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Hello MFC
Today I am proud to present with you all an item I have been waiting very eagerly to arrive. The incredible life sized Exclusive Edition Majora’s Mask statue by FIRST4FIGURES. There are only 2600 pieces made worldwide and each statue comes numbered.
FIRST4FIGURES are a figure/statue manufacture that are well known for their incredibly large scale figures made out of Polystone. Specializing in Video game characters, FIRST4FIGURES craft these incredible diorama like statues with amazing amounts of details, with some even having built in LED’s on exclusive versions.

Today we will be having a look at the Exclusive edition. I stayed up till 2am on the night pre-orders went live so that I could secure not only an exclusive edition but to try and obtain a low number. This is my first FIRST4FIGURE statue so I will be reviewing this without any prior history with the company. I have wanted a statue from these guys for quite some time but none of their recent releases enticed me at all…till they announced this beauty. Their previous statues of Skullkid and Fierce Deity link are holy grails of mine I could only ever dream of having, so as soon as this was announced I was filled with joy and excitement!

Majora’s mask is my favourite title in the Zelda franchise so I am very excited to have this in my collection and share it with you all.
Without further ado…let’s begin

- You have met with a terrible fate, haven’t you? -


________________ BOX ________________

Before we begin I would like to disclaimer that photographing this statue was rather difficult in a few different ways, it ended up being one of my most challenging figures to review. The main reason is the sheer size of this thing, I have never owned a figure on such a ridiculously large scale and my little “review station” was not quite set up for such large items! That being said I tried to capture all its main points without the quality of my photos/review lowering.

With that being said – the box for this thing is insane. It stands tall at 55cm’s and is made out of some very solid cardboard. The contents on the inside weigh an absolute ton making this an incredibly heavy and large package.
The outside of the box is hauntingly beautiful, the colour scheme is an array of light and dark purples which really symbolize the game as a whole. Around the edges is an intricate border featuring the main 4 transformation masks with Majora itself being highlighted in the centre.


The back of the box shows the entire product included both the mask and its stand. There’s a nice description talking about the importance of the Mask in the legend of Zelda and its origins. The back of the box also lists the product number out of 2600. I was very lucky to get number 132, which is quite low! Staying up all night was totally worth it.


The sides of the box show showcase some close up photos of the mask as well as a large full-scale shot to try and illustrate the amazing contents inside!


________________ BLISTER ________________

Once you have managed to open up the box, on the inside you will find an equally large and incredibly heavy foam casing. Because the statue is cast out of Polystone it is both heavy and very brittle. FIRST4FIGURES clearly take a lot of pride in their figures and their packaging reflects that also, in terms of detail and care. I was very surprised to see “printing” of sorts across the foam box housing the statue!
On one side a beveled Majora’s Mask and the other side various logos and a little card!


There are actually two cards included here. The first is the “day one” card that features a signature of who I believe is the head honcho of FIRST4FIGURES? While the second card is an authentication card to register the numbered copy you have received. I love the gold lettering on the Day one card, it feels very special to have something like this – like it’s a congratulations card!


Once we open up the foam box we are greeted with a variety different pieces, each piece carefully wrapped and in perfect condition. Because of the brittle nature of the statue there have been cases of some parts breaking/cracking during transport, but I was very lucky to have mine completely in tack and looking great! But definitely something to keep in mind if you are considering ordering any type of Polystone figure, that it is quite natural for some brittle material to crack or break.


________________THE BASE ________________

Before we take a look at the star of the show, let’s take a good look at the base, which is equally as impressive. I know I mentioned this at the start of the review, but it was really difficult to try and capture the sheer size of this statue. Once I took the base out of the foam box I could not believe how large this thing is. It’s absolutely huge!!

The base of the figure is this beautifully detailed tree growing out of a stump. FIRST4FIGURE have done an incredible job of crafting such a unique and natural shape for the tree and the stump itself. Each element of the base has its own unique texture which really makes each part of the base stand out in detail and colour


Scattered across the base are these little touches of moss growing across the stump. These patches of green contrast so well against the dark and light shades of the wood textures. One thing to take note is that the more “bushy” parts of the moss can actually flake off if you rub your figures against it. It is very enticing to touch the squishy moss but it is prone to falling off if you are not gentle with it. I just absolutely adore the shape of the tree, the way it twists and bends, it’s beautiful!


