Dream Eater Merry 1/8 (Alter)Dream Eater Merry 1/8 (Alter)Review

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http://s1.tsuki-board.net/upload/pictures/2012/03/25/393526.jpegToday we'll be taking a look at ALTER's latest heroine, Dream Eater Merry. She is a demon from the dream realm that likes to mix it up and has fanatical love for donuts. Without spoiling things she's very homesick.

This figure was a standard release in February of 2012 and is 1/8th in scale. She retailed for around 7,800 Yen and at the time of this review she is only available in limited numbers from retailers in Japan. If you wanted to acquire her you'd probably have to look on the secondary market or foreign stores that stock ALTER figures.

The goal today is to take a closer look at the figure and what she has to offer.

Please understand a score of 10 will never be given as there is always room for improvement no matter how perfect a figure.

Warning!!!!!! This review contains Shimapan shots, proceed at your own risk.

Packaging: 9/10★★★★★★★★★☆







ALTER employed a four panel window box. The window panels are located at the front sides and the top of the packaging. As usual the front window panel is the largest and gives you a decent view of the contents. The side and top panel offer a restricted view of the contents due to the blister design. Note also the top panel is in the shape of a star. The pictures chosen highlight the figure nicely and look great. The color scheme and decorations support the character and looks rather nice. If desired you could probably leave her in the box for display purposes but you would be missing out on all that this figure has to offer. They did nice job in overall presentation.

Packaging weight and dimensions:
Weight: 475 Grams
H: 230 mm
W: 200 mm
D: 191 mm

A lightweight non-corrugated cardboard was used for the packaging as usual. The exterior was coated to not only make the packaging look nice but to strengthen it further. The lightweight material of course helped keep the weight down but then again the figure box empty is around 270 grams. The figure herself with base is only 205 grams so the packaging is still heavier than the figure. The lighter weight does not mean protection suffers. The compression resistance for the packaging is actually fairly adequate probably due to both the compact size and and blister within. It looks like ALTER achieved the perfect balance between size, weight and protection. Shipping weight should be under a kilogram so shipping cost shouldn't be that much of a factor. She should definitely get to you safely.

Instructions were included on how to setup the figure for display. I think you could have figured it out but it was definitely appreciated as it's not done enough. They even show you how to put on her hat which I'm pretty sure you could have figured out?

A typical two piece blister was used to protect the figure during shipping. The two pieces were held together by tape to further secure the blister. A generous amount of plastic sheets was used to protect the figure from rubbing and paint transfer. The area around her face was specifically molded to provide a clear view of her face. The compression resistance is more than sufficient and ensures that the figure should be protected. The tolerances on the pockets were tight and nothing should shift during transport.

ALTER did a nice job in both the looks and protection of the figure box. She is well protected but won't break the bank getting to you. The packaging also looks nice and supports the theme of the character quite nicely and if desired you could leave her in the box for display purposes. Expectations were met and possibly exceeded.

Sculpting: 9/10★★★★★★★★★☆
Sculpting credits go to Otsuyama Houjun and Makio Munetoshi in what looks like a team effort. Otsuyama appears to have a few years more experience than Makio and probably took the lead? In either case both sculptors have been working with figures for at least five years each and showed steady improvement with each succeeding figure. Below you can see some of the figures worked on by the sculptors, the more recent ones definitely show they are at the top of their game. Expectations are high for what this team can do especially if they combine the best of both.

She only comes with one accessory, her hat that she wouldn't be caught dead without it. Still not sure why they included instructions on how to put it on as it seems pretty straightforward. The hat is somewhat flexible and durable enough that you would have to damage it on purpose. Dropping it shouldn't be much of a concern. Her ribbons on the other hand are somewhat fragile so care should be taken around them. The shape and details look pretty spot on compared to the actual hat. I think they did a very nice job with execution.

Let's move on the the main attraction.



