MLP- Pinkie Pie- Bishoujo Series - 1/7 Scale Kotobukiya ReviewMLP- Pinkie Pie- Bishoujo Series - 1/7 Scale Kotobukiya ReviewReview

RaylaSanRaylaSan1 год назад
Today, I will be doing a review on ITEM #675659, an energetic figure, that despite all its flaws, shines through with showing the essence of the character portrayed.

Honestly, as soon as Kotobukiya announced that they would be releasing Bishoujo statues of various My Little Pony figures. I did NOT hesitate to fangirl about it. For me, while I'm not a fan of the series itself, I'm not going to lie when I say I'm a fan of the aesthetics, while my boyfriend happens to be a huge fan of the series. Overall, while I can't say the figure itself is immaculate, I think it's great!

Box Design / Packaging

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Overall, I think the packaging design is pretty nice to say the least and does it's job in protecting the figure. For the actual box design itself, I like to think that its very reminiscent of Barbie box designs,. There isn't anything special about it to say the least, it's honestly pretty basic, but at the same time it's not bad. However, I do like the fact that one side of the box features the featured illustration of Pinkie Pie's design, and the other side of the box features the look of the figure itself. Also, I do like the touch of the peek-a-boo cupcake window.

Let me just mention though that the actual box itself is actually quite sturdy and stronger than a lot of other figures that use very thin packaging designs. The shells used to protect the figure are also pretty good, so I know for a fact that this is figure is pretty well protected.

Sculpting & Painting




The sculpt of this figure is good, but it's not great,there are a lot of inconsistencies in quality and sculpt. But for me, I have to say that the hair sculpt itself isn't something to be desired. I really hate to say this, but honestly, sometimes I think it looks like a blob of poorly sculpted and rough strands of hair.

However, while I'm not fans of the sculpt, I have to say I am absolutely in love with the way the clothes are sculpted, especially the frilly skirt, the choice of adding pumpkin shorts onto Pinkie Pie really fits the character as well. The boots are also very well sculpted, with the nice added detail of the bows on her shoes,but I on the other hand, am not a fan of the painting.

The painting of this sculpt is bright and colorful,but I can't say that this figure is beautifully painting, because there are a lot of inconsistencies that make it look far from perfect. For one thing, the shoelaces are not masterly painted with white, as the blue seeps into it. However, the other clothes, I must say are painted beautifully. I for one am absolutely in love with the way the skirt is painted, despite the frills, they did a great job in making the cutie mark design look perfect. Also, before I forget, the cupcake design on her shirt looks so cute, and it really fits Pinkie herself.

Base Design


Before anyone asks, let me just tell you that the actual pony cannot be removed from the base, as such, she will be reviewed as being part of it. All in all, what I can say about the pony figure itself that it's a nice added touch to the design, and I for one am so glad they did it, despite what a lot of people say. Pinkie's enthusiastic and smiling expression really fits her, and the pony itself is beautifully crafted as well.

For the platform itself, I love the use of cupcake and balloon detailing for the figure. It really fits it, and I love how colorful it is. I honestly don't know why, but Kotobukiya's bases never disappoint.



The actual design and the pose fits Pinkie Pie really well and only accentuates her character. It's really outgoing and fun, but my only complaint would be how basic it looks, seeing as how the whole one leg up in the air gimmick is seen quite a bit in figures in general as well as idol's. Maybe it would fit a bit better if Pinkie Pie had a more jumping sort of pose.

However, lemme just say that the pose itself, while cliche, really fits in showing her fun-filled nature.



This figure is beautiful, and I thoroughly enjoy her, and owning her, only makes me want to collect the rest of the mane 6 Bishojos when they're released. Overall, I think anyone would absolutely fall in love with this figure if your a fan of the MLP aesthetic, or a fan of the series in general.
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Box / Packaging


This series makes me both glad and sad I don't like MLP enough to own this line. Glad because I would be much poorer, sad because they really are so cute and fun regardless of the quality issues. Hopefully the other girls end up with better paint jobs. Thanks for the review!

Still dreading/hoping for some Jem while Koto has that Hasbro license.
1 год назад
Necroid_Neko1 год назад#61474625What is Koto doing? That shoddy painting on the laces and gritty hair texture are not the quality I'd expect from them :/

I know what you mean, I personally feel like they took the easy way out when creating her. Can't say I blame them because she came out the same month as Deku.
1 год назад
I'm pretty surprised that Pinky Pie isn't removeable considering all of the Pokémon figures in their ARTFJ line has been.

Thanks for your review!!
1 год назад
What is Koto doing? That shoddy painting on the laces and gritty hair texture are not the quality I'd expect from them :/
1 год назад
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