Mar. Loot ~Dragged back into Fate hell: Where it all began~Mar. Loot ~Dragged back into Fate hell: Where it all began~Loot

Majikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin2 года назад
March Loot
~ Dragged back into Fate hell: Where it all began ~

Hello darkness my old friend…
Or you know I’ve been dragged back into Fate hell thanks to this sexy bitch:
A quick bit of info about yours truly:
Majikaru-Rin: Otaku Origin Story
Back in 2008 I stumbled upon the anime Fate/Stay Night by pure accident. I didn’t even know what the word ‘anime’ even really meant and thought ‘this looks interesting I’ll watch it.’ One thing led to another and I’ve been a full blown Otaku ever since.
The Fate franchise has always been very nostalgic to me for that reason. It’s the reason I’m an otaku and collect figures but for a while there after watching Fate/Zero I left it alone and was no longer interested in all the new games/anime coming out…
And then last month after WonFes I randomly decided to check out the new Fate figures and was introduced to Mordred who proved to be literally everything I love in a female anime character. I was doomed before I even started watching Fate/Apocrypha.

So begins the start of a beautiful obsession and an impending Mordred figure shrine ala Angela Balzac style. There’s also another special Servant who I have a lot of feelings and thoughts about that will be getting a figure shrine too. I’ll keep their identity a secret for now, so read on to find out who they are!
This month there was also plenty of Cinnabar and Padparadscha merchandise entering my collection too.
This loot post is a little text heavy in some parts as I delve into more of my ‘Otaku Origins’ as it were, so be aware.
Now, onward to the loot!
The first arrivals of the month came from OtakuRepublic and FromJapan.
A package from OtakuRepublic can only mean one thing…
Doujinshi! This time featuring PapaRuchi (or RutiPad as I’m becoming aware it’s called in ‘English’)!
Padparadscha/Rutile are definitely my Houseki no Kuni OTP. Although we don’t get to see them interact much in the series I love their dynamic together. I’m so excited to read this as there isn’t a hell of a lot of HnK doujinshi out there, especially featuring these two together.
FromJapan got me covered once again when it comes to Houseki no Kuni merch.
Most of this is limited edition goods but there’s also the second standard rubber strap set.
These lovelies have been sent out to their new home which leaves, of course…
My precious gem~ <3
Padparadscha’s rubber strap looks giant next to Rutile and Cinnabar’s because of their hair XD
Moving right along to the Kuji items I was able to get.
First up, the chibi postcard set.



They’re all suitably sparkly and pretty.
The OTPs only piece of merchandise together :’)
I’ll be framing this one and possibly the Cinnabar and Phos one.
Okay, enough Pad spam.
I love this Cinnabar strap!
It’s really pretty with the stained glass effect, it’s probably my favourite Cinnabar strap at the moment actually. It took a bit of waiting for individuals of these to start showing up and I’m glad I didn’t give up looking. I only wish they’d have made Padparadscha one </3
This strap is from the HnK x Karaoke no Tetsujin collab. It’s actually made out of a soft vinyl type material. I quite like it!
There’s also a Padparadscha one as well but I’ve yet to be able to find one. Curses!
I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get this super cute Cinnabar acrylic stand but as luck would have it, one popped up for individual sale at last! It’s so little and adorable~
Also arriving this month was a box from AmiAmi.
The entire HnK acrylic badge set.
RIP Wallet.
A lot of unpacking later and they were all free!
I will be keeping all of these cuties and hopefully displaying them…somehow. I haven’t figured that part out yet.

