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Doh the stupidity

Ok I am not an expert when it comes to buying things on auction sites. Usually I might look and not even bother bidding on items. I have for the longest of time had a recall display page for Rosario+ Vampire on E-bay. Most of the time its items that I already have that surface when picked by E-bay for this e-mail notifications.

In the last 2 weeks I have had some of those 3 D tea cups pop up at a decent price. Last week I placed my first bid on a Miss Nekanome cup.


I never even thought to look when the auction ended. I woke up one more in to find out that I had lost the auction by 50 cents. That cup would have been a bargain at $ 5.75 US. So when I saw the Kurumu cup up for grabs at $14.99 US I placed my bid @ 50 Cents more and was top dog till close to the end of the auction.


This time I made sure that I was on the ball and that I knew when the auction was going to end.

So here we are almost midnight. Way later then what I usually go to bed at. ( I work in a hospital and have to get up very early to get to work in the physiotherapy department so midnight on a work day is a lot.)

I go to my e-mails and click the link to the item that I was bidding on. There is the Kuramu coffee cup And I am still winning the auction. Then someone placed another 50 cent bid so I am loosing the item but I still have 5 minutes till the end of the auction. I plan ahead I write in the place bid box and my bid is 50 cents over the current one. I now lay in wait to see if someone else places a bid. 1 minute left no bids past $15.99 10 seconds left 5 4 3 two hit the place bit button. $ Yatta !!!! my $16.49 bit....

I am redirected to please log into your account.

Noooooooo !!!

Oh god I have only ever used e-bay 4 times and its been awhile since that time. remember earlier in the article I said I had gone to my e-mail and clicked the link to my item I was bidding on. Well low and behold I did not know I was not logged in to my account. It said on the top that I was winning the auction when I clicked the link. I say the 50 cents get added to the item and I was even able to set up my counter bid all while being not logged in. Had I not been able to prep my counter offer I would have figured something was wrong and I would have gone to my log in page before the end of the auction instead of thinking that this time I was going to win.

So here I am without the Kuramu cup that I really needed to finalize the collection. And at a price of $ 16.50 US I was willing to get it for that price. Most times I see that cup @ 31 - 40 $ US.

So note to self Log into your account when you want to place a bid on an Item. Please tell me some of your stories of goofs that you did when wanting to purchase items for this hobby.

I look forward to comments below. And yes if you want to call me a goof then go ahead. I learned my lesson now. It's all about learning in life. The day you stop learning is the day you die.

= )

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Tiamat262 года назад#27486331I am redirected to please log into your account.

I actually got angry when I read that, I don't know what is up with eBay, but that notification (and having to log in again) happens to me so much when I list new items for sale (while I'm in the middle of listing things). It's so frustrating!!!

*cough* But anyway, I'm glad your story had a good ending for at least one of the two items! :)

My own horror-bidding-story was when I was interested in this pretty rare item that normally goes for 6K yen and up. I had a bid set down for 7K on it, went to bed. Next morning I woke up and it was sold for 1200 yen to someone else. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-

I have no clue if it was my own mistake, the fault of the proxy website or the fault of the auction website but I was furious and disappointed at the same time! >.<
2 года назад
Thank you everyone for sharing your stories an for reading the blog

= )

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When I used to take the bus to work I was outbid by 5 cents on a Baloo pop! figure because my data was going slow. Last month I was about to win a vintage PeeWee's Playhouse set, dolls and everything included, the bid was at $55.35, some asshole bid $120 in the last 30 seconds.
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I did something really dumb a long time ago on Yahoo Japan auction. I kept bidding on a rarely listed item, but the item wasn't an expensive thing to manufacture. But I was so crazy to actually FIND it that I didn't quite realize who I was bidding against.

It was an account meant soley for jacking up the price. It had like -16 feedback. It won the auction and I was SO SAD. but then the winner or seller must have canceled their bid so I did win...

...a postcard for $40... plus deputy fees... OTZ


Actually this happened again when I went to bid on some DMMd plush there. BUT THIS TIME I DIDN'T FALL FOR IT. RAAAAH! oh and I won the item since no one wanted it. Basically got it for retail cost, but the damn thing wasn't ever for sale on sites like Amiami, so yeah.

I felt soooooo dumb over that for awhile. Told myself, its ok! You know now to be more attentive! And I did get the art thing I wanted.
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Oh yeah i dislike losing by a few dollars or less by someone who is watching closely at the last few seconds (which is the way to go i have found). I always put in the very highest bid i would pay in the last 7 seconds or so, usually it is below what i expected so it works well unless someone is going super hard. Honestly i also put a high bid on if i have to go to sleep, again highest i would pay and not be like what was i thinking, and usually people back off not expecting that and i get it for a decent price. Just my experience. As far as signing in, I can feel your frustration!, but like you said you learned from it, and can happen to anyone who thinks they are logged in but not, happens a lot. Well, there is my story..... not sure how good it was but hope it helped you feel better, somehow? Don't feel silly about it basically. It happens. Best of luck on finding the cups/mugs! No fun when good deals get away for sure lol i can relate!
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When you lost an auction, you lost always by 50 cents or a dollar cause it's the automatism that outbid you by the minimum possible. This make feel the thing more frustrating "NGGGGR just by 50 centsssss argh!" XD

But in reality...

For example if you're winning with a bid of 20$ and I'm crazy and bid at the last 10 seconds for 100$ and no one else do anything, I'll win the item for 20.50$.
If you rebid for 30$, automatically I'm the winner for 30.50$ until you bid for 101$
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Tiamat262 года назад#27451472That almost makes this process feel cheapened somehow. Where is the fun in placing bids on an action if the next guy does it all automatically. I guess I am to old school for these modern processes.
There is no fun in that then as if I had not screwed up and the bid had been placed then a counter could have been made at the very last second.
Bah now this is discouraging for future auctions.
= /

The fun is in not missing sleep instead of having to spend the entire day tired when you wake up.
2 года назад
denpaloli otaku keyboard warrior
aaah! sorry to hear about that :( i've lost auctions by a single dollar ...it really isn't a fun feeling isn't it?
2 года назад
ive fallen asleep multiple times before when i was bidding on things, i was bidding on ITEM #350209 and lost by a dollar. the bid didnt go very high (i think it ended at 8 dollars) and its rather expensive everywhere else. so that was one of my biggest ebay goofs

my other goofs would just be me getting lost in the moment and overpaying on a stupid prize figure that i end up wanting to sell within a few months
2 года назад
Tiamat262 года назад#27451472There is no fun in that then as if I had not screwed up and the bid had been placed then a counter could have been made at the very last second.
You can still be outbid at the last second, but since you already put in the maximum amount you wanted to spend, it doesn't matter. This makes it much easier for the person with the most interest in an item to win it without having to micromanage.

Even so, I still get nervous during the last few minutes of an auction. I prefer buy it now to avoid the stress ^^;
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