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ReflexDinobusReflexDinobus4 года назад
Thanks again for all the positive feedback on my reviews so far! To see my past reviews; click here: users.v4.php?mo...

Oh wow...it feels like it's been FOREVER since I did a review!! O_O I want to do more all the time; but I've been a bit strapped for cash lately (that; and there hasn't been much coming out that I really wanted to buy; with my limited funds)...but FINALLY I got something new in! And it's one of my favorite characters from an anime I really like!

From the "Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! / Kono Suba" anime, this is Nendoroid Aqua (with bonus):

Each photo can be clicked on to give a full-size view of the image, even if the image itself doesn't display.

Here's her in the box:


As #630 in the Nendoroid figure series, Aqua is the latest in the ever-growing and increasingly popular Nendoroid figure series! Ironically; the last review I did 2 months ago was Aqua's full scale figure from Bell Fine; so it's nice to have her as a Nendoroid this time.

Like all Nendoroids, Aqua comes in the new standardized box. She's got most of her parts displayed in the window as well as the figure itself. It also has all of the normal information on it, like the series logo (in the top left corner), Good Smile Company (GSC)'s logo (top right corner), and of course the figure's name, number and image on the bottom.

There is also a GSC bonus with this release; which I will cover in more detail at the end of the review.

Back of the box:


Aqua is arguably the main heroine/girl in the anime, "Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!"; which is often abbreviated as "Kono Suba".

Just like the front of the box, the back has all of the usual information, logos and images that have become standard to Nendoroid figures recently. The background for Aqua's box is a very pretty blue with light blue and yellow circles around the images; perfect to contrast against her color scheme (hair and clothes).

She comes with a decent number of parts; so most of her poses and accessories are shown here on the back of the box (or on the sides).



Keeping up the standard (as it is now) of Figma and Nendoroid figures; Aqua's instructions are in both English and Japanese. The English is on one side, and the Japanese is on the other. It is the same on both sides, otherwise.

The instructions show all of her parts, including the standard how to change the face parts directions and how to brace the figure on the stand directions.

There are a few special parts with Aqua that are featured in the instructions, which are her fans and water spouts.



Aqua comes with a good number of parts; both for her body and accesories. Here's the list:

Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлер-- Aqua herself
-- Standard Nendoroid base with stand
-- Extra joint part
-- 2 alternate arms with closed fists (bent elbows)
-- 2 alternate arms without fists (bent elbows; slightly different angle)
-- 2 alternate faces
-- 1 alternate hand (for holding the staff; right hand only)
-- 1 alternate leg
-- Staff
-- 2 alternate hands with fans attached
-- 2 water spouts
-- Instructions

Also there is one more part, but it's not included in the plastic inner core. Instead this one is actually only available if you ordered the figure directly from Good Smile Company (during the pre-order period):


This extra part will be covered in more detail at the end of the review.

Out of the box:


Aqua comes ready to go out of the box once her protective plastic pieces have been taken off. She comes with her happy expression in place as well as extended arms. She is also wearing her Goddess outfit she always wears in the anime.

As with all Nendoroids; the arms, hands, and legs are interchangeable and very easy to swap out with other arms, hands and legs. The same holds true for the face and the base as well.

Base Attachment:


Aqua's base attaches like a normal Nendoroid base with a jointed peg; but this time it plugs into her back. There are many characters who have really long hair; and sometimes the plug is in their hair or even as a magnet (as with Nendoroid Black Gold Saw)...but this one goes into her back; meaning that it has to be bent below her hair in order to hold her. Once in place it does hold her well though.

Alternate Arms:


Aqua's arms are mostly just different angles for her arms to be bent in, with the same hands to use for all of them. There are a couple of alternate hands; but they are "weapon-specific".

That being the case, her bent arms have to use the same open hands from the straight arms in order to work for her. The arms come apart in 3 parts: The upper arm from the shoulder to the sleeve; the sleeve; and the hand.

With staff weapon:


Unfortunately I couldn't remember if the staff has a name (I couldn't find anything on it either); but this is one of Aqua's 'weapons' she uses in the anime (weapon is a loose term, as she's usually not very effective in combat).

She has to hold it with one hand; the extra hand part for her right hand. However, the staff can be placed against the open palm of the other hand to appear as though she's holding it with two hands.

Fan accessories:


Aqua comes with her main two accessories from the anime: A pair of fans. These are actually molded into the hand and are separate from the water spouts (that come out of them in the anime).

As such the fans can be used on their own; in order to be used in a more practical sense (such as in front of her face; like pictured).

With Water Spouts:


However, to be used in the actual way they are used in the anime, the water spouts need to be added. They are kind of difficult to attach because of how they are designed:


The water spouts are actually 2 parts; a spray jet and a base. Because of this, they can be turned in any direction once attached to the fans. However the base only connects one way: With a cut-in clip on the base. This can be somewhat difficult to slide onto the fan and get angled right. Also there might be an issue with long-term effects on the paint of the fan if repeatedly removed and put back on again.

Alternate Expression/Leg:


This is personally my favorite expression of her's, as it best shows how she is in the anime. This is one of her alternate faces; a laughing/mischievous grin expression.