Cin and Pad will of course be going on their future ItaBags. Rutile will also be joining Padparadscha on the bag to keep watch over them.
Also in the box…
The first figure in what will be a Mordred figure shrine, and so it begins…
I picked up Mordred from AmiAmi’s preowned section A/B so I had my fingers crossed she wouldn’t be damaged as I’ve heard a few horror stories of people receiving her broken.
No damage and no sign of any paint imperfections/transfers! Thank goodness.
She looks so great, I’m really happy to have her as my first Mordred figure :)
It’s been a while since I’ve ordered/received a scale with a dynamic pose and intricate design so I found myself just staring at her for some time before I even took any photos of her X’D
Phat have redeemed themselves in my books now that’s for sure. I was a little bitter that ITEM #287724 didn’t turn out quite as nice as her prototype so I’m glad to see Mordred doesn’t disappoint.
I personally think they did a really great job with her face. That facial expression could have turned out so bad but Phat have somehow made it work.
~ More Photos Under The Spoiler ~
Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/03/09/1940321.png




Quite some time later a box of impulse buys arrived from Mandarake.
Madoka figures!
These are actually my first ‘scale’ figures of this cutie. I stumbled upon both of them randomly while browsing Mandarake. I’ve always thought their designs were really cute and when I saw them for such low prices I couldn’t resist.
For a prize figure she’s really high quality in terms of painting and sculpting.

I really like her face in particular, I feel like it’s very true to the anime’s original style. She’s just such a soft, happy figure I can’t help but smile when I look at her.
First of all, I’m still baffled as to why this girls release price as so expensive. Limited/exclusive be damned there is no way I would have paid retail price for her.
That being said, I really like her a lot!

Nicely painted and well sculpted; her base isn’t plain black and boring so that’s always a plus.
Part 1 of another OtakuRepublic order arrived sometime later.
I was introduced to BOOTH by a fellow MFC user and since Padparadscha hasn’t been getting a lot of official merchandise…
I cracked and bought doujin goods X’D
Fffff- I love this acrylic stand so much! It’s just perfection, good quality and a nice size too. I still can’t stop staring at it.
Pad’s first acrylic stand, unofficial though it may be. I’m still a proud fangirl :’)
I’m actually scheming to make my own Padparadscha acrylic stands, still need to decide on a design though.
Padparadscha with cat ears on a love heart shaped badge? Yes please!
I couldn’t resist ordering this cute little badge. I say little but it’s actually much larger than I thought it would be. It’s also got glitter in a few sections of Pad’s hair so that’s a nice touch as well.
The artist also sent this adorable drawing of Padparadscha as a thank you and I just love it! I was really taken aback and chuffed when I saw it, it was such a nice thing to do on the creator’s part. I think I might just need to frame it and put it with my other Padparadscha things~ <3
A few days later my trusty sidekicks FromJapan have delivered once again with this little haul.
First things first, the badges!
Bought obviously only for the Padparadscha badge XD I’ll be trying to sell the others.
With this I have almost all the official Padparadscha merchandise.
*Insert super villain laugh here*
Moving right along, the identity of the other Servant very dear to my heart can now be revealed!
~ Scathach ~
Where do I even begin my somewhat strange tale as to why I love this character so much…
The tale begins back in 2008 after I had first discovered Fate/Stay Night and became an otaku. As with many of us when we were teenagers first into anime it was my “Weabo Faze”. You know the type, writing tacky fanfiction and creating OCs like no tomorrow. Thankfully most of my god awful writing of the time never made it to the internet. However there was always one concept in particular that never made the light of day and still periodically entered my mind.
A Fate franchise adaptation of Scathach.
I had looked up the legend thanks Stay Night Lancer, Cu and thought ‘Yep. Gonna make an anime version of Scathach.’
The strange part of this whole story? My design for Scathach consisted of long dark red/brown hair, red eyes and black body suit.
So when I first saw the official design of Scathach many years later I literally couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was like Type Moon looked into my mind and designed her, the resemblance was that uncanny. I was so ridiculously excited it wasn’t even funny; the character I’d dreamed of for so long had appeared and she was exactly how I had envisioned.
I actually avoided looking at any of her figures/merchandise initially because I knew once I did there’d be no going back and I’d want “All The Things”. I cracked this year after being dragged back into Fate Hell by Mordred and looked at the figures Scathach currently has. Needless to say I’ve pre-ordered all her available figures and am tracking down her previously released ones as well.

Rambling aside, let’s check out my first two Scathach items!
Starting with the Nendoroid which; as suspected, is adorable and beautiful at the same time.
I got her during a sale FJ was having so she ended up being a really good price.

