One second in time - starting Yuki Asuna

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So you want to buy a KoB Asuna from Sword Art Online. Now more than ever you can almost get one second of animation with the following SAO Aincrad Asuna figures

Volks (ITEM #128225)
Banpresto (ITEM #602217)
Ascii Media Works/ Embrace Japan (ITEM #161958 /)
Griffon Enterprises (ITEM #169822)
Heroine Koubou Tanpopo (ITEM #172251)
Banpresto S2 (ITEM #261953)
Alter (ITEM #603639)
Sega (ITEM #581558)
Kotobukiya (ITEM #126835)
Orca (ITEM #331616)
Good Smile Company (ITEM #166904)
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Oh my gosh, this is hilarious. I haven't watched SAO so I never kept up with her figures but they're ... they're all the same!
9 дней назад
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can someone please make a gif of all these figures at rapid speed..thank u in advance LOL
9 дней назад
Hahahahaha you are so right. Going to try it with her figma.
9 дней назад
Hahahahaha oh man, this is good xD 11FPS!
9 дней назад
ORCA !!! She's amazing, I think !!!! *o*
9 дней назад
No you can't really get animation out of them (raised leg changes etc), but yeah they are way too similar.
9 дней назад
Yowenflury (9 дней назад) #25853698Sorry, i didn't quite understand the purpose of this thread.

looks slightly like an animation of her thrusting her weapon if you just mouse over them but skip the Griffon, alter, kotobukiya, and goodsmile.
9 дней назад
Like half of them are in really similar poses.
9 дней назад
Sorry, i didn't quite understand the purpose of this thread.
9 дней назад
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