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Before we begin, I'd just like to inform readers that there are A LOT of photos near the end of this review, so keep that in mind~


Hello everyone!
I'm back with another review! This time we'll be looking at the recently released "Dragon Ball Kai Ichiban Kuji ~Strongest Rival~ Super Saiyan Son Goku" designated for the "Zoukei Tenkaichi Budokai" SCultures line. This piece was actually part of the initial line up of the SCultures line, but upon the results of the figure contest to decide which figure would win the Master Stars Piece sculpting rights + 1 000 000 yen award; this piece in particular was given the title of Ichiban Kuji, alongside it's Freeza counterpart.

(Here's an image of the pair before they were Kuji. As you can see the Freeza has a special base made just for display purposes during this event, But pay particular attention to the Goku. He is situated atop a standard SCultures base. This was just upon their announcement as Kuji.)


Goku is actually a part of the recent Ichiban Kuji lottery for Dragonball Kai that was released at the end of 2011 (in December).

December 2011 Dragon Ball Kai Ichiban Kuji Lottery:
Promo poster of the Kuji:

Real time photo of the entire Kuji:

The piece is partnered with the equally impressive 100% Max Power Freeza, and a LSSJ (Legendary Super Saiya-jin) Broly in two variations (Variation 1), (Variation 2). But back to the topic on hand... the Goku. I'll just say right off the bat that this piece is amazing. My previous belief before getting this figure was that the SSJ3 Son Goku would be the trophy piece from the Zoukei Tenkaichi tournament. I was wrong. This piece blows the SSJ3 out of the water. It is simply amazing, I love looking at it on a daily basis, taking pictures of it was rewarding and enjoyable and his quality is impeccable. But without further adieu lets get right down to it:


I'm pretty sure anyone that knows anything about... well... anything, remembers the classic scene of Goku's transformation into a Super Saiyan for the first time in his heated battle to the "death" with the evil Universal overlord Freeza. This figure brings Goku's design at that time into a reality and does not disappoint.

The figure itself is not based on the very first time Goku transformed, rather it is based on after he had starting battling Freeza in his Super Saiyan form. At this point Goku was sizing the villain up as he underwent his Maximum Power transformation before laying out an all out assault on him. Figures of Goku in this form and pose have been done to death.

For example I can list several lines that have produced him in this form off a whim, including:

Version 1
Version 2 (Clear Hair Variant)

Wild Style
Digital Grade
Legend of Saiyan
Dragon World Collectable
Capsule Neo
More Cap Neo
and Dragoball Imagination

That's not even including all the lines he has appeared in with this form. I would hold the Ichiban Kuji 2011 SCultures piece right up there with the Medicos version. Obviously the Medicos version is better in detailing, paint, size and sculpt- but based on a personal preference I like this Kuji Goku more than that. (I would consider the Medicos Goku to be the best Goku I own afterwards). The Ichiban Kuji Goku isn't exactly large, a bit small (coming in at a scant 20cm including his base. He also falls in line with the rest of the SCultures) but still very well done. if anything he takes up more space width wise due to the lightning effects from his base.

Let's move on to the Box and packaging.

The Box (7/10)

The box is a large square with holes on the front, and both sides. It's pretty standard, with a black/red motif all around it. The front of the box has the prize designation (A), the name of the piece and the various logos affiliated with the piece. (Banpresto, Ichiban Kuji, Dragon Ball Kai, etc). The sides just feature the text "Super Saiyan Son Gokou" at the bottom, and the back has the standard information that comes with every figure (warning labels, website links etc) along with a small graphic of the figure at the top. Again as far as boxes go its pretty standard, nothing to gawk at. However it is presented in a nice compact and clean manner. My only gripe with it, is the fact that it's so damn large. The Freeza box is understandable due to the piece, I suppose it's understandable in this case too, but you can clearly observe that the box is bigger than it needs to be. This is an annoying trend I've observed in almost every figure line I collect. (With the exception of prize figures, or smaller DX figures). The box always seems to be too big for the figure, or in a sense bigger than it need be.



Left Side




Right Side




The Packaging (7/10)

The packaging is again, standard. Simply two plastic shells and a small sheet of clear plastic to surround the figures body. Again, standard for a Kuji release. The box does allow for the figure to be displayed in box and still see it's details on a satisfactory level. I would have hoped for the box and packaging to be more closed off, without the open holes in the box exterior or two plastic shells and a sheet of plastic for protection, but it gets the job done. Ultimately it falls in line with the typical style of how Ichiban Kuji boxes are presented.







