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About compressed air dusters?About compressed air dusters?

KureijiKureiji6 дней назадAsk MFC
Hi everyone!

Today was the first time I used a compressed air duster to clean two figures because my dad pesters me into using it. From what I have seen so far was nothing bad happens at all.

I did read the article from a few years ago on this topic, but I would like to see if an expert or someone who used it often could shed light on how reliable and safe is compressed air dusters on figures? Like if you constantly use it on the figures every two weeks or a month for cleaning? etc.
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I see that it is not dangerous as long as I use it from an appropriate distance from the figurines. If I do see some residual or sign of liquid gas on the figure then I will be sure to wipe it clean with a cloth. Anyway, I still stick with my usual brush to clean and occasionally use the air compressed duster.

Thanks everyone!
5 дней назад
The stuff in the cans isn't air, and if you tilt or shake the can you can potentially blast whatever you're spraying with the liquid. This is the potential problem, there is a very slim chance of it acting like a solvent to the paint or plastic, and it's cooling effect could also be a slight issue.

Actual compressed air, from an air compressor is safer, though only slightly since the cans are already relatively safe. In this case an air dryer and oil separator is helpful just in case. For most people though, unless you have another use for it, the cost of a compressor and storage space probably isn't worth it.

I typically use a makeup brush (a cheap rogue brush) for most of my figure cleaning with a little compressed air for hard to reach spots now and then.
6 дней назад
from what I heard they're not strong enough to completely clean the figures.
6 дней назад
I use one most for unreachable places like underneath skirts and dresses. And it's been fine with my figures
6 дней назад
just keep them straight. the only risk from dusters is gettin cold liquid gas when you are hurrying at the figure and extremly low temps may cause discoloration.

Also tip - dont keep duster close when dustung - they cool air too much and condense moisture and turn dust into muck, making it more difficult to remove.

i vouch for datavac duster or similar products, they save money on the long run.
6 дней назад
There's no problem with using the canned air dusters. IMO it's the best way to dust figures if you don't mind going through them. How often depends on how dusty the room is.

I don't recommend using the average generic electric duster you find on amazon. The airflow is way too strong, even at the lowest setting. Very dangerous if a figure has parts that attach loosely.
6 дней назад
It's fine if you don't blast the figures from point blank range (assuming you're referring to typical canned air).

You have to be much more cautious when using something like this :

Edit : Holy inflation! The DataVacs used to be ~$50.
6 дней назад
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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