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June LootJune Loot

tapiocaqueentapiocaqueen1 год назадLoot
This was one of my orders from FromJapan and they are from the Pokemon Look upon the Stars collection. I bought an eco bag, a notebook and two acrylic charms. I wanted to get the pouch but it was already sold out.

I wanted to get Pikachu but I'm glad that I didn't get a double. I want to get more eventually.

Another order from FromJapan were these two WEGO bags. They were on sale and I had to get them. I like the colors of both bags.

The buttons were from ebay and the reason I bought them was because I had an ebay coupon.

These are the Yuri on Ice items that I bought on amiami. The plushes are adorable and my favorite strap is the katsudon strap.

I'm so happy that I finally have the Sasuke nendoroid. Ryoma looks so cute with his blush.

I want to see nendoroids of Sakura, Neji and Itachi.

I bought Misaki when he was on sale on HLJ. I missed out on getting Saruhiko but I will eventually get him.

The Ten Count charms are adorable. I want to display them.

Misaki looks amazing but his eyepatch head fits a bit loose.

Thanks for reading.
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Very nice loot! I love the ten count charms and the sasuke nendo is super cute too!
1 год назад
The yoi pieces are so cute! They did announce nendoroids for Sakura ajd Itachi about a week ago, I'm pretty excited for Itachi
1 год назад
Great loot post! I love all of the galaxy/star themed items and super jealous of your two WEGO bags! ^^ They are super gorgeous, I might look into getting one myself ~ Thanks for sharing!♡
1 год назад
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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