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Season 3. More Figures? Less Figures? Who Cares?Season 3. More Figures? Less Figures? Who Cares?

ZoidsFanatic2ZoidsFanatic25 месяцев назадDiary
Imagine a world where in the 1940s aliens invade the Earth and humanity has to put aside its differences to fight off the aliens! If you're thinking about Harry Turtledove's World War series, you'd be wrong. I'm talking about Strike Witches today, which if you think about it, is kinda really messed up. So, how to describe Strike Witches? Well, basically the premise is giant flying robot aliens that shoot laser beams invade an alternative Earth in 1939, or maybe they've always been here it's all a little confusing. The only way for humanity to survive is to use witches, young girls gifted with magic powers and who can utilize their magic to form "shields" of pure magic/energy/whatever to stop the Neuroi's lasers and allow them to get close and kill the Neuroi. And they do all this with flying metal deathtraps strapped to their legs. And no pants. Because Japan.

Strike Witches is a weird series for me, and not just because of the rampant fan service, the fact all the characters are genderswapped/genderswapped inspired World War II aces, or the fact Salvador Dalí is no wheres to be seen in the series as of yet. No, for me it's because Strike Witches is basically stupid by all accounts but it's one of my all time favorite series ever. Despite said stupidity. Really, the Neuroi can somehow control the weather but never use that weapon ever again? Come on!

"Has anyone seen the Weather Domina... Destro, get the lawyers!

Anyhow, I'm sure you're all pretty familiar with Strike Witches and the few of you who remember Zoids Fanatic 1.0 may remember every other article posted by him was Strike Witches related... or at the very least related to Gertrude or screaming about Nikka. One of the two. But today I want to talk about the series as a whole as for those of your out of the loop a third season has been announced. No, not Brave Witches... ugh, let me explain. Strike Witches proper title is World Witches with Strike Witches being one story in the extended universe. Imagine it much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Strike Witches is like Iron Man. It started this train ride and built a larger world. So while Brave Witches is the third anime (not counting OVAs and the movie) produced, it would be similar to Captain America. Same universe, different story. We understand now? Good! Moving on!

So, Strike Witches proper is getting a third season with a ETA of 2020 followed up by a new anime following a new group of girls in 2021. Imagine that they're Thor. And this brings up the question; what the fuck are figure companies going to do now. Because if you take a peek in the database you'll notice Strike Witches has quite the amount of figures and merchandise. Except Brave Witches.




*Deep Breath*

Me? Angry? Why would I be angry the show I prayed for got released and then sidelined by everything else and I'm one of the five people who has watched in the Northern Hemisphere and can never talk about it because no one else has watched it and to top it all off there are no action figures at all of my favorite characters so I'm resorting to having to make my own?

"Zoids Fanatic 2.0... are... are you OK? It's like your having a psychotic breakdown or something?" You ask.

Why yes. Yes I am. Sorry, I'm still pissed. But, OK, let's get back on point. So, Strike Witches proper is getting a third season and with a release in 2020 this should give figure companies all the time in the world to make more Strike Witches figures... except the tiny little problem they kinda already have. Strike Witches, having been around since 2008, has gotten tons and tons of figures. Even the likes of Minna, the most unpopular of the 501st to the point most people forget she exists got her own Nendoroid. And a scale by Alter. And a plushie. And a hugging pillow. And porn (look it up yourself). So, you know, if you're a fan of Strike Witches now it's pretty easy to get the witches you want... unless you're looking for action figures at which point fuck you Max Factory and Bandai! So moving forward... what can figure companies do besides make the 502nd and calm my bloodlust?

Now, I mean they could just release new scales and Nendoroids.Shirley's Nendoroid, for example, lacks her now-iconic red jacket. Plus it wouldn't be too bad to make newer Nendoroids of the older characters but with the new tooling that makes the current Nendoroids so great. Not to mention majority of the scales are pretty old as well and while they look perfectly fine and are easy enough to find on the aftermarket are... well, actually they work fine enough. But you know figure companies, why make one perfectly fine figure everyone likes when you can make another one a year later and charge double what the last one cost. That way you make more money and make a lot of fans have to survive on tap water and crumbs for a solid month. A win-win for everyone!

Basically the point I'm trying to make here is releasing new Strike Witches stuff for the third season is kinda... trivial I guess? We have tons of stuff now that's out on the market, easy to get, and does the job. If I want a Barkhorn shelf, by God I can make a Barkhorn shelf!

