f/1.8 reviews!
8 месяцев назад