Комментарии Luka: Figure and Voice

  • I think Luka is probably my favourite female Vocaloid haha.
    One of my first Luka songs and forever a favourite~ www.youtube.com...
    Another one that I love to death www.youtube.com...
    I'm a sucker for ballads :>
    8 лет назад
    Luka is definitely one of my favourite Vocaloid. I love her voice, it's better then any other Vocaloid. And her design is second only to Gakupo ;)

    These are my 2 favourite songs of Luka:
    www.youtube.com... (I know, she doesn't look like Luka at all, but I really like the song :) )
    8 лет назад
    falugalob8 лет назад#1107600 -snip- oh goodness, just too many to include. 
    You nailed it there ;) I couldn't possibly include them all. I just had to try and cherry pick different artists and genres.
    8 лет назад
    Luka is my favourite from all vocaloids....and Miku cant beat her (sorry miku fans).

    and my favourite Luka's Song is :

    Just Be Friends.


    enjoy !
    8 лет назад
    neptunecadet ~Sayonara no Tsubasa~
    Luka is definitely one of my favorites! :) Love her design and love her voice! She's amazing!
    8 лет назад
    I love Luka too! Great list, especially Corruption Garden. Although you totally should have included some fatmanP. And who can forget about HachioujiP's amazing "Mad Lovers". Oh! Also some KEI, like "Hello, Worker" or "Track". oh goodness, just too many to include. 

    I always liked this song, I couldn't find a video for it so I uploaded it a while back to share with my friends
    Beautiful ; - ;
    8 лет назад
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