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blackteahimeblackteahime4 года назад
~Image heavy~

Apologies for my poor picture taking and setting, the couch is the most ample space i have to take pictures, actually.... ヽ(・_・;)ノ

With the coming of the new year comes... orders that shipped after Christmas, aha. Funny story about this one that I think is slightly relatable; my primary focus for my December AmiAmi order was Angela's Medicchu ITEM #287828 and Kogitsunemaru's 1/8 ITEM #287698, and then I threw in a couple of other items I was interested in to save on shipping. Lo and behold... They were both pushed back to January!! Σ(゜ロ゜;) I couldn't believe it! (Well Angela has already been delayed since October so now fingers crossed she'll finally come out in January... please...) So now i just had a bunch of smaller items in my cart that I didn't want to back out of, because I've done that to AmiAmi a few times and felt bad, so, whelp... small order stuff, here we go.


Such lovely censoring is it not? ╮(─▽─)╭ Oops, AmiAmi's box has a bit of a hole in it.... minor at least. Aside from my AmiAmi order, I had one more item arrive today, and that is actually from RoosterTeeth, of the RWBY Japanese Fanbook Vol. 1 ITEM #297872. I managed to wake up and catch them right when they were still in stock, and nabbed one for around $25~ USD. Lucky me, as both a RWBY fan and an artbook collector.


Here's everything I got all together before I go into each one~


Let's start with an item not on the database (I guess most MH stuff isn't), www.amiami.com/... . It's a pouch, likely intended as a pencil case, holding your small stuff. And I have to say as a huge MH fan, and perhaps even moreso than that, a stationery and pencil pouch collector...

... I'm kind of disappointed. OTL This is my own fault though I suppose!? It DOES say "paper-like multipurpose pouch" but I didn't seriously expect it to be SO paper-like!? The texture is like crumpled paper, although slightly waxy like durable paper, such as the material they make those MightyWallets out of. The inside is a durable polyester weave. But I really can't say I like the texture...!! The design is simple and cute, but the paper feel of it makes me feel like I'll easily stain it. I wouldn't have minded this buy as much if it hadn't costed me 1980yen.... I'll live with it though, and find some purpose for it. I have plenty of pens. OTL


Next up is ITEM #342412 and ITEM #351129, which, I impulsively threw in the cart as a Splatoon fan. They are cute though.


I really appreciate that the image is printed IN the acrylic, instead of just on the back, where the image can easily be scratched away. (looks at my Guilty Gear Xrd Ramlethal acrylic keychain... and it's an official item too.)


The other one is a bright reflective material, like you would wear if you're going out biking at night or such. It's slightly squishy too. I like this one a lot for a trinket and will probably end up putting it on my backpack for school.


Apologies if anybody really wanted to see me unbox ITEM #289217, but this is an item for a friend (who does not have an MFC account but has an impressive Kougou and Tenryuu collection), so I will not be opening it :( Used for 1480yen on AmiAmi I had to grab it for him, having managed to find it pretty much right after it was listed--- luckyyyy. ((If it matters at all, the box was in pristine condition. I'll have to dig more in the used section of AmiAmi for myself in the future...))


Next up is ITEM #363047 ! I'm quite a Gundam fan and I have really been enjoying IBO (*≧▽≦) I bought this with the intention of having it as a decorative piece (like maybe having it hang on the wall or something), but since I've preordered it, I have bought HG 1/144 Barbatos and assembled it (needs painting and weathering before it's "finished"), so this will likely be the base for it now. I post my build logs and gunpla stuff on tumblr instead of here.


What's inside~ I'm actually a bit surprised it needs assembling but ah, such is the life of plamo. I'll probably post a mini build log and pics of the pieces/runners itself on my tumblr sometime, since I don't wanna spam articles (´;ω ;`)


Up next are items not on the database again, www.amiami.com/... and www.amiami.com/... , Cospa's Gundam carabiners. I bought these for a whopping 3132yen EACH (thought the Earth Federation one is for the friend I previously mentioned and he payed for his), so these were definitely a splurge indulgence for me. Yeah, I just spent $30 on a carabiner, what of it. OTL


Why was I so willing to dip that much for keyholders? Well, first of all, look at it-- it's so pretty! (Also, Sieg Zeon. That's right.) It's not as heavy as you might expect, as its purpose is to hold your keys and it wouldn't do well to have massive weight hanging on your pants or purse, but it's thick and feels incredibly sturdy. And it just looks really cool...? I've been looking for a carabiner I liked for months, as my keys were a mess and not nearly stylish enough for my taste, and fell in love with these the moment I saw preorders open. (At the same time, now I'm asking myself if I should have saved those $30 towards like, MG Titanium Sinanju or something, but eh.)


Kogi wrist pillow, ITEM #332314 ! Was out of stock for ages, managed to catch it suddenly on AmiAmi, immediately threw it into the cart. Not much to say about this one-- squishy pillow. Won't actually be using it as a wrist cushion though since I don't really feel the need for one (plus I need all the wrist space for my tablet when I draw), so into the shrine it will go. Now if only I could find Mika's in stock.


Ehehehe, I was super excited for these! ITEM #309073 and ITEM #309086 and I managed to find them both!? They're still instock on AmiAmi if anybody is curious (as of the date of this article). They aren't too big at about 20inches long or so, but i like the small size, since I'm considering getting more prints/posters of them as well (and I already have a wallscroll so maybe they should stop eating my wall). I do wish for their regular costumes as well, but having them in citadel clothes is very refreshing as well~


Last but not least, the fabulous RWBY Japanese Fanbook I mentioned above. RoosterTeeth had limited stock, I believe, and I managed to catch it without knowing beforehand.

It is a little thinner than I expected, but I don't mind. It has a lot of character information (from a little before season 2), along with some of the 3D rigs and models of the characters, props, and weapons. Probably so info-packed because it might be hard for the overseas audience to find RWBY stuff.

I have no intention of scanning or taking pics of the entire thing (I bet somebody has already done that), but here are some shots of my favorite pictures.


I know everybody has seen Shirow Miwa's piece by now, but it is also worth showing again.

And, lastly.

I can't believe it's almost been a year since Monty passed. I hope that he would be ecstatic with the growth of RWBY now.

That's all I have for today!! Wow that felt really long for what was a small haul... If you read all the way through, sincerely, congrats?! I am thoroughly impressed. Σ(゜ロ゜;) You deserve a pancake.


Hopefully I will have an interesting haul/review for my January items. Thanks for reading!

EDIT: Sorry about that, links should be fixed now! Things get confusing when you have to insert 20 links @_@
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darkmewsic4 года назад#5846960That last page in the RWBY fan book made me shed a tear.
Same >: At the same time I was very happy to see them put it in too (seeing as this is the Revised edition), I wasn't expecting it.

Bearcat4 года назад#5846812Great haul :) starting the year in style~ congrats! That artbook is gorgeous!! *eats pancake*

Thank you! It is very gorgeous >3< I'm very glad I impulse grabbed it!
4 года назад
That last page in the RWBY fan book made me shed a tear.
4 года назад
Great haul :) starting the year in style~ congrats! That artbook is gorgeous!! *eats pancake*
4 года назад
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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