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C2QueenC2Queen4 года назад
Hi everyone! This is my first loot post ever so go easy on me! In addition to images I included little reviews for some of my loot as well. This is all of the loot I got back in December of 2015 I didn't get the chance to post. My last package arrived just before New Years so I just recently finished taking photos of it all. Also before we take a look at my loot just know I autofixed the lighting in an editor for some of the photos I took so I'm sorry if the colors are a bit off. And all of the photos were taken with my phone so the quality sucks.


Let's get started! I thought it'd be easiest to separate my loot into categories so lets start with the figures!


We'll start with two late December releases, first up is Nendoroid #558, Kafuu Chino from Is the Order a Rabbit?
ITEM #287708


I ordered her off of Ami Ami so I didn't get her Goodsmile bonus Latte art but even without it she comes with enough cute cafe accessories to satisfy me. My favorite is obviously Tippy the Angora Rabbit (the fluffball that looks like a cat). My only problem is Chino's Nendoroid has some of the most frustrating accessories I've had to deal with so far out of all of my current Nendoroids.

First off the stirring stick for the coffee maker was really difficult to stick in her hand. There's a small hole it fits into in one of her hand parts. It fell out a dozen times before I could get it to stay for photos. It's really easy to lose too because it's extremely small. Also the table/counter was difficult to assemble and doesn't fit together right. I've noticed I'm not the only one who has had this problem and disliked how they made it.

Otherwise I absolutely adore this Nendoroid! Her sparkling eyes expression is my favorite. She was definitely worth purchasing. Please note that her colors look a lot different in different lighting, the lighting in these photos are auto-corrected because the original lightning was too yellow. She's much cuter in person I promise.



Next up we have Figma #264 Asuna Yuuki's ALO / Undine Version from Sword Art Online II!
ITEM #287736


She's the 2nd Figma I own after GGO version Kirito. So I'm not really used to Figma's yet and posing them. I also ordered her from Ami Ami. I hit the preorder button the day she went up only to find out a day or two later that Goodsmile put her up with a pre-order bonus of an extra expression of her smiling with her eyes closed. I think a lot of us kicked ourselves for not being able to get the bonus face. I know I certainly did.

Otherwise she's my favorite Figma of the 2 I own now. I love how posable her wings are and the fact that they included them. But like a lot of people I'm also looking for a way to display them with her without having to keep them attached to the base. I'm assuming ALO version Kirito & ALO version Leafa will also include wings.


Something to note is that they also included her staff (seen above) the Crest of Yggdrasil which has a really neat story behind it not told in the anime; though you see her use it from time to time in the Mothers Rosario arc of the anime. Definitely read up on it if you don't know about it already it'll make you appreciate this accessory even more.


This peace sign hand would go great with that Goodsmile bonus face. I wish I could have gotten it >__<
It still looks cute with this expression though.


Finally, as weird as it may seem, my favorite thing about her is actually the fact that all of her left hands include her wedding ring! If they really do end up releasing ITEM #287739, I hope they add this detail for him too!


Now lets move on to some prize figures I got.

We'll start off with another SAO figure! This one was actually a Christmas present from my husband. Taito's Premium Grade Yuuki/Zekken figure from Sword Art Online II! He picked her up from Crunchyroll's store.
ITEM #291219


I was really happy to receive her because I got Taito's Undine Asuna (ITEM #249941) back in September of 2015. I noticed Yuuki also for sale but couldn't afford her at the time. My husband knew I wanted her a lot so this was a really nice Christmas surprise for me. I wanted this Zekken the most, more than her scale figure for the pose alone and to go with her matching Asuna prize figure. Something kind of weird is that she looks quite a bit different on the box than the actual figure itself. In a good way though because I think the figure looks better than the box's image of her.


Here is Yuuki displayed next to my Taito Asuna I picked up back in September. One thing I happened to notice though is Taito didn't make their bases match which made me sad. I'm not sure if these figures were meant to be displayed together but it's what I assumed at least. Yuuki's base is really plain as you can see compared to Asuna's. Both of their paint jobs have minor flaws, but if you look at them from a distance they aren't really noticeable. Paint flaws are to be expected with prize figures a lot of the time so I wasn't surprised. Regardless I really love the sculpt and poses for both figures. I just wish Asuna's pose went more with Yuuki's and that Yuuki's base matched hers.


