May-June 2019 Japan Trip Loot/Cafés!May-June 2019 Japan Trip Loot/Cafés!Loot

JellygemJellygem1 год назад
[I couldn't fit it in the title but this blog contains mostly: Hypnosis Mic, Sarazanmai, Pokemon, Double Decker, Golden Kamuy, and Gankutsuou, so if none of those interest you feel free to click away!]

I had the privilege to go to Japan for two weeks (May 26-June 9) with my older sister! This was my first time going to Japan and it was a super amazing experience!

We stayed in Tokyo for four nights before taking the shinkansen to Kyoto, where we stayed for three nights. Then we stayed at a nearby onsen town for two nights, stopped in Osaka for a night, and finally spent the remaining two nights back in Tokyo.

We did a lot of neat stuff like visiting historical sites, shrines, temples, etc, eating lots of interesting food, and exploring the various different parts of each city! In this blog i'm just recounting the loot/anime-related stuff from the trip because I already kept a journal of all our experiences while I was there and I don't have the energy to sort through all the pictures and rewrite everything lol (especially because I just got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and am still recovering).

Enough talking and onto the loot!

First, here's an overview shot taken right after I unpacked my luggage of all the bags:


(some of these are souvenirs for others and thus not included in this blog)

~Hypnosis Mic Cafe~

So I had been stalking the Animate Cafe website for a while hoping that a reservation for the popup Hypmic cafe would become available while we were in Tokyo. The Shinjuku location (the one closest to where we were staying) seemed perpetually full. While we were on the train from Narita airport to Tokyo, I happened to refresh the page once. And lo and behold, a reservation for that very same day had opened up! It was around 4pm and this point and the reservation was at 6:30, giving us just enough time to drop off our luggage before heading to the café. I wish I had taken more/better pictures but I was pretty frazzled at the time lol.


There was a setup for Doppo's birthday!


As well as standees of each division (MTR's was near the entrance, I didn't get a pic.)


Here's the food I ordered! I got the "Battle Battle Battle" affogado + donut set and Fling Posse drink. It was really good!

Of course there were blindboxes available for purchase, so here's what I ended up with~


The Doppo postcard was free, and the coasters were for how much food you ordered. Originally I had an Ichiro coaster, pin, and acrylic stand but I traded with another girl at the café who had a HUGE ichiro/samatoki itabag. I also had a gentaro button originally but I traded it for Dice. Managed to end up with two Jakurai buttons and his coaster which is great because he's my fave!


I was sitting in front of the Riou poster~

Overall the Hypmic café was a really fun experience!! I was nervous about communicating with people in Japanese because my skills are very beginner but everyone was really nice and I had a great time!


The next day we headed to Harajuku to check it out and visit the Meiji Jingu/shrine as well.

While there we stopped at the Animax+ cafe for their Sarazanmai collab! Sarazanmai is my favorite show airing this season so I was really excited to visit it!




Again I didn't take many pictures but the café was really cute! They had the Sarazanmai ost playing, the op/ed/trailers looping on a big TV, and cute banners/posters all around.


I got the hakozombie french toast and Keppi's green soda and my sister got Keppi's BLTC and Kazuki's cranberry soda. The drinks had tapioca balls in them to represent shirikodama (if you're not familiar with kappa lore, feel free to look that up lol)


My sister holding the coasters we got for ordering, I was glad we got both Reo and Mabu~ (the top two)


Of course I also had to get some blindboxes there, I got acrylic stands of Tooi and Enta and pins of Mabu and Enta again. There was some non-blindbox merch as well, so I bought the pouch and the Reo acrylic on the right. (The Dice and Reo buttons are from a different store we visited later that day)


Also in Harajuku, I got some stickers from a sticker shop. The top left one was a free gift and the bottom two are for my boyfriend, I got a Tangela one for myself since it+Tangrowth are my favorite pokemon!


We visited the Wego store where I saw some cute itabags. I didn't buy one but it was tempting!


That night, we hit up some arcades for some rhythm and crane game action. I managed to win the Kazuki plush you might've noticed in an above picture and my sister won a pompurin plush.


This Miku was really cute but I didn't manage to win it!


