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2018 is almost gone, and I think many of you will agree with me when I say good riddance. This has been a very trying year for me in real life, yet the pretty plastic did not stop coming home and provided me with a much needed distraction. Let's reflect on the growth of the collection, and look towards the future!

Personal situation stuff
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So this has not been a good year for me, though when I think about it, it could have been worse. This does not negate all the bad that has happened though. I had to get wisdom teeth removed. I got community guideline striked on PrudeTube, which removed my ability to stream for several months. My step-father unexpectedly passed away. My mother's house burned down, resulting in her moving in with me. The company I work for is being merged with another company, leaving nothing but uncertainty. My car died and needed to be replaced.

On the upside, my mother is safe and healthy (plus she cooks dinner for me!), my niece got married. My cat continues to be cute and fluffy. I had enough money saved up to buy the replacement car in cash. And I was able to bring home a lot a lot of pretty plastic. These figures are a much needed distraction, and continue to be something I truly enjoy. Also, YUEL FINALLY GOT PUT UP FOR ORDER!!

TL;DR: Screw 2018, but bring on the pretty plastic!

Collection Stuff
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This year was a bumper year for pretty plastic. I started off with 122 figures (some how in the last blog I said I ended with 123 which was incorrect, and was driving me crazy here). I added 35 figures over the course of the year to end with a total of 157 figures in my current collection. I also have 11 on order. There's only 10 in the video since I only listed pre-orders there. There is also one more Tamamo figure that has been released, but I'm still waiting for the damn US store to get her in stock.

There really wasn't a theme like last year's Year of Tamamo, but that doesn't matter. Some of the pre-orders for next year are already paid for. This includes the elusive Yuel, whom I've been pining for for years.

The figures I've added:
Purple Heart: ITEM #549620
2nd Lancer Tamamo: ITEM #547393
Black Heart: ITEM #556892
Asuna: ITEM #396041
Lucifer: ITEM #161925
Kitty Kurumi: ITEM #605381
Darkness Yui: ITEM #604902
Purple Heart: ITEM #236286
Takamura Yui: ITEM #549543
Bunny Kotegawa Yui: ITEM #543900
Summer Vacance Tamamo: ITEM #576707
Purple Heart: ITEM #287948
Tamamo Cat: ITEM #396861
White Elf: ITEM #397125
Astacia: ITEM #632297
Utaha: ITEM #549397
Yaya Tushan: ITEM #650859
Jin Lian: ITEM #548307
Eleonora Viltaria: ITEM #288031
Tamamo Trading Figure: ITEM #617751
Eriri: ITEM #549383
JK Tamamo: ITEM #549439
Dark Knight Noire: ITEM #549593
Yamada Elf: ITEM #628396
Kinoshita Rumi: ITEM #294
Megumi: ITEM #549379
Kitty Tohka: ITEM #676175
Hitachi Mako: ITEM #572811
Yuigahama Yui: ITEM #331680
Kirika Towa Alma: ITEM #642687
Izetta: ITEM #549422
Chachamaru: ITEM #603641
Hammann: ITEM #647332
Akagi: ITEM #675918
Alisa Reinford: ITEM #676192

On Order:
Tamamo: ITEM #676310
Ayanami: ITEM #698693
Chun-Mei (paid): ITEM #604563
Mefmera: ITEM #604844
Purple Heart: ITEM #691382
Black Heart: ITEM #740410
Annette (paid): ITEM #653421
Kaga: ITEM #676024
Usada Yu: ITEM #604109
Jougasaki Mika: ITEM #609288
YUEL (paid): ITEM #296941

TL;DR: +35 for the year!

Figure Unboxing Videos
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While I know many people don't like watching unboxing videos, and would much prefer a written review with high quality pictures, there are also several people that enjoy them, myself included. So I continued making them, in the hopes that maybe they will help someone in the future decide if they want to pick up a figure or not.

I currently have 2428 subscribers, a number I'm still stunned by when I see it. I have unfortunately had to put Let's Browse on hiatus due to life things and lack of time. I do still manage to make unboxing videos for every figure I get. I've also tried putting up a couple "Guess the Figure" videos. I've enjoyed making them and the reaction has been generally positive, so there will likely be more in the future.

Since I got so many figures this year, and made a lot of videos, my laziness is taking over again, and I'm not going to link every figure and video. If you are really interested in them, here's the link to the playlist for all of my unboxings. This year's videos start with #150: Yonmegami Online Purple Heart Unboxing.
Anime Figures Playlist

TL;DR: I continued my tradition of putting up unboxing videos. Playlist for all videos

So that's pretty much it for this year. Hopefully 2019 will be kinder to everyone, and even more hopefully, there will be more Tamamo! I'd love one of her assassin form!
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I hope this year will be ever more Tama-fruitful for you! Your love and dedication to her is amazing how have I not stumbled across your videos until today X3 also gotta love the effect the LED paper crystal has on Noire and the girls in your tour, I never realised how pretty the weights could be when they're lighting up like that!
1 год назад
I hope your 2019 is filled with success and good health! When I read your article, I was reflecting on the curveballs that Life threw at me towards the end of year. However, in the grand scheme, there was more good than bad and I need to appreciate and focus on the good more! For example, I am looking forward to being a Dad this May. I am going to have a Corgi!
1 год назад
Yeah, 2018 was no exaggerating the worst year yet for me and 2019 ain't going to be any better from what I can tell.
Overall my collection has shaped up better than I thought it would (even though it's still pretty pitiful). Other than that I've spent a TON of cash on Manga and comics as well. Fortunately, there are only like 3 "new" figures in 2019 that are must buys for me since I'm getting priced out of this hobby pretty quickly and thus I will have to exclusively stick to eBay/MFC sales if I want anything. My 2019 plans include getting more manga and a few more art books but I think I also want to get into other toys lines like Masterpiece, lego, amiibo, etc but it's all going to depend on my finances.
1 год назад
Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
murialita1 год назад#47182769I was worried he would mess them up at first, but luckily he pretty much ignores them. Milo is a cool cat!
I can tell he's a cool cat, he looks just like my own cat LOL.

I had to upgrade to shelves, etc, after we got cats (we have four in the house only one is 'mine') because they liked to paw at everything. I tried leaving a Hiei figure on my desk but he was abusin' it so I had to put it in a detolf. Now he looks out of place amongst all female figures.
1 год назад
ChibiSaturn1 год назад#47181612I cannot even imagine keeping figures on my tv stand. My cat would ruin them, does yours not bother them? That's amazing, because, cats. I was worried he would mess them up at first, but luckily he pretty much ignores them. Milo is a cool cat!
1 год назад
Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
I cannot even imagine keeping figures on my tv stand. My cat would ruin them, does yours not bother them? That's amazing, because, cats.
1 год назад
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