No Game No Life - Shiro 1/7 (Phat)No Game No Life - Shiro 1/7 (Phat)Review

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XarimaXarima4 года назад
Hello everybody! I kind of figured out the site. Now I slowly add the collection in its database. I decided to write a second blog, this old blog, but Shiro my favorite figure, could not pass.

Sorry for the English, if that. ))))

I have it back in January, pre-order, waited in February, and then moved to March forward in March, and now in April, waiting in April, it is believed that the last moved, but there are now in May ... I do not know what to do, or wait no, but I thought - "And what will moved again?" but not, this time in May figure out exactly.
So I finally bought it, my darling! Shiro of No game no life.

The figure is made by this art!

This is the first figure in my memory, where in addition to the main figures of inputs and four mini-figures that surprised me. True it has flaws, but it will tell step by step.
That figure itself is in full growth, an interesting idea, interesting design.


And her friends: Stephanie, Jibril, brother Sora and Izuna. Everyone paid attention, emotion, pug, it's nice to look at. Jibril plunged into the "magical world" Ipad. ))) Stephanie such Stephanie. Sora boss. Izuna ... well, I do not know, fantasize.


The ball in the palm of Shiro - Earth, one can see their big goals. )) But here's the problem first, uncomfortable every time shifts figure or external impact, the ball falls. I once collected, exhibited and photographed, the ball fell 36 times. ))) Could even a magnet or something to attach. ((


Stand with an interesting idea, it looks like a chess board. And to them the details: the throne and two mobile.
Mobile are so small that it is easy to lose, so later put it in a box, so as not to lose them.
The throne is made qualitatively.
It is a pity that a small, out of all only Stephanie put Sora and more or less.


Hair, beauty, such rosy but here the second issue, there are minor flaws, I do not know how to express, sometimes poorly polished surface, rough hair, but it's not serious, and can be considered a feature of hair supposedly looked bad.


More photos:


Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/08/24/1605544.jpeg

The figure just decent with a great idea. Although when I first saw it was afraid that it would be bad, or will focus only Shiro and the other not, and then there are several translations that worried, really so bad. But she came and dispelled all my worries, Phat did a great job with dignity, paid attention to everything, not missing anything. Apart from the two - the ball and the hair, but it's minor flaws, and not serious.
16 000 yen for Shiro, I would say worthy of the price, although I 13 000 yen price, so who pre-order in January, is lucky.

Thank you for watching!!

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what a great figure xd
4 года назад
chilabub4 года назад#14264697Great review! But if im not mistaken, isn't this figure a 1/7 scale?
Yea, thaks! ))
4 года назад
I can't believe I never considered putting the chibis on the throne, Steph actually looks really good there *o*

Gonna have to try that sometime lol
4 года назад
Great review! But if im not mistaken, isn't this figure a 1/7 scale?
4 года назад
pantsu shot is best
4 года назад
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