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I'm getting addicted to figures with actual fabric clothingI'm getting addicted to figures with actual fabric clothing

RapierreRapierre11 месяцев назадDiary
If you are even slightly interested in Doll Figures, please don't read this! Save yourself! Save your money! Don't torture your wallet! I've crossed the line and I can't go back!

Back in high school I was that typical anime idiot that saved up my allowance just to buy a figure every few months. Now I'm almost out of college and I find myself struggling to save up for those huge, posable, and clothable figures. So far I've got my hands on Miku, Hitagi, and my personal holy grail, Ryuko! The next figures on my list are Satsuki, the other Ryuko, Black Rock Shooter, Mikasa, and any of the Saber RAHs (Geez, there are so many of them!).


You'll notice that thay're all Real Action Heroes figures. Well that's because they're the cheapest of what I'm looking for, require the least maintenance, and have a lot of characters available.

Maybe aeons from now, after I have wasted thousands of my hard earned cash, I will have moved on to those Hybrid Active figures. They are basically RAH figures on steroids, because instead of being 1/6 scale (30 cm), they are 1/3 scale (50 cm), and the hair is actual synthetic hair instead of solid plastic! The first one that'd be on my list is Kurisu. That one's old so here's a more recent HA figure of Ruler. Much better looking, right? The armor is (should be, i'm getting conflicting research) removable! But you gotta be careful with the hair!


Then there's the dreaded PureNeemo dolls and Dollfie Dreams. That's going into doll territory... PureNeemos are small too, but you're meant to buy more clothing sets for them, which is like $60 each so I'd like to avoid that right now. I'm not going to talk about them too much, except that I will literally take out a loan if either company makes one for Ryuko...

I've been thinking of putting this into an article here on MFC for a long time, except I spent 4 hours swapping my figures clothing before submitting this post... time well spent? I did have fun though. What would my family think if they found out I was slowly getting into dolls?

Also, did you know PureNeemo M clothing fits on Real Action Heroes?? I bought a PureNeemo 1/6 scale kimono for Ryuko and she looks so gorgeous. But I bought the little kimono from ebay for $60 not counting shipping. Doll clothing is just like figures - expensive and in limited supply. Once the pre-order window is gone they won't make anymore of that clothing.


Then I realized that RAH figures fit other RAH clothing! Hitagi's box came with two shirts so I put it on Ryuko. Now the transfer student once again transfers to Naoetsu Private High School haha!


The bad news is that RAH figures aren't meant to be treated like dolls. They just offer figures with some removable clothing that's not made of flimsy PVC plastic. My Miku RAH's shirt is sewn shut.


But her sleeves aren't! Heh, let's put it on Ryuko


But it seems Hitagi's forearms are... too thicc...


I must ask you, dear reader, to stay away from doll figures... because I don't want buyers flooding this niche market and buying them all before I do haha!

Just kidding! I'd actually want more people to buy these, because then these companies would produce more, offer more characters, and possibly lower the price. It was such a hassle buying RAH Ryuko since there's only 800 that exist. We must supply a waifu (or husbando) for everyone!

Just be aware of the required maintenance once in a while. If you're not careful, you get problems like this picture (the red ribbon stained her shirt). The clothing is typical cotton, polyester, and satin. Just do a gentle hand wash with ordinary detergent and it'll be fine (or if you're paranoid buy ones meant for delicate clothing). But ask actual doll owners about clothing maintenance. I'm just a beginner!


I'm just about to graduate so I'll have hold off on these until I get a proper job. This blog was simply me blabbering about how cool these figure-doll hybrids are and just showing off my pictures lol. Hope you enjoyed wandering onto my little rabbit trail.

Also the ratings below are just for the average RAH figure, not for HA or any doll. The base is horrible, hard to adjust and snap really easily. Everything else IMO is money well spent.
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Thanks for posting! I collect Bjds,dollfie dreams,azones for many years! Tho I recently stopped as I’m going back to collecting figures/goods (which is what started my Bjd/dollfie dream hobby)
I recently got my first RAH Figure. It’s Roy Mustang, it’s been a grail of mine for sooo long lol
11 месяцев назад
Thanks for posting the article and sharing your pics. I got a chuckle out of the slippery descent into more and more clothing and doll/figure combinations. I can kind of relate to that having made similar purchases for a different type of figures.
11 месяцев назад
RAH really is an amazing line! I got my two grails, Sebastian and Ciel, as a university graduation gift from my parents last year. They're so amazing, I really want to buy more!

I'm actually planning on getting Mami and Homura next. Though when that will be, I don't know. X'D
11 месяцев назад
I know what you mean by dolls being secretly addicting. After I got Azone's England and Japan, I've been buying doll clothing nonstop. Recently, I've been anticipating (and also secretly dreading) when Azone announces new clothing lol.
11 месяцев назад
as someone who owns Azones, azone 50 cm (The hybrid active figures), an angel philia of Super Sonico and dollfie dreams.... I recommend you start saving your pennies to come to the dolly side. >:)
The money you spend is a little scary sometimes, but sometimes you can get an azone for the same price as some RAH figures. And not all azone sets are $60.. They can wear licca clothes, blythe clothes and a few others so it can be super affordable to buy clothes for them! :3 If you ever decide you want to try an anime doll... feel free to hit me up! I can give you a few pointers! I've been collecting BJD's and anime type dolls for a few years so if there's anything you want to know let me know!!
11 месяцев назад
SerpentyleTorc (11 месяцев назад) #32638767Have you had any trouble dusting your darlings?
I've been using a lint roller on them! My plushies get dusty too and a lint roller also works well on them.
11 месяцев назад
Thanks for posting! I recently got into RAH figures buying Rin and Shirou and then made the plunge into trying into 1/6 clothing too, posting about it recently (BLOG #39705). Although I only have two, I aim to get Archer and Saber (just the newest one) eventually. It's really cool to see more pictures and info on swapping clothes. I saw those PureNeemo kimonos and was thinking about getting one for Rin, so I'm really glad to see your post! More options is dangerous and expensive, but fun!

Thanks again for sharing!
11 месяцев назад
Doll figures are terrifying. Once you go there you never go back.
I know it's a hell I will sink into eventually once i find
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧The Perfect One*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
The contestants so far are: LIST #69475

One thing that's terrifying is the way dust tends to cling to fabric.
Have you had any trouble dusting your darlings?
11 месяцев назад
Namiel Miracle∞Namiacle
Next step: Dollfie Dreams lol
11 месяцев назад
I'm a big RAH fan, only recently stopped buying them because I don't currently have the room to display all of them since I refuse to keep them out of a detolf :(

Very jealous of the Ryuko you have!! She's my most wanted one but... that aftermarket price makes me want to cry... she looks beautiful in that kimomo!
11 месяцев назад
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