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December Loot/Review


December has been a hell of a month!

The tides have finally turned on me I used to be the one getting presents now I am the one giving em away! (perks of being the eldest .(-.-).) Christmas came late for me but Santa-san went by my house today in the form of a delivery man and one good way to end the year is to finally receive my order!


First off, I got Shigure Kai Ni from Good Smile. She gave me a lot of trouble due to the delays and what not but finally after all those months I finally have my ship waifu within my grasp!

Shigure in her normal ver. and Shigure in her Kai ni ver.

She is such a beautiful figure very similar the prototype in terms of the details and pictures simply do not do her justice. She absolutely looks gorgeous in real life although the base looks pretty cheap it kinda suits her overall design imo. She also was very easy to assemble between the two versions. I seriously thought it was going to be a repeat of Mikasa but i guess i was wrong. I also dont know much about her since she wasn't on the anime and i have never played the game but nonetheless got her anyway and have no regrets whatsoever.

Next I got the Oregairu girls. My former 5th place waifu Yukino Yukinoshita and her partner in crime, Yui Yuigahama.


These two were my most anticipated figure of the year. As soon as I laid eyes on Yukinoshita, I instantly fell in love with this figure and was (I think) my first ever preordered figure. I didn't get the chance to order Yui however but an opportunity came and I happily took it to be shipped with Yukino.


They both look awesome in every way and Kotobukiya pulled them off pretty well. They look sooooooooo good together im not even exaggerating it. Yui's base however seems like it has extra bits of plastic that was not cut off in the center since it tends to spin around. Yui's foot also never touches the chair it's just an illusion. Anyways, as a big fan of the series id say this is the best figure of them by far. (Well at least compared to GSC's Yui and the Prize Yukino figure imo)


We all know who needs to be in this chair. He just has TO BE on this chair. I feel like this is the reason why Kotobukiya decided to make the two pose together in one. It's because he has to be on this damn chair.


This about sums up my December Loot and the rest of my figures during my first year collecting. I also ordered Koto's King of Knights Saber but for the love of god she got separated and wont be coming till next month. I will probably just make a short review about her when she arrives.

Hope you guys enjoyed a little read about my loot and like i mentioned before this month has been HELL ON EARTH not only for me but also for eveyone else because of ORDERS AND DELAYS+CHRISTMAS PRESENTS AND SHIT! As usual please excuse my shitty iphone camera and have a wonderful New Year holidays! :D

Towards the end of the year we ALL feel this way..


But hey

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