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4 Inch-Nel Jack the Ripper and F/GO!4 Inch-Nel Jack the Ripper and F/GO!

TorchersphixTorchersphix8 месяцев назадReview
Background: End of Figures, Hail to the Gatcha!

So…..where to begin? Well, I have a hoarder type of personality so figure collecting became a fun past time. However, now a new hobby has arisen to take up all my hard-earned spare cash. I’ve discovered the joy (despair?) of mobile gatcha games, specifically Fate/Grand Order (F/GO). For a nice breakdown and explanation of F/GO please reference ZOIDSFANATIC2 ’s Great post here: BLOG #40410

[Side Note] I was forced to move to a different state for a job, leaving my collection in storage. After 2 years of not seeing my collection, I found I wasn’t really as fond of some of the pieces as I once was, AND since I have to move again, I am working on space efficiency, and all my figure boxes were NOT space efficient. Therefore, I’m selling off some parts of my collection to fund my Google Play Cards for Saint’s Quarts ☹ Please check out my store!

Background: Aaaaand back to figures ☹

Can’t fully get away from figure collecting because good’ole Good Smile and Co will just keep pumping out Fate Franchise Figures to go along with my Gatcha Games, and lets be real….I can spend $100s on the Gatcha and still get nothing, whereas with figure collecting…. I always end up with something in hand!

I was going to do everyone’s favorite Fate Dogo Cu Chulainn, but Shishioh’s reviews are so good there isn’t really a point: www.shishioh.in...

(Seriously though, Hawaiian shirt Cu when?.... or Hercules….. or Hercules wielding Hawaiian Shirt Cu as a weapon?)

Skip forward to now...

Fate/GO currently has a Guaranteed 5-Star Servant Banner (w/Paid Quartz). And I got everyone’s favorite crit generating, NP spamming Assassin Jack! To celebrate the fact I did NOT burn a bunch of google play cards, I decided to pick up the 4 Inch-Nel Jack Figure from my backup go-to favorite store Solaris Japan [solarisjapan.co...].


Company: I was mainly curious for this figure because I’ve never heard of 4 Inch-Nel [ENTRY #99096] and I wanted to see how it would stack up against a Figma (Spoiler…. Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерit doesn’t).

Front / Back

Top / Bottom

Plastic Packing

Included Stand

Standing Profile

Faces (Neutral, Slightly Less Neutral?)

Yeah, that is it ☹

Flexibility Poses

Action Poses

Scaled with Figma Poses

First Ascension Poses (No Sirens!)
Cape NOT Included

1. Scale: Shes to-Scale with Figmas

2 .Flexible: Joints, while not the clicky Revoltech ones, are surprisingly flexible. She also has a drop down hip joint that is pretty good for posing

1. Weak Accessories: No 1st Ascension Cape, and she doesn’t like pants….. (Cape in photos I bought off Ebay, originally a Bandai Batman accessory). Just one set of daggers? boooooooo

2. Expensive: whoaaaaa you’re telling me she is smaller than a figma only has 1 extra face plate and two extra hands? And at 7000 (list price...) + shipping…. Almost should have bought some more quarts instead T_T

3. Expressionless: Seriously? Just a neutral face, and a slightly mouth open face? No happy Jack face, no angry Jack face, no devious murder face? Wow…incredible disappointment, I sat through Apocrypha, I know she has more than one face…. ☹

4. Difficult to Pose:
She actually is quite difficult to pose without a stand because her feet are so small she can’t really stand on her own well. Not really a manufacturing issue, more of a "it's just physics" issue. Also the dagger pouch can’t come off so she can’t be in any sitting poses since the daggers would poke into the ground and don't rotate.

5. Weak Joints: Seems like some of the Joints, specifically the elbow ones are pretty weak, I had her whole forearm fall off a few times with a fairly quick photo session.

Recommendation: IF (Jack came to your Chaldea OR you are a big Fate/Apocrypha fan) AND have some money to spare, then pick up everyone’s favorite daughteru. Otherwise, she is way too expensive to justify the high-cost with very low bonus accessories + faces. With how this one turned out, I am curious to see how Ishtar as Summer Nero turn out, but I’ll hope someone else takes a plunge and makes a review before I buy 4 Inch-Nel again. (Also curious to see if Ishtar and Nero are Figma size…or you know…4-in! I hear they aren't though...)

