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Welcome to another show filled with all sorts of goodies. The siege was long and the battle was hard fought to get to where we are now but it is still not over. So sit down (you might need to), relax (not too much), close your doors (you will need to) and get your flak cannons out (WTF o_O?) because according to tracking on radar there are aircraft inbound carrying a payload of God knows what.

Don't worry you're about to find out :3

Incoming Highly Erotic And Violent Yikes!

As the title states this is going to be a NSFW (80%) loot post from Late January 2016 to April 19 2016. I will not be using spoilers except for non anime related parts. You're all big enough. Viewer/Reader discretion is advised. Mostly about beautiful things and/or violence in general (story may have violent people, an action packed anime or character, characters that can fight, etc) No gore or anything just action. With that said lets begin.

There was a saying "to be able to move forward one must learn to look back." So lets look at the past. We pick up where we left off from BLOG #26430 According to that I was waiting for some C89 stuff to arrive. And so this arrived around late January.http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/04/20/1526382.jpeg
Maidoll C89 Set (books and a poster not in the pic) plus Tapestry A and B also something from Oda Non.

Paper bag came folded but I was able to straighten it out. Like the previous bag it was very nice (those details) with black and white on the sides to match the prison uniform theme from Prison School/Kangoku Gakuen.

Tapestry A and B

Chapter-II. Shit hit the fan.....Or not?
February came. I was expecting the worst and prepared. There were supposed to be 10 PO's coming up but due to delays, got cut short with the most expensive ITEM #331390 coming out on April. I breathed a sigh of relief. So with that I wandered around through the streets of Mandarake (bad idea) and found something (a lot of things actually >_>) first on the list was...http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/04/20/1526418.jpeg Frowny Muramasa is Frowny :3 ITEM #166002

I already have the white race queen one. But heard that this version was one if not (at the time of typing this) the best version of Sansei Muramasa. Found it sealed and cheap plus its the frowny face that got me so bought it along with a few other things. Now if only that Wedding version one had a pretty face!!!

Being a fan on the Macross Series I wanted to have at least one fig from Macross. Had my eyes set on this ITEM #66095 well that thing is pretty much out of reach now is it? So I settled with this ITEM #57394 Its actually pretty good for a prize figure. Cast off system was good, only con was the gold paint. No problem just chuck that in the freezer for a while and poof problem solved. Found sealed and minor box damage.

I also wanted at least one Native figure. Didn't really like the others except ITEM #95937 and also the thing that I found ITEM #198624 Like the umbrella though it was a pain. The figure itself is nice and has magnets to hold it on the bench. My first Native figure. Definitely not the last. Found sealed and minor box damage (damage what damage really?).

There was also Muv-Luv Alternative. Wanted to get at least one of those and found this ITEM #78535 Now this one I found for 4000JPY. I was like what you serious? It normally goes for 5kJPY on Manda so wanted to see why it was cheap. Said box damage and fig damage. I was like hmmm cant see any damage so I emailed them and this is what I got.

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Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately, the item of your request was sold out.

If you are looking for other items again, please let us know.

Best regards,

I was like damn missed out :( then checked the site and it was still there so I was like you serious? So I emailed them nicely inquiring about the item, this was what I got:

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Thanks for your reply.

Sorry, Staff in charge of the TOY made mistake of our stock.
We have kkr-fig-00H6MEI6.

The figure has small scratch on the head.
Please check photo.


They actually did a photoshoot for me:


And the damage?

WTF? Thats it? And you did a photoshoot just for me? Sooooo:
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No problems I can fix that up and give her a new home :3 Thank you for answering my questions.


yep so we have her and WITHOUT a scratch on her head to boot! Oh yeah a pic?
http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/03/09/1497092.jpeg Thats the best pic I got with Houki ITEM #198441 included for free.

The mission to Mandarake did not end there however. According to my previous loot post I was looking for a few stuff to complete the collection so I found those as well.
MonHan no Erohon Chapter 1 by Udon-Ya ITEM #379349 so the series is complete. Equation of the Immoral by Azuki Kurenai and Boshi Double Soukan by Izayoi Seishin. Izayoi Seishin and Oda Non are actually fighting for #1 in my book. I like all the realistic looking art #3 would be Maidoll.

Oh speaking of Maidoll.......Fast forrward to a few months and I found these. (Just putting it here for uniformity, screw monthly!)

http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/04/20/1526385.jpeg Kiss of the dead I-V
ITEM #410697
ITEM #410579
ITEM #410517
ITEM #410430
ITEM #410418

Already had KOTD VI so that completes it.

