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oh this made it onto readers' selection n i c e

ok myfigurecollection you keep deleting my blog post when I'm still in the middle of writing it I am not ok

NOTE: I've never attempted to take good pictures of figures and I don't have a lot of tools to take nice high-quality photos. Brace yourself for terrible lighting and angles. Also, this is mostly just prize figures and Nendoroids. No exciting scale figures here, sorry :^( Also sorry for my bad English - no, I'm not foreign or anything, I just talk really stupid l o l ALSO lots of big(ish) images!!

Welcome to my first loot post! I've been collecting since late June 2017. The only figure I've had prior to June was the Kei Tsukishima Nendoroid (I wasn't planning to get any more, but look how that turned out). Anyways, I've been slowly building my collection and kept them all boxed up in my closet. I wanted to open and display them once I moved houses (that finally happened in mid-October). It was fun to open everything all at once after having them put away for so long.

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The first Nendoroid that kicked off my hobby was the Umaru-chan Nendoroid from Himouto! Umaru-chan. (ITEM #287774) I got her from a friend (SkyeNeedsALife) for an insanely good price considering the aftermarket prices at the time.
I love Umaru, and I'm looking forward to getting the Ebina one that's coming out soon! I haven't started the new season yet tho haha I'm a fake fan

Next up is a Racing Miku 2016 prize figure from Banpresto (ITEM #440643). I really like Racing Miku 2016's design and this figure was a good way to save money yet still get a nice looking figure with a good paint job.

Next we have the Kaito Nendoroid! (ITEM #5082) I also bought this from SkyeNeedsALife for a good price. https://pre00.deviantart.net/27f7/th/pre/i/2017/306/1/9/untitled_by_cremareo-dbsk1ge.jpg


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I bought these two prize figures by Sega (ITEM #363721 and ITEM #363720). Did I mention I really like the Kagamine twins hahah anyways
I really like the song too so this was a good grab

Next are the Kagamine Nendoroids (ITEM #1009 and ITEM #1008). My friend Tokariya attended AX 2017 and managed to get Len for me, while I bought Rin from SkyeNeedsALife. https://pre00.deviantart.net/cfba/th/pre/i/2017/306/4/0/untitled_by_cremareo-dbsk1gk.jpg
I also just want to mention how hard it was to put Len together - all his arms and legs wouldn't cooperate hhhh

tbh I was the most excited for the Naruto Nendoroid. It was already released by the time I got him, and I was lucky enough to get the last one on AmiAmi before they hiked up the prices oof
I was only planning to get Naruto and Kakashi (my favorites), but then GSC announced Sakura and I felt obligated to get everyone in Team 7 (heck you GSC)
(ITEM #455376 and ITEM #455377)


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Now here's my second favorite character in Haikyuu!! I bought Hinata Shoyo (ITEM #248117) from frostwonderland (I recommend this seller by the way :^)c )
Here he is next to Tsukishima (ALSO stupid note but I'm not a yaoi fan but I HIGHKEY ship these two sorry)

Moving on to Snow Miku 2015. (ITEM #211405) I'm surprised so many people dislike this design. It's my personal favorite out of all the Snow Mikus, so I went ahead and bought her from heekyunggx3 (I also recommend this seller).
I don't even know if I posed her right but this works I guess :^)

Another Racing Miku 2016 from Banpresto! This is probably my favorite prize figure tbh (ITEM #504814) I really like the colors and pose,,, and it's pretty high quality considering it's just a prize.


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Oh boy another Miku prize! It's probably my second favorite prize figure. (ITEM #440687) This Miku is pretty dang large and has an almost flawless paint and sculpt. And it's cute l o l
I didn't expect the box to be so big hahasjjds

Here are some more Kagamine prize figures from SEGA. (ITEM #198717 and ITEM #198719) I should have gotten these sooner but I procrastinated haha

I also received the Kakashi Nendoroid this month from AmiAmi! (ITEM #455378)
I love him

And here we have MORE of the Kagamine twins -- this time it’s their Append Ver. (ITEM #136453 and ITEM #136452) I bought them from a nice seller in the Nendoroid Buy/Trade/Sell group on Facebook :^) I’m still looking for Append Miku for a good price wink wink nudge nudge


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I preordered this Banpresto Zoro prize figure from AmiAmi! (ITEM #543004) Definitely worth it :^)

Jyushimatsu is my second favorite Matsuno brother, so I bought him from valentino! (Recommended seller!) Karamatsu is my top Matsuno but his prices right now are too much for me :^(
hustle hustle muscle muscle (ITEM #396965)

I bought Eren from Attack on Titan from SkyeNeedsALife! (ITEM #166924) He's my favorite character in AOT and I'm considering buying Mikasa as well
I have no idea how to put the 3DMG on him so he'll just stay like that for now LOL

When I saw the Ryuko Matoi Nendoroid was up for preorder on AmiAmi in June, that kind of sparked my whole descent into anime figure hell HAHA (ITEM #197993) She finally arrived in October!
my wife

finally, we have another prize figure of Miku. This is the Winter Clothes Ver. (ITEM #443408) I've been meaning to get her for a while but only got her from Preowned Amiami last month.
prize figures saved my life guys

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Amiami cards (?) idk what they're called

These are all presents from my friends! The keychains/straps and pins were blind so unfortunately I didn't get my favorite characters but holy moly I still love these sm :^) also Chopper Pop

Another gift from a friend :^0

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Also purchased these but I'm selling them, so I didn't include them with the others !! (FamilyMart Kagamine Twins are on hold tho)

Thanks for reading this mess of a blog post! Writing this took longer than I expected and now I'm tired hahahsksjkl

My Miku 2.0 Nendoroid and another Zoro prize figure are on their way so maybe I can do a review (?) not sure though bc I suck at doing reviews

Have a good day/night everyone !!

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All very nice, thanks for a beefy loot post!
2 года назад
Wow, those prize figures are amazing!
2 года назад
nice loot, i guess you are into vocaloid aswell XD
2 года назад
I've considered buying them but I'm a bit too late since I heard about them after they released :^( don't know where I can buy them now

Thanks for the comment!

rubyserpent_7202 года назад#28089380Nice loot and thanks for sharing! If you like Kagamine twins, have you seen their harvest moon version? ITEM #549380 ITEM #549377
2 года назад
Nice loot and thanks for sharing! If you like Kagamine twins, have you seen their harvest moon version? ITEM #549380 ITEM #549377
2 года назад
If it interest you, Kara and Ichi Nendo are here for sale for at least 50$ (excluding shipping)
2 года назад
Bringing the hobby to your door.

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