((stopping for ice cream on the way back to the hotel with our new sons))

Over the next two days we visited a few more anime shops. At an Animate store I found the one thing that I was really set on obtaining in Japan: My husbando (Koito Otonoshin from Golden Kamuy)'s official perfume!


However, I ended up not buying it there, at the last minute I didn't want to spend the money... (which I totally ended up regretting later)


They had a big birthday display for Sogo from Idolish7.


My sister requested a picture with these guys despite neither of us knowing who they are, so if anyone knows, feel free to tell me xD


Some cute Kurapika plushes.


And yaranaika card sleeves, which I found really funny xD

Exploring other areas of Shinjuku, we happened upon a place called 'capsule toy jungle' that had tons of gachapon machines!


They had a Double Decker!! Doug & Kirill (one of my favorite recent shows) machine so I gladly played it, I got Kirill and Deana!


The next day we stopped in Ikebukuro where there were plenty of 2nd-hand shops to peruse. I love the eclectic sight of tons of anime merch ripe for the browsing, lol.


Also while in Ikebukuro, I stopped by the Graffart shop to pick up their special Gankutsuou collaboration merch. Gankutsuou is one of my all-time favorite anime and it never received much merch, but for the 15th anniversary it's been getting some new things!



I ended up getting the entire set of pins (I haven't opened the box yet), an acrylic stand and keychain, and some blindbox keychains. I got all the ones with Albert on them which is great because I love him ;v;


At K-books I found these Doug & Kirill plushes and was happy to pick them up!


We also did karaoke. Singing the Jojo openings was insanely fun even though I'm really bad xD

~fast forward through Kyoto and Osaka as I didn't get any anime-related stuff there~

Returning back to Tokyo, we had reservations for the Pokemon cafe that night.


The placemats were random from the first 151 pokemon, we got Dugtrio and Fearow~


Pikachu made an appearance!


Us destroying our respective Pikachus. It was sad to eat them ;0;

Afterwards we went to the Pokemon Center right next door. I did some gachapon:


I bought some gifts for friends there and a pack of Pokemon cards for myself (I got a latios GX which was pretty cool!)

Since we happened to be in the Ginza area, I dragged my sister to the Primaniacs store, aka the main store that sells character-themed perfumes. Finally I got my precious Koito perfume; I wasn't going to let it slip through my grasp twice xD


On the way back to our capsule hotel we stopped at one more arcade. I won an Ichiro (hypnosis mic) plush with 400 yen and my sister found a game she was really good at, managing to win 6 plushes with 100-200 yen each xD


^My loot for that day, the magnemite coaster was a freebie and the Tangrowth figurine and mini gachapon machine (that came from a gachapon machine) I actually got the next day whoops

For our final full day in Japan we went to Tsukiji fish market in the morning and then spent the rest of the day in Akihabara!


It was actually a super rainy day so it was a nice time to spend inside shopping lol.

Here are some random pictures from various shops:


This Jojo display was awesome!!


I love nendoroid dollhouse-esque setups.


The prices on these Hunter X Hunter prize figures made my eyes pop out of my head xD


The chimi mega buddy line is a new line of chibi figures that I absolutely love the style of! I preordered Doug and Kirill from amiami a while ago but it was cool to see them in person, the JoJo ones are so cute too and I look forward to Ed and Roy!


(The giant Jakurai manju was so tempting, but no luggage space...)


One shop had Dungeon Meshi resin kits. I was really surprised to see anything Dungeon Meshi related but they were fairly expensive and I don't have garage kit experience.

At one store I bought a bunch of stuff like can badge protectors and rubber/acrylic strap protectors because I am in need of them lol:


I bought two sizes for the can badge protectors because I wasn't sure which would fit better. Here's how they look:


The 54cm ones are definitely too tight, so I would definitely recommend sizing up if you consider purchasing these.


(He looks adorable in this tiny pouch I got though~)


I got a Tangrowth figure at Radio Kaikan.


At Mandarake I got some Koito doujin books~~ I originally swore off collecting Koito doujin because I knew it could potentially drain all my money but seeing them in person was a different case lol.


At Lashinbang I found this bundle of a Koito/Tsukishima anthology doujin book+some event limited goods that came with it (a cup and two bags with the most adorable designs!!) so I had to get it. I didn't even know these existed so I'm so glad I happened to see it! I haven't opened the bundle yet but I will soon. Plus I got another Golden Kamuy strap there as well.