Also Manda made a mistake, accidentally sent me two copies instead of the sequelhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/04/20/1526417.jpeg
Much better. Sent it to me on my next order. Diary of Purimu 1&2 by Nico Pun Nise. Fun story team vanilla I guess?

So yeah I said before that I was not a comic book guy but alas I was wrong. I bought some because they were cheap and then those "some" became many (Damn). They were once in small multiple boxes.http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/04/20/1526414.jpeg

But then it became one......


So now my question is......who would be willing to buy 31.5KG 45.3KG worth of questionable content?(there is nothing questionable here no jailbait!), paperweight? (errmm more than just paperweight) combustible material (yes that's it for your bonfire at night!).

Welllllll look somewhere else these are not for sale! Damn I do have to get a "bookshelf" though. Cant really place it on the legit bookshelf because of kids coming over. My neice (nephew would be on the PC) be like: "Uncle Z where is the Encyclopaedia?" Me: Its near the one labelled "H"(H as in oh God....fcvk) then boom! So yeah "bookshelf" that's enough books for a while. Moving on.

Chapter-III. In for the long haul. Siege continues

So near the end of Feb this arrived ITEM #315834 Yep no pictures because ITEM #315832 is taking its time to reach Anime Island where ITEM #307129 is already paid for and waiting for joint shipping >_>

March has finally come remember Chinese New Year? I got one item delayed and it was this ITEM #352295 nothing that important but yeah delayed. Then again why did I buy that when I don't even hang up posters or tapestries? To the treasure box I guess?

Then one day this came along:
http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/04/20/1526410.jpeg A huge box from Hobby Search containing ITEM #98667 I remember when they had to close that thread wow. ITEM #206135 this one is really cool for its size. ITEM #351068 has the smallest box even if it's the biggest scale (1/6)


Wanted to display kissshot with these ITEM #208664 ITEM #206933 and yes that is a recast GK of Shinobu that I painted in my early days. Too many Shinobu's should be "Shinobi'" like succubus is to succubi just kidding LOL.


Sapphire and her sister uhmm Sapphire? ITEM #98774

A few weeks after that these came.http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/04/20/1526413.jpeg

Two big boxes? Hmmm the one on top seems familiar (Its my "bookshelf" from chapter II :3) What's inside?http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/04/20/1526411.jpeghttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/04/20/1526364.jpeg

Top one from Hobby Search containing: ITEM #331694 and ITEM #287536

The moment I laid eyes on Kuroki Mikage I knew that she had to be mine. That fig has it all. Look at the front or the back no problems. Its like "a tiger on the front gate and a wolf at the back" which means an attack from all sides. Dangerous (Dat face O_O). Shamsiel was ok might be a bit lacking for its size but its not half bad (that's why I bought it).


Kuroki Mikage cleaning the kitchen with my recast GK Milla (and a Saber Maids' bucket) The legit one is ITEM #165520 wanted to buy that one but didn't know where :(


Bottom one from Hobby Fan containing ITEM #315855 and ITEM #330914 both Limited Editions with posters.

So why did I buy there when I could have gotten the ones from Manda much faster? Well I did the math the price of waiting and being brand new was only about $7-$10 AUD including shipping. So I rather stick with the people I pre-ordered. Thanks to these guys I was able to strike some off the grail list from my previous post as well as plan a budget for the incoming this year. Delays do help.

Chapter-IV. Full Circle

So now its April and these arrived:


My first AmiAmi package containing ITEM #128861 and ITEM #370585 plus a funny pair of ninja scissors


From Nippon Yassan containing ITEM #283086 and ITEM #269746 Both Limited Editions.


If I had any say I would make something like a "Dangerous Figures Act of 2016" because these two fit the bill. Asmo is too much (not that I'm complaining). Sexy and sweet too much sin right there.


Don't do it Maou! ITEM #165413

Three of a kind. Satan actually arrived November 2015 last year with Dark Schneider Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2016/04/20/1526432.jpeg

ITEM #229565 and ITEM #220990. Forgot to include in the last loot post. Then again that one started December :\


The three Bikini Warriors only waiting on the Mage ITEM #283491.

Censored for anonymity!


Chapter-V. A battle on three fronts.
Finally the last three packages arrived. I wasn't even supposed to do this loot post until the last one in April Leviathan ITEM #331390 arrived. But then again I've been waiting too long and this post or me for that matter might implode so yeah.