This expression works best with her two other bent arms; the set that comes with the closed fists. As an added bonus, she comes with a bent leg as well...great for having her standing sadistically on top of something or someone (for illustrative purposes I used her staff).

Crying Expression:


Aqua comes with one final expression: A crying/distressed expression. As she often is like this in the anime; they did a really good choice for expressions for her to have with this figure.

NSFW Option:


Normally I would spoiler-tag something NSFW; but as this barely counts because of the size and overall lack of detail in this area; I won't bother with the tags this time.

Anyone who has seen the anime knows that Aqua is famous for having a very fanservice-filled backside; despite it being unclear if she actually wears panties in the anime or not.

Well; depending upon what figure you go by; she either does or doesn't. The Bell Fine figure of her (that I mentioned earlier in the review) DOES have panties; but this one DOESN'T!

It's kind of a bit hard to tell; so removing her skirt makes it easier to see:


By removing her skirt you can clearly see that she doesn't have any panties; and her butt is indeed nude under her skirt. Her skirt, by the way, is one solid piece; despite having a clear layer and a colored layer to it.

Good Smile Company Bonus:


As promised; the last item to mention is the Good Smile Company bonus that comes with Aqua! It comes in a sealed black bag; similar to previous GSC exclusive bonuses in the past.


Taken out of the bag; it's easy to see what it is: A special base! Anyone who knows the anime will recognize this as the cut-scene symbol (and overall symbol) used for the logo of the anime itself! It comes first in some bubble wrap...


...then in a small plastic bag; which is taped shut.


Lastly taking it out of the bag shows where the peg hole is for the base. This extra base is just a base though; it doesn't come with an extra stand for her...so the original base's stand has to be used with this base.

GSC Base; in use:


It's a nice bonus accessory; giving her something to make her a bit different from other Nendoroids (as all Nendoroids come with the standard base).



Just like all Nendoroids, Aqua is another really a great example of the kind of quality, detail and complexity expected from Good Smile Company with their Nendoroid figures. Very cute and accurate to the anime, she's really nice! Great accessories and posing options; she is quite fun!

There really aren't any negative aspects to this figure...at least nothing deal-breaking. The two bent elbows are almost identically bent, so it would have been nice to have at least one of them bent at a distinct angle. Also the GSC base could have included a stand of it's own too.

But overall this is a really great figure! Well worth picking up; with or without the GSC bonus. Now to wait for Megumin to come out and join her!

Recommended for everyone. Lots of play value and display value with a bunch of options.

Thanks for looking! Feel free to comment and I hope you enjoy the review! Be sure to check out the other reviews here: users.v4.php?mo...
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GSC Bonus


Nice review
4 года назад
Alpacala4 года назад#16611369Ah I was looking at other pictures of this nendo, and since I didn't watch the anime, I thought GSC dun goof and forgot to give her pantsu xD

It's easy to see how that might be the case; but GSC usually does a good job on their research. They did this with the Nendoroid Noel from Sora no Method figure as well (giving her NoPan); and that one was related to the source material...so I can only assume that would be the case here (though I can't be sure). In the manga Aqua has panties; but in the anime...maybe she doesn't. Who knows. XD

Thanks though Alpacala! Glad you liked the review!
4 года назад
Ah I was looking at other pictures of this nendo, and since I didn't watch the anime, I thought GSC dun goof and forgot to give her pantsu xD
4 года назад
Bah-Roo4 года назад#16596371NoPan confirmed!!! *throws confetti* That's the Aqua I know and love.
I'm kind of kicking myself for missing the order deadline for the GSC bonus, it's such a cute little extra.
I hope they don't stop at just Megumin, I need Darkness and Kazuma nendoroids too!
Great review :D

It would be nice if they made Darkness and Kazuma too; to complete the 4 member team for Kono Suba. ^^ Maybe even give a nice GSC bonus with one of them...have a base with 4 posts on it where you can put all 4 of them next to each other side-by-side on a single base! That would really be nice!

Thanks Bah-Roo! Glad you liked the review! ^^
4 года назад
Medzevil4 года назад#16594409I really hope they make a megumin Nendoroid as well

34d42c8d4 года назад#16595999ru.myfigurecoll...

I did include a link to it at the bottom of the review in my comments about the figure; but I guess it was easily missed. XD But yes, they are making a Megumin one as well. Should definitely be worth getting! I just hope she'll have a GSC bonus too; to make her fit in with Aqua's base. ^__^ Thanks Medzevil and 34d42c8d!
4 года назад
NoPan confirmed!!! *throws confetti* That's the Aqua I know and love.

I'm kind of kicking myself for missing the order deadline for the GSC bonus, it's such a cute little extra.

I hope they don't stop at just Megumin, I need Darkness and Kazuma nendoroids too!

Great review :D
4 года назад
Medzevil4 года назад#16594409I really hope they make a megumin Nendoroid as well
4 года назад
I really hope they make a megumin Nendoroid as well
4 года назад
Shimakaze694 года назад#16588103Hooray for NoPan! I love that special base too. Very cute!

Agreed!! ^___^ NoPan is the best with her! Glad GSC did that! And the special base is a really nice bonus too! Thank you so much, Shimakaze69!
4 года назад
Hooray for NoPan! I love that special base too. Very cute!
4 года назад
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