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l0lil0li1 год назад
I was recently browsing Amazon JP and found out, that they now allow their AmamzonGlobal express shipping for items that are "fulfilled by Amazon" (FBA). This means items that are not sold directly by Amazon but are shipped from Amazon's warehouse.

In the past, AmazonGlobal shipping was only possible for items that were "shipped and sold by amazon.co.jp" so this enables international shipping for a lot more items than before!

I can't guarantee that it works for all items and all countries, but I added some test figures to my cart and could get to the final checkout without any error messages.
It's worth checking out Amazon now, because their shipping (DHL Express) is cheaper than EMS and also faster because they do the customs processing for you.

Test Order
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From my past experiences with customer support, it does not appear (to me at least) that something has changed. Items that are FBA can sometimes be shipped overseas, but that is at the discretion of the seller. If they don't want their items to be sold overseas, they do not have to. It seems that enabling things to be sold overseas may be an opt-in situation, instead of opt-out, and vendors may not know that they can sell to more people by changing a setting or something.
1 год назад
take123 Bunny Farm
The Amazon price with shipping gets competitive verses Amiami and others. But some dont ship overseas. I had one that didn’t work and two that worked.
1 год назад
Yeah I tried around some more and found out that some items just won't go through no matter what store I chose.
For other items, FBA does not work but for some reason sold by amazon and also marketplace (non-FBA) works. If an item does not have the "fulfilled by amazon" sign but there is a high shipping cost next to it, the international shipping is handled by the seller. That's new as well!

But overall at the moment it's just luck whether it works or not...
1 год назад
Double post*****
1 год назад
Fulfilled by Amazon doesn’t always work for sure. I live in Canada and I can’t ship some items from Amazon US that are listed as fulfilled by Amazon. That being said, sometimes Amazon JP has items for cheap that cannot be found on AmiAmi English site (probably due to licensing issues) and it’s super fast delivery. I’ve had items arrive at my door at around 36 hours from the time of placing the order, which I thought was really cool!
1 год назад
Hey! Just wanted to offer my experience in that it in fact does not work for all items, at least for the US.

Although I'd agree that your chances are higher in having access to AmazonGlobal increases if it's fulfilled by Amazon, it doesn't really guarantee it, purely depends on the seller I'd assume. Learned this by scoping out a figure I've been eyeing for awhile and noticed Amazon JP had some really good deals but that about 70% of the ones marked "fulfilled by A" still wouldn't ship to my address.

Nonetheless, I've def ordered this way before and it is super cheap, fast shipping.
1 год назад
that's some news, but btw don't expect the same customer service you get from Amazon US at all lol (based on past experience)
1 год назад
Nice. thanks for the tip.
1 год назад
Cool, thanks for the heads up. Will try it out the next time I'm looking for something.
1 год назад
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