Oh wait, I already have one!

However I suppose the one thing lacking that maybe would be nice is a full-fledged Strike Witches action figure line. The Figma and A.G.P. lines kinda died after only completely five and four characters respectively out of the eleven that the 501st is known for. Only the Nendoroid line has the entire 501st under its belt but it's spread out over six years. Granted they still look good next to each other but if you know your Nendoroid history it can be a bit jarring.

They're laughing at the 502nd's lack of Nendoroids.

Anyhow, I think that wraps up the point of this article. With a third season of Strike Witches coming up, will figure companies be interested in updating their old figures to cash in on the renewed popularity of Strike Witches? Or will they just let it be sidelined like with Brave Witches figuring it will be pointless? Or will the new group of girls teased for the 2021 anime be the focus of the figure companies?

I'm going to say no.

Anyhow, we've still got a solid year before we'll know anything and truth be told I'm not going to worry all that much about it. If we get new stuff, that's great. If not, that's fine. I still have the old stuff with is perfectly fine plus I can still bitch about the 502nd getting the shit stick. Anyhow, I'm starting to ramble. So that does it for me today, I'm ZF2 signing off. Have a GIF of Lynne.

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When I saw the subject, I thought you were going to talk about Attack on Titan Season 3...

But I do remember your passion for Strike Witches from 1.0 days.

Sadly, I think they won't release any new action figures... Unless the popularity and enthusiasm is higher than I think it is. Cause they never even bothered with AoT Season 2 or 3, and those seemed to be big deals at the time (but maybe only in NA?)

They are doing Magical Index season 3 and there haven't been new Nendos or figmas from that series in a LONG time and there's been a steady churn for awhile...

Sorry, now I'm getting into other things.
5 месяцев назад
WanderingWastrel (5 месяцев назад) #40126516I was also surprised at the basic ignoring of Brave Witches in terms of figures. Of course, I long ago steeled myself to never buy any Strike Witches figures because that way lay bankruptcy. (Then Love Live came out and I nearly went bankrupt with that instead... hey, no one else ever seems to be logical and sane and consistent, why do I have to be???)

I love Strike Witches, but for some reason Brave Witches didn't really do anything for me. The first SW anime had a lot going for it, with its combination of historical accuracy, fanservice, action and comedy. Then, even though the second season was admittedly more of the same, by that point the characters had really grown on me and so I wanted to see more of them.

On the other hand, when Brave Witches came around, I viewed it as more "more of the same", but without (save for a little bit of Sanya and Eila) all the characters that I'd come to know and love. For that reason, Brave Witches just never resonated with me, and I wonder if many others shared my sentiment, thereby explaining the relative lack of merchandise from that series.

Assuming the original cast is the focus of Road to Berlin with the Brave Witches group also making an appearance, maybe that might spur me to go back and revisit Brave Witches.
5 месяцев назад
Nice to see someone mention World War when talking about witches. It's interesting to read such a different take on the same concept.

BW's lack of figures is really too bad. 501st really doesn't need any more, but I really do enjoy seeing characters from other units getting figures and I'd love to see more. Still, I don't think the witches outside of the 501st are very recognizable to most people other than big fans, even though there are so many who are so cool.
5 месяцев назад
SilverJinx I used to care when they did.
I think the most amazing thing that I get from all of this is the fact that Strike Witches/ World Witches Series still has enough of a following to merit continuation.

I say this as a fan. It's really incredible and exciting! The mecha musume genre has kind of died down in the past two years, which is sad, but to be expected with the fast paced industry that is anime.
I think the fact that mecha musume isn't as hot anymore also contributes to the complete lack of Brave Witches figures. At the same time it could be a demographics/exposure problem. I haven't really delved into it.

In any case, here's to more slightly-offensive-yet-adorable-and-historically-accurate magical pilots!
5 месяцев назад
I was also surprised at the basic ignoring of Brave Witches in terms of figures. Of course, I long ago steeled myself to never buy any Strike Witches figures because that way lay bankruptcy. (Then Love Live came out and I nearly went bankrupt with that instead... hey, no one else ever seems to be logical and sane and consistent, why do I have to be???)

Oh, and another thing, I like fanservice! Give me flying panty shots, friendly girls groping each others' breasts, and other ecchi (but not hentai) happenings! I hope the third season of Strike Witches, and whatever else comes out after that, is full to overflowing with fanservice. There, I said it, ha!
5 месяцев назад
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