Hopefully you can see there are no sculpting issues and I really mean no sculpting issues to report. She looks even better in person. This dynamic duo did a great job. Let's start with her face. Having just recently finished watching the series I have to admit they did an remarkable job capturing her likeness.

Her face and expression are dead on and it's like they ripped her out of the anime. I love the job they did on her mouth and her teeth. Those cheeks of hers are so cute and they transition very nicely to her jawline which transitions further to her neck seamlessly. I think I can see both sculptors work in her face. I think Otsuyama worked on the overall features while Makio executed the expression. Looking at their previous work, it seems Makio has more range in the expression of the figures while Otsuyama focused more on accuracy.

Her hair looks just as good aside from the typical break you have at the top of the head that you find in most figures. They probably could have done a better job integrating it with her hairstyle but it's not really a distraction. The various pointy ends are rigid and sharp. I doubt they will resist any damage especially if you should drop her. The hair is detailed and looks pretty accurate to the character. They did a great job and it bodes well for the rest of her.

Moving on to her coat you can see it's nicely detailed. It looks realistic in the way the material folds and wrinkles. It really looks like she's wearing the coat especially how hangs off her. Like the ribbons on her hat care should be taken with the one at her wrist.

Moving on down to her tails, they did a nice job with them. They are fairly rigid but weigh enough that they do start to sag if you do not use the support stands that come with her. If you don't use them I'm pretty sure they will droop enough that the figure may be damaged.

Love the job they did on her tank top. You even get a glimpse of her underboobs if desired. The main attraction is definitely her amazing midsection. Her physique simply looks fantastic for such a slim frame. I love the job they did on her abs and obliques. Her bellybutton also looks good. Her collarbones are also nicely defined. The transition from her tummy to her skirt was nicely executed. I love the way it hangs loose around her.

Speaking of her skirt, they did a nice job with how it conforms to the shape of her body especially her thighs. Also love how it flutters about and even gives you a good view of her shimapan. One thing I noticed from the anime, for reason they did not want you to see her panties. They always get close but stop before you see anything so I was not expecting her to have shimapans. The skirt like her coat just looks great. It's just as detailed and it really looks like she's wearing it.

And of course her shimapans match her stripped leggings. They are detailed as you can make out each butt cheek as well as other details. Her rear end is nicely shaped and just won't quit. The transition points from her flesh to the shimapans was seamless and the curves and details just look great.

Her stripped leggings look accurate to the anime and like the rest of her outfit is detailed. Look at the way the leggings wrinkle and conform to the shape of her legs. The transition point from leggings to her thighs was done seamlessly and looked pretty natural. Her shoes were sufficiently detailed as well.

This dynamic duo did a great job with her physique, face and details. Her outfit is detailed and looks great on her. There were just no sculpting issues to be found. ALTER did a fantastic job with the fit and finish of her as well. Expectations were met and exceeded.

Painting: 9/10★★★★★★★★★☆






ALTER usually employees all of the tools available to color their figures and this one is not any different. Before getting started, please note she looks better in person than in the photographs.

Starting with her head look at the shading and gradation used in her hair to give it depth and dimension. The tinting and airbrushing complimented each other nicely. Her eyes were placed precisely and look pretty accurate to the character as well as looking lively. Those bright eyes match her expression very nicely. Her mouth was colored precisely and looks just as great as the rest of her face.

Look at the shading employed to accentuate the details in her outfit. From her hat to her coat to her skirt it all looks great. The airbrushing was strategic and precise and brought out the details quite nicely. Her flesh especially her midsection looked great as well. The tinting was just right and the accents and shading brought her to life and accentuated her lovely physique. The various parts that were hand painted was done pretty precisely that I think results will not vary much between figures. I love the matching leggings and shimapans.

The few decals employed were placed precisely and seem spot on to the character. There were just no painting issues to bring up or point out.

