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broken-Toyboxbroken-Toybox1 год назад
Hey, fellow mfc-members and welcome
to another review!

Here is part II of the Arabian Night figures from Re: Zero. This time I'll be reviewing Rem ITEM #774947. You can find my review of Ram here: BLOG #43085.
Anyway, without further ado let’s get to the actual review.

Just like Ram's box this one is fairly simple design-wise despite looking quite crammed. The box is plastered with pictures of the figure adorned with Arabian looking patterns. The box is also unnecessarily huge (about half the size or even less would've sufficed).
Rem comes in 3 parts: main figure, base and veil.

Rem's base is a plain white disc with Arabian design elements, much like Ram's. This one uses a soft lilac for those which fits Rem's more feminine look and color-scheme. Again, I'm not happy with the writing on the base but it is what it is.

Spin around...

Her pose very much reminds me of a genie, especially with her hands like that. x3

Rem shows us a cute smile with her face half-hidden behind her bangs. We can see a hole for the veil right in the middle of her front hair so there's no real option to display her w/o it. There's also a huge hole for it on the back of her head, still it fits only so-so and you might have to readjust the veil a few times.
Her hair has a lot of not so nice spots, mainly excess bits of plastic (or bubbles in the paint) and seam lines. Luckily, some of them are hidden once she wears the veil, but not all of them.

Speaking of which the veil is attached to a golden... well it looks like a small crown with a gem in the middle. Apart from the gold paint bleeding into the veil slightly both look ok/good. I especially like the color gradient they added to the veil.

Going further down we first see more of Rem's accessories. The golden necklace looks pretty neat, especially combined with the earrings.

In general, I’m pretty impressed by the quality of the gold accessories. Sure, there are seam lines on the bracelets but other than that they look really good. Meanwhile Rem's hands are nothing to write home about.

She also has a magnificent cleavage to show us, though the yellow paint on her top being wonky is way too distracting for me.
"A beautiful back can also delight" they say, but the paint errors are present here as well.

The translucent fabric parts attached to her cuff add a nice touch to the outfit in incorporate the same kind of color gradient as the veil. Seeing how this is a cheap prize figure the semi-transparent parts look a little cheap as well.
As with the other gold parts the belt looks great too, I really like all the little details here.

Her slightly see-through pants seem nice at first glance, but there are some rough seam lines and the surface seems weirdly shiny in places.

The details on her feet are ok, especially the little accessories (not a fan of the yellow though).

The size comparisons will be quick this time.
Rem reaches a height of around 19,5cm placing her in the awkward middle ground between a 1/8 and 1/7 scale.
And sure, enough both sizes don't really fit her. ITEM #331626 might reach her height if he was standing, but the proportions are way off.

ITEM #549592 and ITEM #645881 are obviously bigger, even though Saber doesn't reach a full 1/7 height.

Luckily Rem doesn't have to be alone since she has twin sister who fits her, and they sure look good together~♡

So, I daresay for the prize you get a lot this time (same goes for Ram). The flaws are well within an acceptable range while quite a few details are definitely nicely executed. Plus, the concept isn't as overused and quite cute.

That's it for this review! Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it! ^^
If you don’t mind, I’d love some constructive criticism,
but if you don’t feel like posting any your thoughts on the figure are also very welcome. :3
Also, if there's anything in my collection you'd like to see a review of feel free to shoot me a message or something.^^
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broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Lorealei1 год назад#63857465I'm not even a huge fan of this series, but this figure is just so cute. The only thing I'm not too wild about is her base! I think it's the color of it that throws me off :(
Other than that though, wow so cute.
It's the same for me tbh, I really don't like Re: Zero (or Rem for that matter). Unfortunately despite her being extremely cute that's what kinda kills the figure for me now.
I'm not too happy with the base either, the color does kinda match her outfit but combined with the white it looks kinda clunky... Maybe opting for clear plastic with the violet print would've been better.
1 год назад
I'm not even a huge fan of this series, but this figure is just so cute. The only thing I'm not too wild about is her base! I think it's the color of it that throws me off :(

Other than that though, wow so cute.
1 год назад
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
SageGuy1 год назад#63198300Rem is cute. It's always nice to see more girls in Arabian style outfits.She sure is and I'd love to see more girls in outfits like this too, akes me almost regret selling my ITEM #166161.
1 год назад
Rem is cute. It's always nice to see more girls in Arabian style outfits.
1 год назад
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