YorunoYoruno8 лет назад
Today is the day when I got ten figures in one parcel from Yahoo!As it was the biggest box at the post office, they naturally lost it :) Found it only two weeks later when I demanded an inspection. Well, it's over now, and my parcel is with me:


There should be a lot of precious things!


Some miniatures, including a rare Chua Churam...


... a Murata Range selection. It's almost absurd that I had to buy this Russian edition Lavie fron a Japanese seller, although Russia is my home country. I just missed this, it was in 2005. Alvis is an extra, so I'm gonna sell her, but the rest is very dear to me...


...and the piece de resistance: Nene with her five wigs, the long-awaited Yurie of Kamichu and my beloved Shinku!!


Today is a dream.
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itsame00Did you get charged any customs?
No. According to the regulations, they charge parcels over 30 kilos - or €1000 worth.
8 лет назад
ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
The more - the better! Remember myself getting 4 kilos of March loot and dragging the huge box all the way home, I was so proud and high that it most probably looked a bit creepy..

It is true, the bigger the package, the more invisible it gets to the post personnel. Especially if it's EMS. Maybe they simply hate big boxes - they always force me to go to the main office to get every parcel above 2kg. It's sort of.. humiliating.

Btw, this Shinku is gorgeous! *o*
8 лет назад
Did you get charged any customs?
8 лет назад
I´d love the Melissa that goes with Chua *o* But I bet you´ve had a great time today with all those sweet Figures ^^
8 лет назад
Nice loot, love some of that vintage anime stuff !
8 лет назад
That yurie
8 лет назад
mikki-maluGreat loot! I wish I could get that Chua too... Was it hard to find?
I managed to spot her by mere chance and placed my bid at a fantastic speed :)
8 лет назад
Great loot! I wish I could get that Chua too... Was it hard to find?
8 лет назад
I can only imagine how exciting it must be to receive so many goodies at once! My orders are slowly getting larger, but nothing to that extent.
8 лет назад
Wow 5 kilogram!! Awesome Loot!!
8 лет назад