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#figurephotochallenge: Open Challenge

One more open challenge, one more month gone by. Time flies doesn't it? For this challenge, share with us whatever you like, and if you have a topic in mind, be sure to mention it so that we can use it in a future challenge :).


As always, get creative, have fun, and tag it with the new #figurephotochallenge!

And be sure let us know if you participate by dropping off the photo to the community.

This month, we're trying out a Ripple Event for our monthly event, be sure to go check it out: goo.gl/2xRV4z



Deadline: Sunday 11:59pm NUT

Photo Credit: Alvis and Lavie shot by SUNNN.
Photo Note: Something nice and serene about just watching life go by. I wonder where this was shot?

If you want to see some of the previous challenges, you can check out the Figure Photography Challenge Archive.

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