ARTFX J Touko and Tepig by Kotobukiya!ARTFX J Touko and Tepig by Kotobukiya!Review

MagusfiguresMagusfigures2 года назад
Hello hello! It's been a while since my last review; hope everyone's having a good spring so far!

Today I bring you a review of a much-anticipated figure; I've been eagerly waiting for her ever since she was first announced. It feels like forever ago, haha... but she's finally here!!

Anyway, today we'll be looking at
ARTFX J Touko and Tepig by Kotobukiya!
ITEM #514852

So cool!!!
Quick aside: If you don't care for Touko as a character, or Pokemon BW as games, that's fine! More power to you. But this review was not written for you. Please don't waste your time or mine by commenting to tell me you don't like the character.

As I've mentioned in previous Pokemon figure reviews, Pokemon as a franchise has meant a lot to me from a young age--I tend to credit it with getting me into collecting, too. Pokemon Black and White are some of my favorite titles (tied with RSE); they came out right when I was entering college and setting out on my own journey into the world. I fell in love with the lore and the story in these games moreso than probably any other Pokemon title, and that's still true today.

Touko is one of my top favorite Pokemon protagonists, but I didn't ever expect to get a figure of her. As usual, Kotobukiya proved me wrong!! (between Persona 5 and Pokemon, Koto owns my ass these days haha...)

Anyway, I'll stop rambling and get to the pictures now, which is what you came here for:

Here's how she looks from the front! The sculpting of the fabric and her solid pose all look great.

While Hitoshi Ariga did draw an original illustration to model the figure on, the pose seems to be based on Touko's VS sprite from the game!

I was worried that they'd go for a cutesy pose like with May (ITEM #415011) or Serena (ITEM #464678), but they really brought out Touko's tomboyish side, and I'm thankful for that!


A straight-on view--or is it a side view? In particular, I'm a fan of the loose fit of her shirt. (As someone who cosplayed Touko with a loose white tank, I feel validated haha). They also did a pretty good job with her jean shorts; they look like real jeans instead of something more skintight.

Here's a sort of back view--you can see the full volume of her hair here. It's very big! You can also see the shiny finish of the bag, which I thought was a nice touch.


I like this angle a lot too! (I'm not one to comment on lady butts usually, but let's just say Koto did a good job)


Another sort of back/side view. Her hair does look a little awkward from the side, haha.


Close in on her face. The expression is perfect!

Close-up on her hand--I'm impressed that they managed to give her shiny fingernails.


The painting on her hat is a little uneven, but they got the colors just right!


Another closeup shot. It can be hard to get a good shot of her face, so I'll have to keep coming up with new angles to try.


Closeup on the detail in her shorts. To be honest, this is the one detail I didn't really like--I would have preferred they left the "wings" flat instead of texturing them. But then again--I interpret them as pockets, while many people interpret them as fringe. I wonder what they're supposed to be?


Another closeup, this time of the folds of her shirt. The metallic paint on her jeans button was a nice touch too.


I couldn't get my camera to focus on the bag or Xtransciever details, so this is what I have haha... Both of them look great, though! The shiny paint on the bag is such a nice touch (even though mine has a scuff...)


Koto left no stone unturned when it came to details - you can see her shirt peeking through beneath her vest, and the vest pockets have great volume.


I also really like how the shirt doesn't quite lie flat in the back, either--there's a little bit of space between the shirt and shorts.


Another point of interest--the backs of her knees are quite nice. Touko has great legs



A couple shots of her shoes. They look a little like Pez candy haha... I would've preferred a more natural shape for her shoes, but they'll do.

I didn't get a picture of it (or rather, the one I did take met an unfortunate end) but her base actually came with a scuff on it already... that was a little disappointing, but luckily it's hard to see at a distance.

From a high angle, she looks pretty ominous--but also ready to kick butt!!

Low angles are pretty good too! I can't wait to do a real shoot with her, aaaaa

.... aaand from here on the rest of my pictures are a little rushed, because my camera only imported half of the shoot, and then I deleted everything on its memory without realizing..... what a nightmare o-|-<



Here's a couple closeups of Tepig! To be honest, not the Pokemon I would've gone with haha... (I started with Oshawott). The shading decals in its eyes look a little off, too. I may end up keeping it in storage, haha...

Unlike the Mudkip that came with May, Tepig came attached to the flames that hold it up.


Here she is next to May from the same line! Ahh, having my heroes in figure form feels great... the two of them are roughly the same scale, so they look great together too!

The contrast between the two designs is pretty clear here too--May is kind of a twig, while Touko is a little more muscular.


I can pose them having a battle! For some reason, putting this shot together was extremely satisfying. With this matchup, May would probably win though...


I had to get a shot of my ship together! Even if they're not the same scale...

If you told 2011 me that she would eventually own her OTP in figure form, she would have laughed in your face!! Even if they're not the same scale, this is still kind of a dream come true, haha...


Maybe someday we'll get 1/8 scale N.... a girl can dream...


"I've only had N for a day and a half, but if anything happened to him I would kill everyone in this room and then myself."


Comparing heights with ITEM #287697 ! They both may be 1/8, but the difference in height is pretty substantial.


And now next to my boyfriend's ITEM #524815, who also arrived recently. Futaba is 1/7 scale, making her a little taller than Touko. I wonder if Futaba's happy to finally be taller than someone, haha!