At the back of the base of the stump there are a few little features that will come into play later. On the right we can see a small black button which is used for turning on the LED’s, while on the left is a micro USB port and a “charge” light above it. The button and port blend really nicely into the base and is hidden quite well around the back. From afar you can barely notice they are there, but we will come back to this later.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the detailing on the base. On the surface of the tree stump you can see the “age lines “of the tree, this is the part of the base that looks incredibly realistic. I love the combination of the thick and thin lines which are all highlighted by different shades of light and dark brown. The paint work is truly phenomenal.


Another close up shot of the actual tree structure growing out of the stump. The scattered moss really just creates a sense of depth and detail on the textured wood, its captivating to look at! I also love that little bit of growth sticking out the side, it’s a real nice touch. The detailing is really impressive, the entire wood texture looks amazing, combined with the paint work it brings out all those little bumps and crevices so well. Very impressed.


Taking a look at the underside of the base we can find a few things. Here we can find the number of the statue handwritten as well as the slot for a battery. Out of everything this statue has to offer, this battery slot is the only downside/negative thing worth mentioning but I will cover that once we talk about the LED’s. But for now, take note of its location!


________________ CONSTRUCTION________________

Next step is putting the statue together, while most pieces are solid stand-alone parts, there are a few construction steps we need to take before Majora is ready to go. The first step is attaching the mask to the base. At the top of the tree where the branches split there are 2 pegs that will connect to the back of Majora’s mask. The one on the left has a protrusion of metal which the other is a solid peg. When attaching the mask, it is important to try and connect the left side first so that the metal sticking out fits in with the connecting hole in the left hand socket. This metal is actually what connects the lighting feature from the base to the mask.
It may take a little bit of shifting around, but once the cord has slotted into the hole, the right hand peg will lock into the other side very quickly.

I cannot stress enough how very heavy this statue is, so please be very careful when aligning the holes and that the pegs+sockets have clearly locked together.


This is how it should look once you have put the two together.
Once connected it is a very solid and secure connection. Because of the way the tree is bent, the bottom tip of the mask actually rests on the front bend of the tree. This adds more support so that mask and the base does not come toppling forward from the weight. This is some very clever design on FIRST4FIGURE’s part.


The next step is to attach the 10 horns around the top and sides of Majora’s mask. You will find a left and right size/coloured horn on each carefully wrapped and packaged in the foam box. These horns are actually something that got changed during the production process of the statue. They decided to add a glossy finish to the horns and I am so very thankful they did. The colours are so vibrant and radiant. The way the gradient rolls from colour to yellow is simply beautiful. The mask itself has quite a dark colour palette but these horns have the most beautiful and vibrant colour that contrasts beautifully with the mask.


On the inside of the slots scattered across the mask will be a letter and a number. Either L or R indicating left or right and then a number indicating the size and colour. All you have to do is find the matching code on the underside of the horn and plug the two together. To my surprise the horns actually have a magnet embedded into the bottom, which makes connecting the horn a whole lot easier. You’ll also notice the horns have these little ledges that stick out at the back, those ledges kind of “click on” to the back edge of the mask as you attach them, keeping them even more securely locked in place!


________________MAJORAS MASK– THE COMPLETED FIGURE________________

Finally, here we have the mask attached to the base and completely constructed. This statue is by far one of the most impressive pieces in my entire collection. It is absolutely incredible. The sculpting and paintwork is truly astounding and its colours simply radiate!
The sheer size of this thing is truly a sight to behold, from the base to the top of the horn it measures in at 61cm!


From this angle you can get a clear view of all the amazing curves and lines that make up the sculpting work in the mask. The level of detail is truly amazing and we will be taking a good up close look at all of those details as we go.
You can also see here how the bottom tip of the mask rests gentle on the bend of the tree.


Here is a shot from the back, You can see here how the bottom edges of the horns hook around the side the mask to keep it locked into place.


