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Scary Situation for Halloween :3Scary Situation for Halloween :3

yurirainbowzyurirainbowz1 год назадAsk MFC
You have to destroy all of your figures, you can only keep one. Which is it?
Think Fast!
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sarunamirabu is married to Ookurikara
> implying that I have to destroy husbando figures because he has more than one figure

I'm going to destroy myself
1 год назад
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Reading these have been so fun x3

This was truly evil and hypocritical as I could not bare the horror myself. I wouldn't be able to even even choose just one, let alone willfully destroy figures.. xDD
However the close competitors would be Koto's Kaneki Ken, RAH L (death note), and Play Arts Kai Ichigo..but i love all my others too ;n; That doesn't even count my beloved pre-order (my very first 1/4 scale polystone statue from my favorite series of all time)
1 год назад
Rajke Ca fanatic
ITEM #5780
With a question like this that triggers scary things on Halloween, is just the same as asking for a bigger horror scenario. Let's hope nobody ever has to made some cruel choice.
Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерWith some twisted feelings i open the lock of my shelf.
"You can only choose one." These words are burning in my mind. Which one would i choose? I know that when i put my arm with a figure in my hand out of the shelf everything else will burn to the ground. Shall i cheat and try to get one more out of the shelf with my left hand? The risk of doing that is high. I would end up with wounds on my hands and with no figure at all. "Time is running out. You have to think fast!" Think fast he says. This feeling. Like there is something sharp pointing in my chest that makes me want to puke. It feels like whatever choice i made it definately is the wrong one. I look on my invisable watch. There are only two minutes left. Well this would be a Halloween to remember. Would this evening be different if i handed out those special 'Rainbow Z' candybars to the children that knocked on the door today? It isn't the time to think about that. I still have that unfair and very hard choice to made. 'You got 15 seconds left!' Without thinking i grab the figure out of the shelf that is for me the main reason why i started collecting. With a feeling of anger and despair at the same time i looked back to what i called my collection.
1 год назад
XD It's nearly impossible to choose but I would choose my Sayaka Azone 1/3 Scale Doll: ITEM #144398
1 год назад
Honestly my first thought were my ball-joint dolls. But they don't have entries here ^^;;

After that I'm drawing a blank... nothing in particular stands out...

Suddenly my collection seems so unnecessary.
1 год назад
Valestein3 Here with you to Knight

Saber 2.0, come here. Everyone else...

*lights up Caulk N Burn*
1 год назад
Kuromii Haikyuu nerdlord
My beloved Sheryl ITEM #144293
1 год назад
Looking back and forth between ITEM #236321 and ITEM #331693 I think I'd choose the latter, crying about all the figures I'd have to leave behind :o
1 год назад
My most precious grail item/166954#
1 год назад
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
marukawa (1 год назад) #27945246i'd rather save my doujinshi. QAQ/
This is the correct answer.
1 год назад
My Senjou RAH is my entire life but ITEM #26116 simply because she was the first scale I'd ever owned!
1 год назад
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