Moving on we have my very first Ami Ami pre-owned purchase! Another prize figure. Sega's PM figure of Love Live's Kotori Minami (No Brand Girls version)! I bought her in A/B condition. Meaning A for the item condition and B for the box condition for those of you who've never bought anything from Ami Ami pre-owned.
ITEM #197920


Condition: I found her wrapped in bubble wrap inside the box. I was really impressed with her condition. She shows absolutely no signs of wear. The box condition is also better than I was expecting it to be. The only noticeable damage to the box are pictured above.


She was a bit of an impulse purchase but now that I own her I love her! SEGA always does a great job with their prize figures. I'm impressed! Especially since I picked her up for only 1280 JPY! I definitely plan on buying from Ami Ami's pre-owned section again!


Like a lot of SEGA prize figures she's pretty tall. Next to Kotobukiya's 1/8th Sinon she's actually slightly taller! But only because Sinon isn't standing straight up. So you could say she's about the height of a 1/8th scale.


Finally we have this last figure which was a gift I got from a friend he picked up while he was in Japan. Banpresto's SQ Sinon Prize figure from Sword Art Online II! (It might be a bootleg, I need more input)
ITEM #219520


The paint quality is kind of poor from what I've observed/feeling it and the paint job has some flaws. Regardless of that I like her sculpt and pose. Her support underneath her foot was kind of difficult to pose her on too. Also if you notice how her hands are posed you can tell she is supposed to be holding Hecate in her right arm and her left arm appears to be posed against something. I automatically assumed something was off since she didn't include these parts, but after looking at the figure page on MFC it says her figure parts (Hecate and her rock stand/base) are sold separately. I'm not sure how common this is with a lot of prize figures. This is the first prize figure I own that I've encountered this with. Either way it's kind of inconvenient if you ask me.

I'm not sure if this a genuine Banpresto prize figure or not. I'm also not sure where in Japan my friend purchased her but I know he was in Japan and that's where he got her. Either way the packaging alone has me suspicious of her especially after talking to another MFC user. I'll need to dig into seeing if she might possibly be a bootleg or if she's legit but just in weird packaging. I'm almost wondering if she was pre-owned because after taking her out of the package because I noticed she that she seems to be dusty. So it could be that her packaging is just weird because she was pre-owned (this could also explain some of the paint flaws) and might have been missing her box.

If you own a legit version of this figure let me know how it compares to yours so I can figure out if it's a bootleg or not. Thank you!


BONUS: Nendoroid #510 Umi Sonoda from Love Live!


I got this Nendoroid of Umi Sonoda from Love Live! for my husband for Christmas and took some pictures of her with my Kotori Nendoroid (ITEM #218634) in the Nendoroid Cube 01 Playset (ITEM #198730). It's his first Nendoroid. I thought it was fitting since it's his Love Live waifu and Kotori was my 1st Nendoroid. He doesn't use MFC but we share our figure collection so I thought it'd be fine to post her even though she's not part of my loot. I picked her up from Ami Ami.



My only set of figure goods for December was the Nendoroid Cube 02 locker play set to go with the 01 play set I bought back in November.
ITEM #236491


I put Nendoroid #421 Chitoge Kirisaki (ITEM #197994) and Nendoroid #457 Onodera Kosaki (ITEM #198410) from Nisekoi with the playset because they fit the setting most.



First up is a t-shirt from Himouto Umaru-chan!


ITEM #327569 from COSPA. I was skeptical at first if it was going to fit me. I measured my normal everyday shirts before buying it and compared them to COSPA's size chart before ordering to know which size to get. It was a nice surprise to find out that it actually fit! The shirt material is nice and comfortable and it's actually loose/slightly big on me. I definitely want to buy more shirts in the future now that I know they'll fit and which size to buy. If you're curious about sizing details and or which size I got feel free to shoot me a PM.


