~October to January loot: More Nintendo + Touken Ranbu~~October to January loot: More Nintendo + Touken Ranbu~Loot

LovelyIdiotLovelyIdiot4 года назад
October, November, December and January loot!

Suruga-ya, AmiAmi, GSC, Kinokuniya, Yahoo! Auctions Japan and local collectors.

This post will be image heavy!


Hello MFC! Hope everyone had a decent 2016 so far! I've been meaning to write this blog post since November but I got lazy and then forgot. Two to three months later, I finally managed to do it! There's not a lot of stuff since my new years resolution was to slow down on the collecting, and I'm still waiting for a couple of things from way back, like from October which I'm not including here.

I can't remember what came in what month so I organised everything to item type, figures, games + books and finally, straps/keychains. Sorry, I like organising things a lot. Since people like summaries, this loot contains mostly Touken Ranbu, Kagerou Project, Fire Emblem and Magi as well as Pokemon, Kekkai Sensen and some Dangan Ronpa, unfortunately the limit to how many things I can link is 50.



Besides the usual handful of trading figures I bought on a whim + from group splits, I got a few nendoroids all from GSC! I've opened them all up except Lunar festival Miku.


Pokemon Black/White's N! My N had a few issues with paint bleeding unfortunately and it kinda annoys me. This is also probably the heaviest nendoroid I own since Reshiram is so fat big and incredibly hard to put together, but N seems to love him anyway! My thumb is swollen from hurting myself putting him together...


Lousy crane sword boy Tsurumaru, my favourite sword boy! He was one of the first few I smithed in-game way back in May when I started playing. I purchased him from GSC for the rubber strap and got him 2 days after he was shipped out. Only issue I have with him is his loose sword hand.


Now Mikazuki is not alone!


Close up of smaller figures/trading figures + one squishy~ That Koedarise really bugs me with it's larger than necessary base.


Max Factory's Tharja! Her base attracts dust like crazy that I have to use a weakly sticky lint roller. I got her for ~$60USD from a local seller which I thought was pretty cool! Her elbows have lost some color from rubbing against her stack of tomes but otherwise is perfect. I love her!


And here's derpy Batman staring at her butt. There's always something after the booty.

Book and games!


I found the Alibaba doujin for ~400yen at Suruga-ya but I didn't expect AlibabaxSinbad art in there lol. I ship Alibaba with Kougyoku so it's not my kinda ship. As for that Xenoblade game, I'm still stuck in Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерthe freakin lung place of the Bionis.

Straps and Keychains!

And this is probably the part with the most photos!


I'm still collecting Kagepro stuff but that's been dwindling since I'm swearing off Suruga-ya.


Pandora Hearts! I thought it was the end for PH merchandise but was pleasantly surprised by these Chara-tora clips. I'm not sure what to do with them though I guess I could hang my laundry out to dry with these?


Some Magi from Suru~


Another pile of Touken Ranbu~ The Niitengomu's are really nice but my favourites are still Kotobukiya's style.


Kekkai Sensen + Miscellaneous series~ Wachatto straps are adorable, too bad for me they don't make any thing else I like.


Fire Emblem Awakening, some are doubles which I don't show, some I hung on my corkboard, some I gave away to friends. There's a few more coming but then that's about it for the characters I'd like to have.


FE: If/Fates! Headband boy Leo is my favourite!


And that pretty much all I got during those months that I can remember getting, probably forgot a few straps but ehhhh I think there's enough here.

Thanks for reading!
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shiroiusagi4 года назад#6447813All those straps are so cute :)

Thank you! No loot of mine is complete without straps xD

nikiptc184 года назад#6464404Omg, I love all your KagePro merch! I've been looking at getting that N Nendoroid, too.... Nice loot!

Thank you! Kagepro is my main series for collecting. N is a really nice nendoroid, I would recommend him. He weighs around 500g though so shipping might cost more than you expect if you haven't bought any pokemon nendoroids.

bourneroyalty4 года назад#6465268I love all of your straps (especially that Elliot one ;n;)!

Thank you! (Yes the series of straps Elliot is from has one of my favourite designs!)
4 года назад
I love all of your straps (especially that Elliot one ;n;)!
4 года назад
Omg, I love all your KagePro merch! I've been looking at getting that N Nendoroid, too.... Nice loot!
4 года назад
All those straps are so cute :)
4 года назад
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