GSC did a great job on her, I’m particularly enamoured with how they sculpted her hair; specifically her bangs.
~More Photos Under The Spoiler~
Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/04/07/1957275.png



Now to open that glorious Comiket 92 exclusive tapestry.

#Perfection #Blessed
Amiright? XD
I love, love this tapestry! It’s just so gorgeous, Scathach is drawn so beautifully here. It’s easily become one of my favourite tapestries that I own.
I recently rearranged my room and Scathach has taken pride of place above my bed.
Surrounded by all my Best Boys and Girls~ <3
That about wraps up this months haul of goodies. Next month will probably be a quieter month as far as orders go so April and May’s loot might be combined into one post, we shall see. There’s still a lot of Scathach and Padparadscha merchandise that calls to me.
Until next loot post guys!
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pacificrimming2 года назад#32305054Since you have BOOTH stuff, have you heard of etsy/storenvy/tictail? They're kind of like BOOTH in that they have a lot of fan goods, except they're for (mostly) non-Japanese artists. There's some nice HNK stuff there!!
Also very jelly of your Pad stuff, they're so great <3 Please post pics of your itabags when they're done! And I like your room!

I have heard of them! I've used Etsy for purchases for my other hobbies (clothes for my Ball Jointed Dolls) I didn't know people sold fan goods on there too, I'll have to have a look, the more HNK merchandise the merrier :D

Haha~ it's remarkably hard to get a hold of Pad merch since there isn't much of it TuT Hopefully there will be more of it in the future! I definitely will post pics, I actually just received the bags a few days ago! They still need some straps and badges to fill them up but things are looking good so far. And thank you, glad you like my room set up :)
2 года назад
Since you have BOOTH stuff, have you heard of etsy/storenvy/tictail? They're kind of like BOOTH in that they have a lot of fan goods, except they're for (mostly) non-Japanese artists. There's some nice HNK stuff there!!

Also very jelly of your Pad stuff, they're so great <3 Please post pics of your itabags when they're done! And I like your room!
2 года назад
Atarisilver2 года назад#32248981Nice loot! What is BOOTH btw? Seems interesting.
Thanks! :D From what I gather BOOTH is very similar to Toranoana, people sell their Doujinshi, fan made keychains/badges/bags/etc. but it's linked to (owned by?) Pixiv. There's some really nice and interesting stuff on there.
2 года назад
Nice loot! What is BOOTH btw? Seems interesting.
2 года назад
ageha092 года назад#32239453Great post! Love your room set up. Nerdy and cozy is the best. ^_^
Haha~ Thank you! My rooms not the biggest but somehow I've made it work :D
ptitange232 года назад#32240112Beautiful collection !! And good animes !!! ;D Perfect choice for me !! ^^
You are lucky !!! *o*

Thanks! I tend to like a bit of everything with anime, but the ones I buy figures/merch of are definitely my favourites.
toguchin2 года назад#32242363You never really leave Fate hell, I say as I'm constantly in Cu Chulainn hell.
Cu Chulainn Alter coming to FGO in NA servers has brought me back to the game single handedly.

That is very true, I've always been a Rin Tohsaka fan and have never really stopped so I guess I might have just been dragged deeper into Fate hell X'D lol
Hopefully Cu gets more figures in the future! He always seems to get left out TuT
hicks162 года назад#32242902I'm always looking forward to your hauls every month and your room looks so nice and organized! I wish I had the space to display all my goods OTL
Why thank you! I'm glad people enjoy my monthly hauls :D I try to keep my room organised because I have limited space; mess is not an option XD lol I do have a few figures packed away due to lack of space but I'm honestly considering selling some of them now and just keeping the ones I really want back on display.
2 года назад
I'm always looking forward to your hauls every month and your room looks so nice and organized! I wish I had the space to display all my goods OTL
2 года назад
You never really leave Fate hell, I say as I'm constantly in Cu Chulainn hell.

Cu Chulainn Alter coming to FGO in NA servers has brought me back to the game single handedly.
2 года назад
Beautiful collection !! And good animes !!! ;D Perfect choice for me !! ^^
You are lucky !!! *o*
2 года назад
Great post! Love your room set up. Nerdy and cozy is the best. ^_^
2 года назад
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