Here's where I'm keeping her for now, probably temporarily. What I really need is to reorganize my desk and/or get a display case orz... It's getting way too crowded, and I have still more figures coming. Looks at hands, looks at choices.

Anyway, that about does it for pictures! On to the number scores

Sculpt: I give sculpting a well-deserved 9. Overall, I'm extremely impressed with how they translated Touko's design into 3D, and I like a lot of the little details they added. My nitpicks have to do with the texture of the wings on her pants and her hair; I almost would have preferred less detail in these areas haha.
Paint: 8. Overall, she's very well painted. I really like the use of glossy finish on the bag to give it a vinyl-like look, as well as the metallic detail work. However, the paint is a little sloppy in places, and I found several scuffs/places where the finish dried a little thick. Basically, sasuga Koto--paintwise she's about the same quality as May, which is what I was expecting.
Pose: 10! Honestly, I'd been expecting a pose that didn't match the character at all (as tends to happen with female characters, unfortunately...) but Koto really pulled through. I especially like that it's a callback to her sprite in the games, too. Even if it can be hard to photograph from some angles, the pose is so perfect that I can't complain!
Base: 7. I have the same feeling about this base as I did about May's, haha... I like the simple, unintrusive design, but I would have preferred some way to anchor Tepig to the base (a magnet, maybe?), or to remove Touko from the base in case I have to move somewhere and pack my figures up. Touko's base also came with a noticeable scuff on it right out of the box...
Enjoyment: 10!! 11?? I'm just happy Touko got a figure at all, to be honest!!! I know she's not really a popular protagonist, so I'm really happy that she got some love all the same ;; The character means a lot to me, so getting to have her on my desk alongside N feels amazing!! This is making me want to revisit my old Pokemon fics, haha...

Anyway, I'm definitely glad I bought her. Like with May, I pretty much decided on preordering her the second she was announced haha... And I don't regret it! If you're a fan of Touko but weren't sure whether to add Koto's figure to your collection--imo she's totally worth it!!

Usually this is where I put a figure or two I'm looking forward to from this series/line, but..... I'm still waiting on Dawn, Koto.... when're you gonna announce Dawn............ (Dawn, May, and Touko are my favorite protags; I don't think I'll be buying the other girls in this line haha). I was also kinda hoping they'd make one of Crys, but that'll be a cold day in hell.

Anyway, if you made it this far--thanks for reading!!

My next review will probably come at the end of April/start of May, when ITEM #464625 comes out... pray for no delays, and also for my wallet. I hope I can get a proper display case and clear some space on my desk before jiji comes home orz
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Dharkan2 года назад#32443578Great review!
And I'm pretty sure they are pockets.

Time to get you some new shorts, girl!
2 года назад
I adore Touko, if I could afford ( more like I don`t wanna pay those customs bandits 30% of a scale figure) she would be my only Pokemon franchise figure X3 Great review and love the figure too!
2 года назад
Great review!

And I'm pretty sure they are pockets.
2 года назад
Great review!
2 года назад
Jol2 года назад#32431371Oh no, I wasn't hating on the character or your review. I was just imitiating her facial expression. She looks so fierce.

Oh, I'm so glad!! Sorry for the misunderstanding ;-; (there's been so many hate comments on her page the last few months, I had to be prepared for anything haha)

But yes, she is very fierce!!
2 года назад
Jol2 года назад#32376388>:c

Oh no, I wasn't hating on the character or your review. I was just imitating her facial expression. She looks so fierce.
2 года назад
OmegaForte2 года назад#32393239Great review!
This review got me all excited about my order coming in a few weeks! (Slow shipping, rip)

moonstarfc2 года назад#32388028Touko turned out really nice, I can't wait until mine comes in the mail! Nice review!
Thank you both!! I hope she reaches you safely! >u<b

BVibes2 года назад#32383406Awesome review!
I would be happy if they also make Touya/Kyouhei. And N of course but I fear they won't. As far as the future of this line goes, I'm looking forward to Green going up for pre-order to go with Red. Lots of people are asking for Dawn, I would be surprised if she doesn't get one.

God if they made N I would die a happy fangirl lmao... but I know better than to put stock in that hope. (which is what I said 5 years ago, and then Banpresto announced their N, so... anything's possible!)

I would also be surprised if Dawn didn't get one; IIRC she's pretty popular? I'd love it if they picked her Platinum outfit but honestly I'd buy either of them *u*

Solarstormflare2 года назад#32376279Lovely review! I enjoy pokemon a lot but hadn't really had a close look at this line. Very nice, I'm happy for you!
Thank you! I definitely recommend checking out the rest of this line if you're into Pokemon; imo they're some of the highest-quality figures for this franchise!

Jol2 года назад#32376388>:c
[edit: the misunderstanding has been resolved!]
2 года назад
Great review!

This review got me all excited about my order coming in a few weeks! (Slow shipping, rip)
2 года назад
Touko turned out really nice, I can't wait until mine comes in the mail! Nice review!
2 года назад
Awesome review! I also love Pokemon Black and White. It was tough choosing between Touko and Mei for pre-order, but I still hope to get Touko one day (hoping she stays in the same price range as aftermarket Mei). I also wish one of them came with Oshawatt as that was my favorite starter.

I would be happy if they also make Touya/Kyouhei. And N of course but I fear they won't. As far as the future of this line goes, I'm looking forward to Green going up for pre-order to go with Red. Lots of people are asking for Dawn, I would be surprised if she doesn't get one.
2 года назад
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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