One from Manda which was Olga Discordia.ITEM #414226
One from Big In Japan which was Aida Aoi ITEM #187651
One from From Japan which was 1/2.5 Kazami Hatsuho ITEM #130984

Olga was not even in the database so I made the addition. I was like damnnnn. I'm not even into Daki's but:

Wow @_@ Wow......Woah.....Sweet mother of mercy.....

Bought two so that they would not be all alone I guess? So which one do you guys like? Pick only one!

Olga was legit I knew that for a fact. But Aoi I bought from Amazon.JP, Merchant only had the official pics and 99% rating. Said it was unopened but that's it. Didn't know if it was legit or not did a gamble and I think it paid off. Had the manufacturers logo on the cover itself, print was top notch, fabric was like Olga's and it even came with washing instructions. Problem was users did not post any pics on her page. I was like no pics or info? Didn't your momma teach you how to fold it back? I mean my mom would be like "You cant even fold your own waifu?!?"

Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлер Just kidding, users can do as they like with their stuff. None of that happened either, my parents are like 5000 miles away living in another country so....

So yeah I'm not going to use these because I'm poor and I dont have a pillow :( and ofcourse I wouldn't want to ruin it, I would like to hang it up though I have a no poster or tapestry rule in effect so back in the plastic and to the treasure trove for now.

Anyways enough about that because finally mommy's home!
Hanging out with Siggy ITEM #229584

Hatsuho was not a planned buy. She was supposed to be on June or July. But suddenly I wanted to checkout Yahoo Japan Auctions for the Elusive one ITEM #22964 but instead found her! She is part of my grail list LIST #58220 So I had to make a choice. Wait a bit or buy her now. I decided to wait a bit. Then I was having a conversation with someone from this site on another blog post and he said "I looked at your grail list and found Hatsuho" I took it as a sign and thought hard. Will I be able to buy her without problems? Yes. Got anything big coming up? No. You got nothing else to pay? Nope. You paid bills, groceries and other stuff? Hell yeah! Whats stopping you? IDK. I remember when I was debating if I should have bought ITEM #95937 from Manda a while back then when I was ready she was gone! I guess in a way it was a blessing because I landed something big this time!

"In life if first you don't get what you want then its not for you and you are destined for something better."

Is what my legend of a father and mom of a mother used to say. It applies on all things. This one included. I was prepared to spend $1500 AUD (plus shipping and Fing taxes!!!!) on her come June. No time to lose. Used FromJapan as a proxy. Was a bit worried about the no adult products thing but seeing as on all shops I've seen she's not even listed at R18 but mostly 15+. All other shops I know of listed her as sold out. Pulled the trigger.

"Die is cast" as they say. Couldn't be happier :))))))))))))

When she arrived I was very nervous. Chills down my spine. I gave her the works with the FJ service. She was labelled outer box opened inner sealed and minor box damage. Came sealed WITHOUT box damage! I just love Japan and their grading.

When I opened it I was laughing so hard she arrived safe and sound without any problems. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH Screw you, you overpriced Motherf..... I bought this for almost half of what I was prepared to pay horrrrray!!! Thank you very much.

7 Grails down the Elusive one to go.....


Well thats it I guess? There is only one item left in April so that will follow eventually.

As for the other non figure related stuff.

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"The battle on three fronts" title is not because of three items its about the battle with daily life, second one is figure collecting, third is my other hobby which are computers. As always you and your family/friends are number one Hobbies are second place. That is why I was contemplating on buying Hatsuho. Wanted to make sure I was free. Still have lots of stuff on PO but its not one big go so should be OK. This post definitely doesn't reflect on saving money though LOL.

I know this is not the site for this but whatever and that's why its in a spoiler and it kinda has something to do with this post anyways so

Another problem was April in general. A lot of new electronics come out around April-May after CES. I was looking to upgrade my PC's motherboard and Ram to X99 waiting for the new models to come out and my CPU has been waiting since last year LOL might even sell that depending on the reviews on the baddest thing coming, we shall see. Well maybe to also fix some aesthetics its an enthusiast thing. Don't really need it but sure as hell want it! Good thing nothing is on the radar yet but anyways Life>Figs>Electronics

"Power, I need more power"

Not the best but its still my other baby.

So what's next? Well just waiting for PO's and looking for the Elusive one.

On that note. Have any of you seen this thing? ITEM #22964

Any of you owners willing to sell yours? Just Send me 360 pics of the box and the figure. If its sealed then send me what you can as well as your price.

Then we talk.