Feel Free To Comment or leave your favorite 5-Star Summoning Ritual Instructions Below!
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didnt get mine yet but I wanna check the quality in hands... i did pre order Ishtar for 2 main reasons... first i love her so much and i feel like i need to get a complete collection :X but talking about Jack, i thought she would has a better quality and joints... I might need to take extra care with her to not break anything :X Fate series usually gets awesome figures but I think this is not the case :X When I get my Ishtar, ill do a review.
8 месяцев назад
Nice review...I don't collect Fate figures, but she is cute! :D
8 месяцев назад
Great review!

I just got 4-inch Jack yesterday along with figma Lancer and opened them both today.

My completionist mentality means I will keep her. And I knew what I was getting into seeing the pre-sale pics so I shouldn't be indignant.

But it was still shocking to realize "I paid this much for this?? The same amount as figma Lancer??" Makes me question my life choices for a bit...

I am still hopeful about Ishtar. Though I know she is smaller than figma Rin, there's more accessories to warrant the price and given the size of the accessories and that she floats in the air, I think it's easier to fudge around in a display.
8 месяцев назад
With five cons against two pros, the conclusion is clear: this figure is disappointing. Too bad for the fans of Loli the Ripper.

Despite all its flaws, I still like Apocrypha because of how many cool servants it brought, but the girl isn't one of them, at least for me (she's one of the incarnations of the bad things Type-Moon's fond of, mainly the Rule 63).

Just like you, I hope Ishtar will be good.
8 месяцев назад
Shame about her. I was planning on picking her up at some point but if she's not up to stuff I'll just try to snag her at a discount price or more then likely keep bugging GSC to make a Jack the Stripper Ripper Nendoroid. I could do Figma if a Nendoroid isn't available. Anyhow, great review! Like said, sad she's not a high enough quality to justify the price tag.

And since you asked, I have been a bit more lucky with Servants. I recently got Mordrid, Ozzy, and Waver along with some four stars (Fran and Nicrois and... Tamano Cat). Had to whale but a friend of mine convinced me to. He's what we call lucky. How lucky? His first week he got Saber with the weekly summoning ticket. And recently he got Da Vinci. He's... stupidly lucky. So I just hope some of his luck rubs off on me. I suppose it did when I finally got Ozzy and Mordrid, so there's that.

Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерAs for rituals I heard if you have a Gudako nearby, like ITEM #536183, when you do a gacha roll then she'll grant you a five star servant. However you must please her and attend to her every need as if you don't you'll draw nothing but Black Keys, your NP animations will run twice as long, your Mash will be molested by her, and she'll steal all your Quartz.
8 месяцев назад
As much as I am a big fate fan and FGO player I could never justify getting a jack figure from the ones available. The Phat one is way overpriced, I do not collect action figures, and the Taito one is just not great.
I really hope GSC or Alter makes a decent 1/7 of the murder loli.
8 месяцев назад
I picked her up because I adored her.
She sits well with my figmas, but I probably won't buy any more 4 Inch-nel figures.

I was stoked with her, and got her set up in the pose I wanted, but the stand is very obtrusive, HUGE base, and the gatcha arms to hold her really get in the way visually.

I am not unhappy with my purchase, but like I said, probably won't buy any more.
8 месяцев назад
Squidssiah Messiah of Squids
Great review!

I only knew about this 4 Inch-Nel series after I saw this figure was released actually;and being a huge fan of action figures I was very interested to see how this one turned out.

I am a bit disappointed as it seems rather lackluster for the price point, namely in terms of the lack of accessories as you had said.

Despite that I’m all for more figure companies to put out new types of action figures and I hope this series improves with their later releases.

Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерAlso, while I personally am not familiar or a fan of the Fate series they really have some great character designs that I just adore.

And after I heard that they had a gatcha game I knew it would be best for me to stay far, far away.
I too know the joy/despair of these types of games and have played quite a few.

Though now I only stick to one that I’ve been playing for a few years and haven’t been tempted to spend as much due to me getting back into collecting figures. Haha
8 месяцев назад
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