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So, 2019. Not really much to say about the year this time. In many aspects, it wasn't really a great year. Collection wise, it was actually pretty good at least. I didn't get as many figures as I did last year, but that doesn't mean the wallet didn't hate me any less. Not to mention, but YUEL FINALLY CAME HOME! SHE'S REAL!

I've been posting the unboxing videos and a quick first glance review in the comment sections of the figures, but unfortunately, doing it that way doesn't really seem to be bringing the attention to the figures that they deserve. Really, only people that have already ordered the figure see them, rather than those who may not know it exists or are on the fence about them. I don't really have the time or desire to make individual blog posts anymore, so I'm going to try embeding the videos in this post. You don't have to watch them if you don't want, but I'm hoping the visual of the thumbnail will at least get you to check out their MFC page if you are interested at all. Hopefully it'll help you make up your mind one way or another on a figure you are not quite sure about.

I'm quite happy with how my collection has grown this year. There weren't really any disappointing figures that I got. Really, the only complaints I have relate to most of the companies inability to get a figure out when they claim they will. At least the delays were worth it in the end and the plastic is very pretty.

My figures for 2019:
Tamamo: ITEM #676310

Ayanami: ITEM #698693

Bunny Nep: ITEM #604536

Tohka: ITEM #595353

Chun-mei: ITEM #604563

Full uncensored video: www.dailymotion...
Kaga: ITEM #676024

Dakimakura Nep: ITEM #691382

Asuna: ITEM #675555

Annette: ITEM #653421

Usada Yuu: ITEM #604109

Full uncensored video: www.dailymotion...
Mefmera: ITEM #604844

Full uncensored video: www.dailymotion...
Black Heart: ITEM #740410

Noire: ITEM #676120

Yamashiro: ITEM #740428

Glorious Glow Mika: ITEM #609288

Yuel: ITEM #296941

Tamamo: ITEM #693506

Akagi: ITEM #740316

Desktop Army Tamamo, Musashi, and Souji: ITEM #806390 ITEM #781099 ITEM #781100

Raphtalia: ITEM #806391

Kiyohime: ITEM #549438

Tohka: ITEM #764370

Charisma Girl Mika: ITEM #144376

Tulip Mika: ITEM #604542

Kaga: ITEM #740318

Lala: ITEM #806302

Murasame: ITEM #829763

Kurumi: ITEM #269686

Here's a playlist of all my unboxing videos. Maybe you'll find one of a figure you're interested in?Playlist for all videos

So, that's pretty much it. I've got quite a few figures already on order for next year and beyond, so I hope you stick with me, and get some pretty plastic of your own!

PS: Because it's guaranteed to be asked, the display cases are Detolfs from IKEA, and the lights are the colored Dioders, also from IKEA. At least I tried to stop those comments before they happened.
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I watched your newest room tour video yesterday. Been watching that since 2017, almost like a tradition lol.
As always, your collection is impressive!
8 месяцев назад
The true man of coulture (maybe me, maybe not, i don't know) watched them all ;)
8 месяцев назад
Thanks for all the reviews you put out! I mostly watch your channel for the pretty plastic, but they have made me consider a few figures. It's taken willpower to pass on some Azur Lane and Idolmaster scales, they're way too nice.
8 месяцев назад
I didn't realize you have a MFC account here!

The first video I saw from you was Tamamo ITEM #549439

Btw, I'm totally jealous that you got your hands on Yuel.
8 месяцев назад
Wow dude that's an impressive collection, I love it! The different colored lights are a nice touch.

I subscribed to your YouTube for more of your awesome videos in the future!
8 месяцев назад
I remember you doing that review on the Stardust figure by Myethos!
8 месяцев назад
I’ll be sure to check out your videos. Maybe it was someone else, but I remember somebody doing a review of Phat’s Jibril figure that I watched, which I think was you.
8 месяцев назад
Importing games,toys, and more from Japan since 2002!

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