So let’s take a good look at the insane amount of detailing on the mask, we will start at the top and work our way down. The entire mask has this rock like texture cast into it, creating a series of marks and natural dirty lines. This level of detail (much like the texture in the tree) complements the paintwork really well. The texture creates this aura of the mask being “Ancient” and that it actually is cast from some kind of relic of the past! These particular lines/texture show up really well in the yellow sections along the top as well as the red around the eyes and face.


Majora’s mask itself has this beautifully dark and unsettling feel about it, from its heart like shape to its colourful sharp horns. But the true horror lies within its horrific piecing gaze. FIRST4FIGURE’s have captured the creepiness of the eyes perfectly. It has an amazing gradient going from red, orange to yellow which eventually finishes up to the shining green in the middle. Because of the LED features, the eyes are created using a special type of material to help illustrate a natural glow, with the thick black edges around the outside this is definitely apparent. Its hypnotic stare is addictive and keeps you staring right back at it constantly! Amazing.


As we move down we get a good look at the multi-coloured glossy horns sticking out the side. There’s something menacing about the horns, like touching the side in any way will cause harm to its handler- and in true fashion the horns on this statue are quite sharp!
Besides the glorious colours of the horns, I love how each line across the mask is slightly indented. This is a lovely level of detail and really adds a sense of the depth to the shape of the mask. Especially those black tube like structures that wrap around the eyes and connect to the bottom blue horn. So many nice and smooth lines and curves on such a gritty and hard looking texture.


From this angle we get a closer look at the amazing base texture as well as the holes that run along the front of the mask. I just love how every line has its own layer of indentation, it’s such a marvel to look at. You can also see in this particular shot that amazing radial green texture on the side. Such an amazing combination of colours that would normally clash but here it all connects and contrasts so very well.


I honestly could not be happier with how this statue turned out. It’s perfect. The sculpting work is amazing on both the mask and base while the paint work is seriously next level. The size is so very impressive and seeing all the detailing come to life due to its size is very impressive! But before we wrap up this one more thing we need to cover which is exclusive to this version…the LED’s!


This is where my only negative criticism comes in for this figure and as it stands this could be something that is only relevant to myself and would love to hear from anybody else who owns this statue to let me know.
So there are 2 ways you can power up the statue in order to turn on the lights.
One way is to use the USB cable which is provided with the product. The cable attaches to a little socket at the back next to the button, which is then plugged into a power source in order for it to get electricity – simple.

The second option is to use a battery. The spot that I have chosen to display my Majora’s mask does not have a power point nearby, so I planned on using the battery as my primary power source.
The battery that it takes is one I had never heard of before, it’s slightly bigger than standard batteries and the product DOES NOT include the battery needed.
So using the battery code inside the battery slot (18650) went and purchased the necessary battery.
While it did not cost much, I found to my surprise that the battery does not fit by literally a few millimeters. I do not know if this is a fault of the battery slot being slightly too small, or for some reason the particular brand of battery I purchased is JUST slightly too large? I am not sure.

That being said, I was a little disappointed. Of course the obvious solution is just to move the statue to a spot where there is a power point but I just do not have the space for something this large to really be anywhere else (and it would be away from my Nintendo collection). Again, this could be an issue that just applies to me, but the battery certainly does NOT fit.


Once the USB is plugged in and the statue is receiving power, a green light will turn on above the USB port. There are 2 different light modes.
Pressing the ON button once turns the lights on and leaves them on. Pressing the ON button a second time puts the light on a slight pulse, where the brightness fades In and out till eventually going dark…and then continuing the cycle over and over.
Pressing the ON button a third time will turn the lights off completely.

I absolutely love the pulsing mode on the lights as it really makes the mask feel alive. My camera was absolutely flipping out trying to take photos of the lights but I managed to get two photos in the end.


This close up shot captures the full nature of the glowing eyes. Because of the luminescent material created for the eyes, the lights really highlight that smooth red, orange and yellow gradient. They lights are incredibly bright in the dark and can easily be seen during day light also. It’s a super nifty feature and just adds another amazing element to an already amazing statue.


________________CONCLUSION ________________

This statue is a clear 10/10
I have never purchased a FIRST4FIGURE statue before and I am incredibly happy and feel very lucky to own such a magnificent piece. Straight from the box there is an amazing amount of detail and work that has gone into this product and it brings me a lot of joy and confidence knowing how much the company cares about their product.
The contents of the figure were all well protected and arrived undamaged, despite the brittle nature of the Polystone material.

