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[Database] Adding an item without a code/tag/identification

maekawasanmaekawasan9 месяцев назадAsk MFC
I'm having a little issue here and I hope you can help me solving it.

The thing is that I got a limited edition drama CD. It wasn't sold in any stores, so there's no identification, code or tag for it. Should I upload it even in this case?

Also, I'm sorry if I created this thread in the wrong place. It's my first time asking for help here in MFC. Please, be gentle.
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Drama CDs fall under media and media items must have a JAN/Catalog code on their database entries to be added (Doujinshi are the exception though.). It seems like your drama CD could be bundled with a game or something so it can't be split from the main media (a game etc. that has their own JAN/catalog code) either.

Just to add on, if you need help for identifying origins of items, you can ask in CLUB #99 too. :)
9 месяцев назад
It's fine if it doesn't have any product code in it. You just gotta note down where it came from/what it came with and a link to the official japanese site that mentions the drama cd. Don't forget to put in the origin, company, voice actors, date of release, no. of tracks, etc.
9 месяцев назад
Database questions are best asked in the Database Managers club CLUB #828
9 месяцев назад
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