★ November Loot and onto 2020! ★★ November Loot and onto 2020! ★Loot

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I wanted to post at least one article this year, so here goes!
Leave it to me to write this only a minutes before the new year begins in my country ahah.

Most of my year end funds went to doujinshi events so the recent monthly loots have been fairly humble in size, like this one. Just one prize and a few select smaller items.


★ November Loot ★

Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku Winter Live Figure
ITEM #845447

I knew I had to pre-order the trio when I saw their announcement. It’s going to be scary times ahead if Taito decides to make more Vocaloid prize figures other than Miku, because I like a lot of them. This miku is super cute!! She’d look great even without her pigtails. I love her pigtails sculpting though, they're very voluminous and dynamic. To me Miku prizes have come a long way from looking exactly like KEI's concept art to being based off other artists styles and I absolutely love it.


She’s not without issues, however; her legs didn’t quite align to the base’s holes, but it was fine with a little force. Maybe use a heat if you’re afraid. The microphone has to be assembled and put through her hands which totally didn’t line up at all! But it was doable. It looks a little wonky. The paint is also a bit misaligned in some places but that's fairly normal and it's not really that noticeable. Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерhttps://i.ibb.co/ScQr5S5/nBULvos.jpg

She looks great with Rin ITEM #845448 and my Len ITEM #845449 is on the way!


Vocaloid - Fushigi no Kuni no Alice Clear File
ITEM #903437

This one is sooo unbelievably cute! I love the artwork and style, it’s so colorful and bright. Even though there’s lots of characters and details it doesn’t feel messy. Turning it around however, the backside art feels very messy if you don’t have a paper in between. But with one in, you can see it’s a pastel muted version of the background that’s on the front side, very nice to see that separately. Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерhttps://i.ibb.co/HrPCwSw/wCp1rRZ.jpg


My Hero Academia - Bakugou Ani-Art Clear File
ITEM #903437

I really love ani-art stuff, it’s so colorful and nice while staying true to the source materials art styles. This one just has his face up close and a pretty basic but textured backside. The up close crop is really nice, just putting focus on him and nothing else. Bakugou is one of my favorite characters from the series along with Kirishima, but so far I haven’t felt a need to go beyond clear files and doujinshi.

Nakayoshi Tapioca Acrylic Charm Holder

I’ve fallen for acrylic charms and stands this year more than anything and I thought it was fun to see how there are extra accessories to help display them. The one prominent maker I know of being A3. I just really like pink stuff and might hang some original character charms from this if I ever get around to making them. For now some fanmade charms of Emet-Selch from FFXIV gets to show it off.

★ 2019 thoughts and onto 2020! ★

After collecting on and off since the early 2000’s I started doing it way more in 2018 when life circumstances let me finally live fully on my own. In late 2018 I also befriended fellow collector SAFIR through gaming and dolls, and ever since there’s been no stopping in supporting each other regarding our collections. I’m so incredibly lucky, happy and thankful to have met her! (*´▽`*)♥ Here’s to many more years of collecting the Best Boys and Girls, gaming and cosplaying together!♥ You’re doing a good job of dragging me into Nendoroid hell too (She got me ITEM #117506 for my birthday!♥♥♥ SO CUTE!), that’s for sure. ~(>_<~)

In 2019 I fell hard for and collected the most items from these series;
King of Prism (Characters: Alexander Yamato & Kazuki Nishina), Hypnosis Microphone (All of Matenrou and MTC’s Jyuto & Riou) and Golden Kamuy (7th Division but mostly Tsukishima and Koito). I also expanded on my Final Fantasy XIV collection, I’ve been playing that game since the flopped 1.0 version and it’s incredibly dear to me. I hope to post some articles about these collections in the future!

It seems that in 2020 I will revisit a lot of series that I used to love big time but haven’t been active with recently.

- Haikyuu!!: 4th season HYPE! I already ordered some Nendoroids, merch and a prize figure. I think this collection will expand quite a lot! I love so many characters but I’ll try to limit myself to Bokuto, Akaashi, Hinata and Kageyama.

- Dorohedoro: THE ANIME!!! FINALLY!!!! This means there will finally be obtainable merch for this series -- in fact there’s already some and I’ve pre-ordred an acrylic stand already.

- Sengoku Basara: I already almost bought Basara doujinshi on my last trip to Japan and I just might have to give the show a rewatch and perhaps import SB4 Sumeragi for the PS4. I hope to find merch when going to Japan later in the year.

I’m also waiting for some pretty neat arrivals in 2020;

My first Hatsune Miku scale! ITEM #872716
I’ve been into Vocaloid since before Miku even released but even so I don’t have a single scale of her. I was waiting for something special, and this Magical Mirai design is so far my very favorite. I couldn’t pass it up.

Monster Hunter female Mitsuzune figure! ITEM #739715
The huntress looks like my own, my main range was bow and I LOVE the Mizutsune set! So it was really a no brainer to get this one! Honestly, I'm kind of tired of the overused Kirin armor and am glad to see something else. This also looks so dynamic and cool. (≧▽≦)/

Dollfie Dream 2B & 9S! ITEM #574491 / ITEM #574492
Pre-ordered in November 2018, my release batch got delayed from October 2019 to April 2020 due to the typhoon in Japan. So I've been waiting quite long already, but from other owner photos they will be SO WORTH IT, I can't wait.

Wwell then, with two decades behind my collecting, I really look forward to doing it for yet another decade!

I hope everyone will have a great 2020!! Thanks for reading my first article!ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ
I'm still figuring out formatting and stuff but I hope to write more soon!
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galablue9 месяцев назад#73056445love the pics of your prize figure miku! so cute! she looks so cute with short hair.

Thank you! I hope to take some proper photos with her soon, maybe in the snow if we ever get any. By then I'll probably have the whole trio. :D

Cloudberry9 месяцев назад#73056462A doujinshi event? That's sounds pretty awesome!
Also, I really wish they'd make a Miku with short hair (。’▽’。)♡
Btw, your photography is great!

Doujinshi events are awesome for the heart but bad for the wallet hahaha. ( ╥ ω ╥ )
Miku's pigtails sure are iconic but I wouldn't say no to short hairstyle figures of her!
Thank you!♡
9 месяцев назад
A doujinshi event? That's sounds pretty awesome!

Also, I really wish they'd make a Miku with short hair (。’▽’。)♡

Btw, your photography is great!
9 месяцев назад
love the pics of your prize figure miku! so cute! she looks so cute with short hair.
9 месяцев назад
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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