Next up is Umaru's signature hoodie/blanket from Himouto Umaru-Chan! Official from COSPA!
ITEM #331242


I was worried the headhole might be a bit small but it's not. I will easily be able to comfortably wear an Umaru wig with it to go with the hoodie for cosplay purpose. The material is super soft. The only thing that is bothersome is that the orange color is more of a lighter yellowy-orange rather than a darker orange. Different lighting really affects how the color of the hoodie looks though (as you can probably tell from the picture above). I couldn't get a good picture of me wearing it, otherwise I would have posted one. Sorry ^^;


Now onto some cute straps and keychains!


I jumped on the chance to get a strap of C.C. from Code Geass (ITEM #333242) and threw in Suzaku Kururugi (ITEM #333238) for my husband. I probably would have gotten Lelouch too but I didn't like his expression. Original Code Geass merch is getting rare (before Akito the Exiled) and I've been a collector of merch for it for several years now since its release. C.C. is my absolute favorite so she was an insta-buy. Anything with her eating pizza is always an added bonus too. I also wanted at least one strap of Umaru-chan (ITEM #334720). I eventually want more. They were all too cute to resist!


SAO Straps:

I picked up 2 Sword Art Online Chara Ani straps (ITEM #152571) & (ITEM #152572) from MFC user Kilani, she included some extra goodies with the straps too! I bought both so me and my husband could each have one. Our first set of SAO straps from COSPA are getting worn out. And this new set is of them in their ALO avatars. Our previous straps were their Aincrad versions and didn't include cleaners like these ones do.

Splatoon Keychains:

My most recent videogame addiction has been Splatoon so I got these two acrylic keychains for me (ITEM #342412) and my husband (ITEM #342416). We put them on our car keys to distinguish who's car key is who's. I absolutely love them! This is my first set of acrylic keychains and I definitely want more in the future! I hate how dirty rubber straps get after a while so this is a really nice alternative.

Extra Goodie:


Microfiber Cloth/Glasses Cleaner of Kirito from Sword Art Online
ITEM #153820
One of the extra goodies Kilani included with the 2 SAO straps (the rest of her extra goodies are not pictured)



I picked up 4 different calendars from Ami Ami all from Ensky! Let's take a look!

First up is Splatoon! (ITEM #342135)


Next is Sword Art Online II! (ITEM #344262)


Third we have School-Live/Gakkou Gurashi! (ITEM #368875)


Lastly is Himouto Umaru-Chan! (ITEM #384722)


Which one did you like most? Did you also pick up a 2016 calendar, if so... of what series?




Animal Crossing: New Leaf Poster. I picked this up at the Nostalgia Store inside of University Park Mall in Mishawaka, Indiana on a family visit close to Christmas. I just had to get it!


My husband got me Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival for Wii U as another one of my Christmas gifts! Isabelle/Shizue (ITEM #320341) and Digby/Kento (ITEM #320758) came with Amiibo Festival, Mabel/Kinuyo (ITEM #320343) was an extra pick-up for another player option. I plan on getting more Animal Crossing Amiibo's soon!

And... that's all of my loot!

I hope I did okay with my first loot post and I hope that you enjoyed it! My loot to end out 2015 was amazing! Thank you so much for reading about it! (This post took several hours to edit/make x__x)

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Really nice loot! :)
4 года назад
Where did you get Taito from? I have a sneaking suspicion she's a bootleg; her paint is pretty sloppy :S

Can anyone weigh in on whether Figmas usually have such gritty fringes? I don't have enough experience with them to know.
4 года назад
Wow, really nice stuff!! The Umaru calendar is my favourite, and now I wish I picked up that Umaru t-shirt too.
4 года назад
Amazing loot! Very organized and informative. Because of your post, I just found out that the first nendoroid's name is Kafuu chino which is very punny. More importantly, I saw the coffee setup which I really liked. It's unfortunate how they produced it though, as you said there were flaws when assembling. But I don't think that would stop me, because it looks too cute to resist! The umaru goods look great, especially the shirt! I might eventually get one of those. :) Can't get too much UMR.
4 года назад
Nice loot, might have to keep a eye out for that kotori in preowned myself she looks great.

I go the himouto calendar as well, clearly i didnt read the size when i opened it i was like 'omg' haha so big!
4 года назад
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