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Where do you preorder from?Where do you preorder from?

BassicBassic2 года назадAsk MFC
Hello all,

This is my first blog/poll post on this site, but after looking around reading other posts, it made me think of a question.

Where do you preorder from?

I personally have a few preorders through Good Smile (though trying not to get to much since I am in the process of moving). I was wanting to ask around, find out what everyone else uses for preorders and if you want why you use them.
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Same question as above :P

  • 58%Amiami
  • 0%Good Smile Co.
  • 0%Crunchyroll
  • 1%Anime Island
  • 7%Nippon-Yasan
  • 9%Big in Japan
  • 4%Hobby Search
  • 4%Tokyo Otaku Mode
  • 8%HLJ
  • 1%Archonia
  • 8%Depends on price\availability
  • 1%Yorokonde
  • 1%Ninningame
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I have bought stuff from AmiAmi, Yorokonde, Hobby Search and Big in Japan in the past, but my preorders are all with BiJ, because their price is decent and they undervalue. I don't like getting hit with 20-30 euro customs.
2 года назад
Preordered once from Anime Island, never doing it again.
2 года назад
I'm probably one of the few people that pre-orders most of their stuff through Tokyo Otaku Mode. I don't mind receiving my figures a little later because they do a good job making sure it gets from point A to point B safely. I like to have my stuff paid off immediately and not have to worry about needing to pay it off later or worry about future yen to dollar fluctuations. I also like Nippon-Yasan for the latter, but usually only for items TOM doesn't have. Unfortunately have had issues pre-ordering stuff I want from TOM lately because they can't supply certain figures to the U.S. due to licensing - like ARTFX Red and Nendoroid Deadpool.
2 года назад
i like HLJ a lot as you can cancel your orders with them as well as their private warehouse option!
2 года назад
Yuinna Mayor of Titty City
I usually do business with Amiami. They haven't wronged me in the slightest and everything is usually packed very well (though one could argue that they overcharge for shipping as a result of all the paper they use). For exclusive things like Native figures, I hit up Nippon-Yasan. I've also used HLJ and Biginjapan before for preorders, and both have been great service-wise.
2 года назад
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
HLJ for regular orders and Big in Japan is my favorite for exclusives.

I've had a good experience so far with White Rabbit Express for proxy orders (for dakimakura).
2 года назад
BiginJapan, usually.
2 года назад
Since buying figures new in Japan is more expensive on many occasions than buying figures in Europe, I usually pre-order at Archonia. Though they are a bit on the expensive side (especially the last few years), but their shipping is crazily fast (receive items within 24 hours mostly) and very cheap compared to other stores. I also once pre-ordered a figure at Sukipan since it was sold out already at Archonia, that went without any issues too. :-) I looked into pre-ordering in Japan, but it is just not worth it with the crazy customs fees we have to deal with in Europe.
2 года назад
Use to be a tried and true Amiami man. But with the rise of the Yen against dollar, I find myself pre-ordering figures from Hobbysearch and Anime Island(mostly just exclusive figs). Amiami I still use use for merch and figures if the price difference is worth the Amiami "shipping tax".
2 года назад
Ami is my go-to shop but lately I've been buying off Big in Japan the most.

Amiami Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерare nice, good customer support, fast with shipping and I don't mind that they pack with lots of paper, especially when ordering super fragile things. My customs' office seems to have noticed the glaring fragile text on ami boxes so I get packages that aren't even above 22 eur, held at customs' office for days. I only preorder stuff I really really want from them though; since you cannot cancel orders.
Big in Japan Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерfirst caught my interest not because they undervalue (which is also a plus) but because of their bigger discounts + removed jp tax and cheaper SAL though airmail is a bit cheaper on Ami. Have yet to receive more than one order from them -- the first one was a Nendo that was a birthday gift to a friend but at the moment I have 10+ preorders there.
The shop I had most fulfilled orders with after ami is Hobby Link Japan.
HLJ Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерhave the cheapest shipping, better prices for straps/small things than Ami (unless it's a strap box), super nice and not to mention their cancelling option. I use them for straps and prize figures though last couple of months they don't accept my card/paypal for some reason it was normal for the last year I've been using HLJ so idk why; paypal never replied to my messages and my bank is rather oblivious about online shopping orz so I stopped using them as much and it makes me sad. (。•́︿•̀。)

Used GSC's Online Shop a couple of times. Had no problem with packaging at all (everything was neatly packed with paper). The downside is that I'm much to impatient to wait for combining orders into one as figures go up on po, so I use their shop for exclusives only atm.
2 года назад
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