ALTER did it again with an excellent paint job. The tinting was done well especially with her flesh. The use of the airbrush enhanced her lovely skin as well as the details in her outfit. The decals were placed precisely and look good. The various parts of her that were hand painted was done very precisely and again looked good. From head to toe they did an excellent job with quality control. A lot of care and attention went into her to ensure her fit and finish was just top notch. They did a smashing job bringing her to life. Expectations were met and exceeded again.

Posing: 9/10★★★★★★★★★☆
I don't know about you but I think Makio took the lead this time in the pose of the figure. Looking at Makio's past figures, they seem to be more animated than Otsuyama's figure which were more static. In either case this dynamic due did a nice job with her animated and dynamic pose. As mentioned, I recently watched the series and it looks like they replicated her pose from one of fight scenes. They captured her essence perfectly with her acrobatic kicks. If you did not know, she fights with her fists and feet. Her kicks are very flashy and animated. Her expression shows she's bursting with energy as she performs one of her acrobatic maneuvers. The state of her outfit fits nicely with her pose and really makes it look like she's flying and twirling through the air.

You of course have two display options, with her hat and without. It should be noted she is almost never without her hat so I'm not sure she'd be the same without her trademark headwear. For display purposes she is best displayed at or above eye level since she's looking downward. Her pose is very animated and dynamic making her look good from various angles.

The dynamic duo and ALTER did a nice job with her pose. It seems accurate to the character and looks like something she would be doing in the anime. Her pose is very animated and dynamic you have various display options for her. Expectations were met.

Base: 9/10★★★★★★★★★☆
What can I say? I thought they did a great job with the base. I love how they took her closed/sleeping eye logo and turned that into the mount on the base. It's pretty solid but the mounting point is a very tight fit. I was worried I was going to break her when I tried to remove her from the base. Results may vary? I love how one of the stars spills out from the typical circle base. This was of course to allow one of the support rods to rest on it. I do wish they would have done something similar for the other support rod. This is a minor issue but I do wish they were more consist. In any case the base is stable, looks great and supports the theme of the character quite nicely.

The base is stable, not too large and just plain gets the job done. It supports the theme of the character and looks good. Expectations were met.

Enjoyment: 9/10★★★★★★★★★☆
So we've taken a closer look at this devilish beauty. All I can say is if you liked the anime or just the character then this figure will not let you down. They captured her essence perfectly. She is well put together and colored accurately. This figure is the definition of quality and attention to detail. She was worth every cent and I do not regret getting her. I believe even if I did not see the anime I would have still liked this figure. Heck, I ordered her before I ever watched the anime. Her bright and lively expression and that animated pose is just a refreshing change of pace from the typical figures out there. The lovely patterns employed and that physique of hers makes it even better. I'm one happy owner. Expectations were met and exceeded.

See you later.
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I've the figure and I have to say your review is spot on. She was indeed well worth every cent. What I like most about your reviews though is that rotating disk gif, it manages to get across a good picture from every angle. And the way you highlight the figure by using multiple pics from many angles just finishes the feel capturing of the figure. I personally felt that she looks better without the hat because it doesn't cover her hair enough to match the impression from the anime imo.
But your right about this being ALTER best work of yet.
8 лет назад
I love your reviews... specially because of the details x)...

I have her and I LOVE her, not only merry is freaking awesome <3! Her outfit, is freaking sexy.. and this figure is totally awesome. I am really really glad, I got this one.
8 лет назад
Thanks for the review, gave me the last push in ordering her myself :)
8 лет назад
WildstarNice review, as always.

CONTROL+F->"won't quit" :D

Thanks. Well, I'd be lying if I said otherwise concerning her posterior. 8Þ
8 лет назад
Nice review, as always.

CONTROL+F->"won't quit" :D
8 лет назад
Wow, nice review.

......I just checked your profile and I gotta say, WOW!
You own over 1k figures!
8 лет назад
Europe's friend for everything manga, anime and related merchandise!

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