The sculpting is truly phenomenal and unlike anything I have seen before. Accompanied by some amazing paint work, this figure really just stands out amongst all else. Not to mention its very impressive size. My only negative criticism is the battery situation, but that can easily be overlooked by the fact there is an alternative to powering up the light feature.

As the years go by, FIRST4FIGURE’s only become more and more increasingly rare and difficult to acquire. While they come with a hefty price, the finished product is 100% worth it and the quality really shows.

________________COLLECTION ________________

To finish up I wanted to showcase what Majora’s mask looks like in contrast with other items! It fits beautifully into my “Legend of Zelda – Majoras Mask “shrine and is the center piece of my video game collection! I am so very proud to own such an amazing item in my collection


I hope you have enjoyed this review and found it helpful! If you have any questions or would like to request any photos of different aspects I didn’t capture; I’ll do my best to help out! If anyone has any requests on ANY of the items I own I would be more than happy to review them also :)
Thank you so much for your time,
Take care
- Ry
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Rajke Ca Fanatic
Thanks for your review and photo's.
This mask looks so alive. This sure is a nice high quality statue.
2 года назад
I got mine the other day, and It has a small chip in it which annoys me to no end
2 года назад
NICE!! You have a wonderful Zelda collection! I love the mask too, and the fact that it lights up is awesome! I didn't know this mask existed, it's pretty dang awesome though, thanks for sharing!
2 года назад
Rycat220 #1 BRS Fan
ChocolateSpider2 года назад#33020189Oh darn. You beat me to this review. I'm expecting mine to ship out next month. XD
Seriously though. This is a very good review and I am so happy to see how this turned out. This may be one of F4F's best works ever. :D
You have a super collection display was well. :D

Hello and thank you for the comment!
haha i am sorry i bet you to it! My Majora was actually part of a late shipment as well, it was supposed to arrive sometime in February originally i think? I think all the Australian shipments ended up getting delayed!
I hope you are happy with yours when it arrives! its absolutely perfect and i find myself constantly just starring at it! its amazing.

Thanks again and take care
- Ry
2 года назад
Rycat220 #1 BRS Fan
Dribz2 года назад#33013841Incredible! I saw this one on F4F's site and was tempted, even though I don't have as much attachment to Majora's Mask. Glad you're happy with it! It looks great with your display.
The only F4F item I own right now is their PVC BotW Link, but even that I was impressed with; the amount of fine details are really great despite a couple issues with the sculpting. I'm waiting for F4F's releases of True Form Midna and Twilight Princess Link (my personal favorite Zelda game). They're going to cost me a fortune and I don't care. ;w;
Thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much for your comment!
I have been super curious about the qaulity of F4F's new smaller line of figures.I think it is great that they are expanding their products but after owning something like this its very hard to look back at anything smaller haha.
Twilight Princess is my second favorite Zelda game and i am also looking very forward to the new statues! I was really hoping for a Midna statue on her own one day without wolf link but a true form Midna will be very hard to resist!
Hope you managed to get them in the future.

Thanks again!
- Ry
2 года назад
Oh darn. You beat me to this review. I'm expecting mine to ship out next month. XD

Seriously though. This is a very good review and I am so happy to see how this turned out. This may be one of F4F's best works ever. :D

You have a super collection display was well. :D
2 года назад
Kirenisa I am a collector!
woa very nice review and collection very impressive honestly.
2 года назад
The base looks amazing. An impressive piece.
2 года назад
Incredible! I saw this one on F4F's site and was tempted, even though I don't have as much attachment to Majora's Mask. Glad you're happy with it! It looks great with your display.

The only F4F item I own right now is their PVC BotW Link, but even that I was impressed with; the amount of fine details are really great despite a couple issues with the sculpting. I'm waiting for F4F's releases of True Form Midna and Twilight Princess Link (my personal favorite Zelda game). They're going to cost me a fortune and I don't care. ;w;

Thanks for sharing!
2 года назад
Super cool
2 года назад
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