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Moderoid... the Gundam killer?Комментарии • Moderoid... the Gundam killer?

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    No to being a Gundam killer, but yes to being a very cool looking line with a lot of choice mech.
    Orisa would be amazing, as would D.Va's Mech; they'd obviously be to scale with the Overwatch figma so it'd seem like a viable way of doing them without being *too* expensive. Could also reissue them in alternate skins just to get more use out of the mold!
    I know Bandai have the license for this one, or did, but I wanna see Rah Xephon designs get the figures they deserve. Not just the Rah Xephon but the Dolem and Vermilion designs, too.
    7 месяцев назад
    Moderoid will just be like Kotobukiya's line of kits who can live side by side with Bandai by offering kits for other lines/series. It won't be a Gundam Killer. Gundam is still the biggest mecha genre and there's lot of models to choose from (extensive list of mobile suits),not to mention that there's still a lot of mobile suits that don't have a model kit yet. Current modelers might lose interest if Bandai doesn't produce any new kits, but again there's currently a lot of gunpla models to choose from that it will take time for Gundam modeler fans to lose interest on the current list of model kits.

    Moderoid is still good though as it offers kits for series/lines not offered by established brands
    8 месяцев назад
    Yeah, no, Bandai has nothing to be worried about. Remember that Bandai has been making Gundam kits since the 1980s. Not to mention they’re started making Full Metal Panic models and of course Star Wars. Let’s not also forger Bandai got the liscenes for Darling as well coming out with their own action figures of both the two chicks and that robot that gives me flash backs to the Transformers Unicron Trilogy.

    Now, I’m a model builder and have placed my hands in all sorts of model kits. From Warhammer 40K, regular model kits of tanks and planes, miniatures, Frame Arm Girls, Star Wars, and of course Bandai and their Gundam and their Star Wars line. Oh, yeah, and Zoids. Hence my namesake. So I’ve worked with a lot of model kits over the years and I can tell you what makes Bandai successful is A) Gundam is insanely popular even if you don’t watch the anime. B) There are so many kits out there that laws of probability will say that you’ll end up liking one kit. C) A massive fan community dedicated to the kits. D) They made three animes that revolves around building Gundam. Not to mention the kits are easy enough to build and HG are cheap and easy to get ahold of, as are the MG. Most hobby stores here in the United States carry them and they sell pretty well.

    All said and done, I’m not opposed at all to GSC wanting to make their own model kits. Never owned one myself so I can’t say anything about the quality or ease or build or anything. Will this line become a “Gunpla killer”? Unless GSC hired an elite team of assassins, enough of those little devices from Men in Black for seven billion people, and a time machine to go back to 1978 and set fire to Sunrise no. I doubt Bandai is even worried. Which is a good thing, actually. It means GSC can basically just make all the models they want and Bandai will just shrug.

    So while I can’t say I have interest in the line i do think it has a positive future and will end up being not so much a “killer” but living in unison with Gunpla. I mean, nothing wrong with both now is there?
    8 месяцев назад
    -Strelitzia is the first Moderoid to actually be from an extremely popular mecha anime.

    I won't go into it in great length. Just check out the bluray sales. That will clear up popularity.
    Consider that Mazinger is from 1972 and still exists today in different incarnations. That IS popular.
    I'm not a hardcore mecha fan, but Darling has not pleased mecha fans at all and I can see why. Mecha action wasn't the focus.

    -How do you feel about Moderoid?
    As always, I have interest in the products, not the line itself. As of now I think they're just overpriced currently.
    -Are you a plastic model collector? If so, have you gotten any Moderoids?
    I'm kinda new to plamo, rather than a collector I consider myself to be a guy who likes building stuff. No, I havn't ordered a single Moderoid yet.
    -Do you think that Moderoid is a sight to see for non-Gundam mecha anime?
    I'm glad it exists, and I hope they'll branch out more.
    -Do you think the line has legs for the next few years? Most importantly, a Gundam competitor?
    I certainly hope they'll be around. But they can not compete with gunpla, and I don't think they aim to.

    1. Gundam is insanely popular to the point gundam itself has almost killed all other mecha shows and dominates the genre.
    2. Gunpla kits have been around for so long, with so many kits produced that you can not dethrone them all that easily.
    3. HG kits cost 1/4 of what moderoids ask for. Price is a huge factor, especially when your target audience is younger.
    4. I havn't built a Moderoid myself, so I can't comment on building time, difficulty level and such, but it's super easy to put bandai kits together.
    If you factor all of these in, it's hardly a fair game for other companies.

    To sum it up:
    Darling will be forgotten and trigger fans will jump onto the next trigger anime. It wasn't all that popular either.
    IF Darling can bring more anime newbies to watch different mecha shows and introduce people to model kit building, I'll be happy.
    Moderoid has no chance in hell to compete with gunpla, as much as I wish it did. I wish Moderoid to be around for a long time and evolve.

    As for a wishlist:
    1. MAzinkaiser SKL, that show never gets any love.
    2. Dann of Thursday
    3. Zearth
    4. A proper TV Eva01 please. The bandai kit is outdated, the Koto one's proportions are horrid.
    5. anything Gothicmade
    6. any Linebarrels of Iron mecha
    8 месяцев назад
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