l0lil0li3 года назад
I recently see a lot of videos of Japanese people posting the contents of their lucky bags that are sold around new year. Like people getting computers for 2000 Yen, or this guy paying 3000 Yen for 100.000 Yen of merchandise:

It makes me a bit jealous, but I'm also curious how high or low the chances of something like this are. Has anyone of you been in Japan at this time and bought one? What did you get?

And is there any store that sells them online? I wouldn't mind paying 200€ shipping for a bag like the one in the video. I got a few ones from amiami but they are not sold only on new year, and they are crap nowadays. Used to be much better 1 or 2 years ago.
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I was super tempted to buy a few bags but I jut couldn't bring myself to hoard even more stuff. I thought the McDonald's bag en.rocketnews24... was adorable though but it's probably a good thing I never found one. I don't even eat McDonald's. D:
3 года назад
This person got an AmiAmi nendoroid lucky bag for 8000 JPY. www.youtube.com...

The first nendoroid in it was a freaking Halloween Miku!
3 года назад
lightningmaid 不思議な
I wish I could've gotten my hands on a Pokemon Center lucky bag, they were only 3k (or 4k) and there are so many plushies in them! I totally forgot about this event and they were already sold out on the website.
3 года назад
I bought two from amiami and they were very much a disappointment. I'd always looked at the ones in the shops while I was in Japan, but the ones I wanted the most were always super expensive. The one I wanted the most was 7000yen but didn't specify the value you were getting so I always hesitated. It was from a silver jewelry and leather products shop, nothing anime related. My friend worked at the shop and eventually told me they're sort of worth it, but mostly for the ladies fukubukuros. He said their fukubukuro bags marketed towards women were a better deal than the mens ones because all the womens ones included a leather purse valued between 5000-8000yen. All the mens wallets in the store were too high value to toss into a bag for so cheap, so the mens fukubukuro were a mix of random silver necklace bits and small leather items like keychains and coin pouches.
3 года назад
at least you will always need toilet paper
3 года назад
A fukubukuro's worth to a person depends entirely on the person's openess to new things or how much they like the shop's stuff imo. I managed to share a Pokemon Centre fukubukuro (total cost 4000yen) and there were like 7 plushes and a few mugs and keychains. The price of two plushes covered the cost of one bag and it was so worth it, I love pokemon plushies. I also managed to get a Fukubukuro from a clothing boutique I usually like but that one wasn't so worth it, partly because I ended up being too tall for the clothes (???) but also the clothes were so tacky I sold them to some tacky school girls locally.

Stuff in fukubukuro tend to be left overs the store couldnt sell (hence the ugly af clothes) but sometimes you can get really good stuff. I guess it depends on whether you're okay with that store's leftovers.
3 года назад
For less than 30 bucks I'd go ham on those, honestly. It had at least a dozen things I liked and 1 thing I really want hahaha.
3 года назад
They make for great Youtube vids, but honestly if you were to buy one for your own enjoyment you'd just end up with a load of useless merch that no one wanted.
Still a waste of money imo. The only "value" is in quantity, not quality.
3 года назад
On the one hand it's pretty cool to get a 100k worth items for 3000y but on the other hand it's a lot of stuff I don't need so I wouldn't buy it.
3 года назад
I'm more amazing they managed to fit all that stuff in one bag. It seems like Japanese Fukubukuro is pretty worth it :D
3 года назад
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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