Overall this blog only covered a small piece of my Japan trip but I hope it wasn't too boring, thanks for reading!
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I remember seeing your photos, I'm so jealous! It looks like a lot of fun!
1 год назад
Fascinating read! It seems like you had a great time in Japan, definitely inspires me to save up and go myself one day :P Thanks for sharing your experience! ^^
1 год назад
Tofukins1 год назад#61479078I love reading people's blogs about their Japan trip, feels like I can live vicariously through you :)
Thank you for putting together a blog about your trip! Pokémon café sounds absolutely delightful :D

Thanks for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed it! The pokemon cafe was definitely one of my favorite experiences!!

illumi4Love1 год назад#61479560Let me just start by saying I loved your article post, the photos of the city, shops and cafes, all the many series mentioned.
I actually had my hopes up to make it out to Japan this July, but atlas I've had to delay my plans till Autumn, so thanks for the wonderful review for moment I felt I was there

Thank you! :D And aww, I'm sorry your plans got delayed! ;o; but on the bright side, I'm sure seeing Japan in Autumn will be beautiful and surely worth the wait!!

satsuyurami1 год назад#61481266Hi, about the 2 characters standee that your sis take picture with them is from new idol series hana doll.
The green haired name is Ryoga and the purple haired is Lihito

Ooh thank you! I've never heard of it, i'll surely look into it now!

heroizumi1 год назад#61484477omggggg awesome blog! I'm glad you got your Koito perfume!! Any change you sniffed the Tanigaki one? If so, was it manly??? XD

ahhhh thank you!!! and omg yes I did try all of them!! Tanigaki's was quite manly, but also a bit sweet under the surface, as expected of our genjiro-chan~~~

evenstar881 год назад#61510919Love your post, you seem to have had so much fun!! Thanks for sharing! :D

Thanks for reading!! It was a really great experience and I would've loved to make a more detailed blog lol! :,D
1 год назад
sarasstuff1 год назад#61466754Great haul!!

Thank you!! :D

Sakura00551 год назад#61466774Ahh I missed Japan so much :`(

I already miss it too!! I hope you can visit soon!

CrimsonPumpkin1 год назад#61467850Daww this was such a cheerful blog to read. You both really had fun and the goodies you got are super nice! Also great you managed to get the perfume at the end and that Koito-Tsukishima doujin as well (I ship them! lol).
Also very jealous of that Sarazanmai cafe, the food and goods in the pictures look amazing and adorable ^_^ (and the kappa Kazuki so kewwt).

Thank you!! and omg i must complement your taste in golden kamuy ships then ehe~~ I love kappa kazuki too, their kappa forms are the cutest!!

floatingcloud11 год назад#61474354It looks like you had fun!!

Definitely!! thanks for reading! :D

kishitani1 год назад#61476703Looks like you had an amazing time! Thanks so much for sharing with us~ The pokemon cafe looked adorable ahhhh <3

Ah thank you, I'm glad I can share it here~~!!

LemonMIntCat1 год назад#61477630Chef Pikachu is so cute!! Thanks for sharing about your experience, it was a fun read!

I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! And omg yes chef Pikachu was adorable, he had his own theme song and everything xD
1 год назад
Love your post, you seem to have had so much fun!! Thanks for sharing! :D
1 год назад
omggggg awesome blog! I'm glad you got your Koito perfume!! Any change you sniffed the Tanigaki one? If so, was it manly??? XD
1 год назад
Hi, about the 2 characters standee that your sis take picture with them is from new idol series hana doll.

The green haired name is Ryoga and the purple haired is Lihito
1 год назад
Let me just start by saying I loved your article post, the photos of the city, shops and cafes, all the many series mentioned.

I actually had my hopes up to make it out to Japan this July, but atlas I've had to delay my plans till Autumn, so thanks for the wonderful review for moment I felt I was there
1 год назад
I love reading people's blogs about their Japan trip, feels like I can live vicariously through you :)

Thank you for putting together a blog about your trip! Pokémon café sounds absolutely delightful :D
1 год назад
Chef Pikachu is so cute!! Thanks for sharing about your experience, it was a fun read!
1 год назад
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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