2019 Arakawa Hiromu loot #4 (mostly FMA!)2019 Arakawa Hiromu loot #4 (mostly FMA!)Loot

hamsterfactorhamsterfactor1 год назад
It's been a bit since my last loot post, but finally I've gotten a decent amount of items to show off! :D

All of it together! Barely anything that's not Fullmetal Alchemist in this one, but hey, that's not bad at all. :)


The Hawkeye nendo is finally mine! Didn't take much, she was still in stock at Amiami, so I just grabbed her when I could spare the money. She's terribly cute. ❤️ I also pre-ordered Envy and managed to find a second hand Alphonse recently, so I'll be able to display all the FMA nendos together soon. :))))

It's really hard to find limited Shounen Gangan items for cheap prices, so I normally prioritize getting them if one shows up. These two I had been looking for a while, too! The Ed & Al pouches on the left become tote bags when you unfold them. I haven't opened them yet, but you can see how they look here. The other item I had been searching for a long while, and finally got it from Otamart. You can see its back here, but when you turn it around...

... it's a calculator! I love it lmao.

Now, Fullmetal Alchemist Exhibition goodies! I got myself the rubber coasters I was missing from my previous post. Below you can see a couple of sticker sets on the left. There are 18 different sets (and each one has 10 stickers) so given that getting them all seems out of reach for me, I got Roy & Hawkeye at least. :) On the right a couple of notepads. I got myself the ones that had Roy in them, but there're only five of them in total, so hopefully I'll eventually get the rest (Ed, Al, Ling).

My last Exhibition stuff this time. Found a t-shirt quite cheap (and new) and I love the pattern on it (I use it as background in my profile), so I got it. I've never been able to wear my rare FMA t-shirts, so I guess this won't be an exception, welp! Top right you can see a really cool canvas panel. There are four different models, but this one had one of my favorite illustrations ever, so I had to get it first.

Bottom right you can see an acrylic stand with the Exhibition drawing. Didn't think I'll manage to get this since it was an exclusive item given out with tickets in a particular shop, but yay me! Love this illustration to death because it features all my favorite characters haha.

Some new Sanrio stuff for me! Managed to get the huge nesoberi Black Hayate plush and it's the cutest thing omg. It's one of the rarer ones and it wasn't super expensive, so that's great. I also got Ed because I found him on Ebay for really cheap. Next I'll try to get Al, because he's the most expensive of the lot. One day I'll have all of them, haha. Plus, that super cute Roy & Hawkeye & BLack Hayate acrylic stand/keychain.

I also found this complete plush mascot set for a reasonable price at YJA. They're a bit smaller than the other plushes, but pretty much as cute! Don't know why Ed looks so serious though lol.

Some paper stuff! On the top a cute sticker from AnimeJapan 2018. Below that, a couple of telekas from the Comic Teleka collection, volume 2 and 6. And with those, I'm only missing volume 3! (someone snatched it from me on Surugaya woe) On the right, a 2018 Schedule Book given as a freebie with Shounen Gangan.

And my very last FMA items today are a nice bunch of Roy/Hawkeye doujinshi! Actually, the one on the left is a really pretty artbook by 3色パレット that was just released for SUPER COMIC CITY 28 and I got from their BOOTH shop. On the top left my first doujinshi by jelly, a relatively new circle. It's 152 pages long and really nice. I'm finding it a bit hard to find their other books for acceptable prices, sadly. Next to that one, two books by 空中歩行. I already had a few by them, their art is so good.

On the bottom, a couple of books by タチバナ館, one of my favorite circles that have ever drawn Roy/Hawkeye. Their books are my top priority doujinshi-wise, and I'm still missing a few - you can see which ones here.

With these new additions I'm five books short of 500 Roy/Hawkeye doujinshi! I feel half embarrassed half accomplished lmao.

Finally the only non-FMA items I got this time: two Hyakusho Kizoku postcards given out in some shops with volume 5 of the series. The one on the right is an original drawing by Arakawa, so I'm quite happy. :)

And that's all of it! Hope you enjoyed another loot post of mine, thanks a lot for reading!! ❤️❤️❤️
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Wario541 год назад#63310606That acrylic stand with the big illustration on it looks really cool! And all the plushies are so cute, got a laugh out of Ed frowning while everyone around him smiles haha. Also WOW that doujinshi collection! And I thought I had a decent collection for my favorite pairing lol... Congrats! ^^
Thanks! Haha yeah for some reason Ed just seems to frown in a lot of merchandising, more than any other character. And I must have been collecting Roy/Hawkeye doujinshi for almost 15 years, so it's not THAT shocking... xD
1 год назад
That acrylic stand with the big illustration on it looks really cool! And all the plushies are so cute, got a laugh out of Ed frowning while everyone around him smiles haha. Also WOW that doujinshi collection! And I thought I had a decent collection for my favorite pairing lol... Congrats! ^^
1 год назад
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