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Starting this year I'm trying to put more entries on monthly lootlist.
i found that is a good way to track stuff, plus i love figures and it would be great practice for me to write more.

Sooo, for a first entry...
Let's start with the listings of what i got this month of Jan.


From the top, there is Shigure Kai Ni (Kancolle).
Which is so lovely and detailed.
Yeah, i'm such a sucker for Kancolle series =/
Can't help it, they are such cuties.

Then of course Yukinoshita Yukino (Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru).
This one is a bit smaller than i thought, maybe since i compare the size to Shigure.
But as expected of Koto, the detail is superbly done.
An indicator for me to throw some more money on them this year. =3

Next stop,
Hoppou chan from again, Kancolle
Unexpectedly cute, I'm so tempted to open the box and play and display them.
Really cuter than i thought, Maybe i should buy another set just for spare.

One of the best thing i got in Jan is this cute guy

Straya Polandball!
I'm a huge fan of Polandball series, and this is so fluffy and quite detailed.
Really going to display this guy, lol.

As misc stuff goes, i got new ps4 controller keychain and umaru usb drive.
I rarely buy any accessories stuff and i thought, hey, these ones are quite cheapo.

So there it is, hopefully this should be enough for first loot blog.
I'll try to update again next month

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Necroid_Neko4 года назад#5919309There's Polandball merchandise??

yep, there is
it's here:
www.countryball... =)
enjoy =)
4 года назад
There's Polandball merchandise??
4 года назад
That Hoppou... Shigure... Yukinon... so envy!!!
4 года назад