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Nendoroid 539 - Hatsune Miku harvest moon figure review.Nendoroid 539 - Hatsune Miku harvest moon figure review.

migurmigur6 месяцев назадReview
Hello all,

Thank you all for helping me decide which figure to do a review of, your support is much appreciated. The results of the poll where that you liked to see a review of Miku, Rin and Len (harvest moon version) the most. Without further delay, we can start with Hatsune Miku.

This was actually my very first Nendoroid, which I bought as a treat for myself because I graduated with my bachelor of science. As you can see on this blog my collection got bigger since then.

This Nendoroid is based on an illustration of "Rella". See the picture below as a reference. The art is absolutely stunning and very cute.

On to the actual Nendoroid, first of the box!

The box of this Nendoroid has some nice additional decoration besides the standard poses. On the back and sides, there is a Chinese theme. On the front and top, they placed the design from the background, which is pretty neat. I would have love it if they placed the original artwork somewhere on the box.

The Nendoroid itself is super cute. Overall this Nendoroid is quite detailed, especially her hair and hair accessories. I like how they made the little flowers in her hair and added a little floss on both sides. The asymmetry of the hair is quite nice and I like how they did 3 small strands of hair. Also her tails are quite different than usual, but are looking gorgeous. The semitransparent tips of the hair look really nice. I would have liked if they used a little more shading in the hair. The color scheme of her outfit looks nice and matches will with her hair. The cape could have been a bit more detailed, it is quite a big contrast compared to the hair and the dress. The dress looks nice with all the ruffles on the bottom and the folds make it look very nice.

The extra parts. She comes with a stand with background, which i recommend using. She does stand on her own, however she is a bit wonky. To prevent damage i prefer to use the stand. The background can be attached to the stand. She has three faceplates, one neutral looking, one blushing and one with her eyes closed. My personal favorite is the one with the closed eyes. There are a total of 6 arms which give you a lot of room to play around, making her hold her cooky and a cute little fan. One thing I don't like about this nendoroid is her sash. It's hard to attach, it looks out of place and every time (which is not a lot) I use it, I am affraid it might snap by putting it on.

link to more pictures and gifs!
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Shuuru (3 месяца назад) #41407821Woah, her hair is super cute and the dress is so detailed, I really like it. Thank you for the review!Thank you for your lovely comment <3
3 месяца назад
Woah, her hair is super cute and the dress is so detailed, I really like it. Thank you for the review!
3 месяца назад
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