Anyway's that's it for now. Hope you're still in your seat and enjoyed the ride. I know it was a long one. Till next time.


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What item was your favourite? Which one did you like?

2%1/2.5 Kazami Hatsuho
6%1/4 Kuroki Mikage
1%1/4.5 Branwen (Black/silver)
1%1/4.5 Branwen (Normal)
4%1/6 Sailor Succubus Sapphire PB
0%1/6 Shamsiel
15%1/7 Asmodeus
1%1/7 Yui Takamura
0%1/7 Nakahara Tomoe
1%1/7 Dark Elf
0%1/7 Fighter
1%1/7 Paladin
4%1/7 Sansei Muramasa
4%1/8 Luxuria
7%1/8 Kissshot (snip cause names' too long)
1%1/8 Boa Hancock (Yeah she's not in the pics but shes there in spirit LOL!)
2%Sheryl Nome
4%Olga Discordia
0%Aida Aoi
2%I like books
28%Sorry not my cup of tea :(
2%Damn you why only one? I like more than one >_<
13%Wtf? One? I like everything!
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ashtaroth A child of the night
kasake4 года назад#9741428Yeah, I'm not a supporter so I have limited pages I can subscribe to. I figured since I had given up on that lovely daki, I can unsubscribe from it.
Aoi looks great, along with Olga! That was one that I had missed out on too! Haha, you have good taste. :)

Never give up my man. Even if they stay dreams who knows? Maybe one day.

Also great minds think alike ;)
4 года назад
ashtaroth4 года назад#9741241Thank you my friend. It was a very interesting ride. Oh yeah I did promise you a pic of Aoi, I forgot to tell you they were up. Thought you were subbed to her page.
Yeah, I'm not a supporter so I have limited pages I can subscribe to. I figured since I had given up on that lovely daki, I can unsubscribe from it.

Aoi looks great, along with Olga! That was one that I had missed out on too! Haha, you have good taste. :)
4 года назад
ashtaroth A child of the night
kasake4 года назад#9741163HOly shit that is one great haul.

Thank you my friend. It was a very interesting ride. Oh yeah I did promise you a pic of Aoi, I forgot to tell you they were up. Thought you were subbed to her page.
4 года назад
HOly shit that is one great haul.
4 года назад
ashtaroth A child of the night
Rychi4 года назад#9017476Amazing haul!!! :D

Thank you.
4 года назад
Amazing haul!!! :D
4 года назад
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
ashtaroth4 года назад#8971778Greetings from NSW!
As for me I don't know how I would be able to complete them. If possible I'm only after the original 7. Not sure if I will get Mammon ITEM #195473 Will not get Lucy ITEM #298304 not my thing. PO'ed Beelzebub ITEM #349076 because of the squid (will give that to Asmo. Dunno what ice cream and squid tastes like though).
I'm kinda picky with my selections. Item has to have appeal to be put in my collection. I'm not really one who completes sets. I only buy what I like.

If they did a Belphegor I'd probably pick that up in a heartbeat. I've got the 1/8 set which is fabulous but the alternate outfits look cool.

I only buy what I like as well, but... I like a lot of things. //points at collection
I usually manage to stop myself buying things like this because of the whole "set completion" angle. Lots of shapely ladies there to love regardless ;w;
4 года назад
ashtaroth A child of the night
Katto4 года назад#8971762It's always nice seeing more countrymen appreciating lewd ladies :Db I really want Asmodeus but I know as soon as I pick up on of the 1/7 set, I'll want all of the others and I'm not sure I'm ready for that kind of commitment when they haven't made one of every Sin for the 1/7 set yet ;__;

Greetings from NSW!

As for me I don't know how I would be able to complete them. If possible I'm only after the original 7. Not sure if I will get Mammon ITEM #195473 Will not get Lucy ITEM #298304 not my thing. PO'ed Beelzebub ITEM #349076 because of the squid (will give that to Asmo. Dunno what ice cream and squid tastes like though).

I'm kinda picky with my selections. Item has to have appeal to be put in my collection. I'm not really one who completes sets. I only buy what I like.
4 года назад
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
It's always nice seeing more countrymen appreciating lewd ladies :Db I really want Asmodeus but I know as soon as I pick up on of the 1/7 set, I'll want all of the others and I'm not sure I'm ready for that kind of commitment when they haven't made one of every Sin for the 1/7 set yet ;__;
4 года назад
ashtaroth4 года назад#8971759Wow. Ok. A woman appreciating another woman. That is kinda cool. +1 to you.

4 года назад
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