Di Gi Charat loot part 2 - Music, DVDs, and moreDi Gi Charat loot part 2 - Music, DVDs, and moreLoot

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Alright well it's that time again. I went to the post office again to pick up a package the day before it was going to be delivered, after my work shift today. I work again tomorrow and then my mom and I will be going over to a friend's place to take care of her dog while she's away, so there only would have been a couple hours between work and that where I'd be home to sign for the package so I just didn't want to have to worry about it. So, I picked it up early myself.

Before we actually begin, I'd like to shamelessly plug the Koge-Donbo* club I created yesterday.

Anyway, this haul consisted of many CDs, some DVDs, a game, a book, and some trading cards.

Firstly, we'll begin with the CDs. I'll be putting my images in a spoiler this time, still getting a hang of how writing articles here works and completely forgot I could do that in my previous two.

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First we have the compilation album, Di Gi Charat The Best II: Special Edition. I do plan on getting the normal one eventually as well, just for completion's sake. Even though there's really nothing in that one that you won't get here, this one gives you one more disk with songs you don't get in the normal one. BUT I want to collect every Di Gi Charat CD and I mean that when I say it so I will be getting the plain boring version eventually. Before moving onto the next one, I do want to say I love the cover art of this a lot. Koge-Donbo* did a wonderful job. I love all the flowers in Dejiko's hair.

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The second CD (well, second and third if we want to be technical) in this haul is the sixth drama CD, and Wonder Girls. This also came with some cards, which is always fun. They're all holographic.

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Next up we have Dejiko no Sound Message. This CD is both an anime soundtrack and also gives us a few actual songs.

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The next CD is another anime soundtrack with some songs, Dejiko no Sound Festival. The actual songs are considered to be "bonus tracks" which I found interesting.

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Here's CUTIE by Masami Okui, the OP for the Summer Special anime. This one is one of those tiny CDs.

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Here we have HAPPY! SMILE! HELLO!, the OP for Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat. Also included in this single is the ED theme. Regarding the opening, has anyone else thought it was weird that the song's lyrics are sung like they're in character for Dejiko even though Rinna's VA sings the song? Or am I the only one?

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Final CD, Yonda!? Rabi~en~Rose♥, the single released for Usada in 2008, featuring her 2008 redesign's voice actress, Rieka Yazawa. Been searching for the Dejiko and Puchiko ones but haven't found them for a good price yet... the Puchiko one is over on Yahoo Auctions but it's kinda pricey. There was a lot for all three at one point and I did bid (this was after I bought this one so I was willing to bid on that even if it meant getting a double), but I was outbid. Anyway, hopefully I'll find the other two for decent prices eventually. This CD came with a bonus Project Revolution trading card featuring the single's cover image.

That's all for the CDs, so we'll move on to the artbook.

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Chocola Selection 2006. With this I now have all nine Chocola artbooks physically in my possession. Feels great to be in this position. Not that I'm done with buying Koge-Donbo* artbooks, I still need the Pita-Ten one. Any others beyond the Chocola and Pita-Ten ones that I need to get?

Next up, we've got a video game!

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Here we have the Windows release of the visual novel, Di Gi Charat Fantasy. I think it'd be fun to get my hands on every release of this game eventually. This is the first one that's made its way into my collection so far. I doubt it'll be capable of being played on my Windows 10 laptop though. Anyway, it came with some bonus items, such as a calendar (ITEM #875196, I believe), a trading card for the CCG, and a Dejiko strap.

Next, DVDs for Di Gi Charat Nyo!

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I have almost the entire series here. As you may have noticed, I'm missing the first volume. Going to have to go back at some point and pick it up by itself. However, even though this is missing one DVD, I definitely do not regret getting this DVD lot, since I got it for what I feel was a damn good deal, only 510 yen. DVDs seem to be pretty expensive, so I was happy to score these for so little. Even if they're missing one of the ten. They also came with some bonus items as well! Of course given these are Japanese DVDs, they will not work on my devices, but they still make nice collection additions. I may or may not have the entire Nyo series RAW (along with all the other Di Gi Charat animes) on my laptop anyway... I might try to buy the other four Di Gi Charat animes on DVD too, for the sake of completing a part of this collection.

We're nearly done here. Only thing remaining are some trading cards.

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This is a card set focused on the voice actresses for Dejiko, Usada, and Puchiko. There's this guy selling what seems to be all of his trading cards on Yahoo Auctions, from all sorts of different card series, and this lot was among them. Trading cards aren't as much of a focus of my collection compared to the CDs, but I still enjoy collecting them, so I bid and won (no one else bid but me which certainly helped). The second image here is comparing the amount of unique cards I got that I'm keeping (on the right), to the doubles included in this lot (on the left). I'm unable to sell things online at the moment but I will probably sell of the doubles someday. I don't need them.

So, that's the entire lot. Still getting a feel for how I want my loot layouts to look like here, so this one's formatted a bit differently from the previous one.
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Syr1 год назад#65235853I always enjoy loot posts that center around a single series or artist, thanks for sharing yours! Do you think you'll post your entire collection at some point? (Also, I definitely have some Di Gi Charat manga sitting around that I have yet to read...this is making me want to lol)

I'll try to do it once all of the stuff I've bought is in my possession! Don't want to make one at the moment since then it would be out of date as soon as the next package arrives. I think I might have five or six more to go? I went a bit overboard and kind of still am buying things haha.
1 год назад
I always enjoy loot posts that center around a single series or artist, thanks for sharing yours! Do you think you'll post your entire collection at some point? (Also, I definitely have some Di Gi Charat manga sitting around that I have yet to read...this is making me want to lol)
1 год назад
I don't know if this happened to anyone else, but all the images were very slow to load. I think it might be due to the size--so maybe downsizing them may help. If it's just me then, my bad.
1 год назад
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