The Sculpt (10/10)

And here we get to what I'm excited to talk about: The Sculpt. Now, before I dive into details, let me just first say of hand that I consider this the best piece out of the entire SCultures line. You can also couple that with the fact it is an Ichiban Kuji Prize, which at times I tend to be fond of. Therefore I think that the figure itself transcends the boundaries of just a Kuji prize, and it has won a special slot in my collection. The attention to fine details and sculpt is unreal. I love it. I'm glad that Banpresto produced such a fine quality figure since it pays homage to the first time Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan (and rightfully so). I remember watching Goku transform for the first time back when I was in grade-school. I also remember the next day all anyone was talking about was what happened last night. After about 4 weeks of spirit bomb charging (and Krillins death), we FINALLY saw the Super Saiyan transformation (which had been alluded in the opening credits for quite some time). For this reason alone I will give it a 10/10, it is simply a wonderful sculpt for a prize figure. That being said, let's get into it.

Let's start off with the hair. The hair. Ohhhhh boy, the hair. Simply phenomenal. This is the best Super Saiyan Goku hair I have ever seen. Period. The spikes are all sculpted just right, the hair also has orange undertones in the follicles on top of his head and the bangs. With a nice deep rich and vibrant golden yellow as the base colour.




When looking at it from the back you can see the depth and scope of the hair. His bangs are beautifully done, dead on and accurate. I cannot express how much I like the Super Saiyan hair. Banpresto nailed it. Sometimes you get figures that come along and just "nail it" you know? And this is one of those figures, absolutely gorgeous hair sculpt. The best Super Saiyan hair I've seen hands down.








Moving on to the face, the face is ridiculously well done. His expression is stern and powerful. No joking, no gimmicks, no goofy Goku laughter, just a solemn and grim determined look on his face, almost a scowl with an air of coolness about him. I love it. Marvelously done. His eyebrows are superbly done too. I really like how Banpresto paid particular attention to the face sculpt. His sculpt is dead on to his manga/anime counterpart. His nose, mouth, neck, ears, and eyes are all sculpted superbly, no complaints. Seriously I cannot find fault in this.








Onto the torso. Again super good sculpt here. (I always find it funny that shirtless figures tend to have the nipples omitted), looks a little odd but it's okay. Nice muscle tone and definition. You can feel the tension in the muscles as you see it. His shirt is partly ripped to expose half of his chest and back, with the arms visible. The arms are sculpted excellently as well. The shoulders, triceps, biceps and forearms are all protruding with tense muscles. His back is also wonderfully sculpted as well, prominent muscle tones and muscle definitions are abundant here. His hands are balled into fists and are spot on.






On to the legs. I think his legs look a little too long in some instances, but other than that they are accurate. His pants are frayed and torn, specifically around the knees exposing his thigh/leg muscles underneath. Various other signs of battle damage are abundant including tattered and ripped fabric all along the legs and his belt is also tattered too. It accurately depicts/gives off a battle damaged feel.







Overall I find the sculpt on this figure is phenomenal. The sculpt helps to reiterate and emphasize the feeling, scope and magnitude of power that Goku radiates and gives off during his first transformation into a Super Saiyan. Banpresto brings this scene to life in this figure. When looking at this figure I find it gives off a sense of power, brought about by a face stricken with a stern and grim determination. Strength, Anger, Focus, and Power... these are all qualities that the sculpt helps to bring out and highlight in the figure; and that is an amazing thing to behold. That's what we want to feel from figures, we want actual emotions to come to mind when looking at them, and this figure does that, invoking a feeling of exquisite visual sensuality yet still remaining a simply wonderful piece to look at. The sculpt is near flawless. But with sculpting comes paint, so let's look at that next.

The Paint (10/10)

The Painting on this figure is again- near flawless. The hair is painted in such a way that at certain angles a deep golden yellow, (almost orange) colour can be seen in the inner depths of the hair. Also the hair is painted with a gloss-like, pearl coat finish that gives it a nice dull luster. Meaning that the hair shines, but doesn't look so shiny as to almost look cheaply made. The sheen of the hair is at a mid range luster as to reflect light in a compact manner. It's a phenomenal job, especially for a mass produced figure.






Just a quick note to add: I can find almost no paint errors on this figure at all, I say "almost" becuase there are some slight mishaps on the ropes that he uses as laces for his boots. But really it's miniscule and could barely be seen as a paint error at all. In fact there is barely anything wrong with it (this is literally me TRYINGto find something wrong with it to the point of nitpicking). Absolutely wonderful. The skin is painted in a nice even tone, along with his shirt and paints. Everything is accurate to his colour pallet (Orange Gi with Blue undershirt, blue wristbands, blue belt, blue boots (with red stripes) and rope laces. Dead on, and accurate, with no flaws in the paint job whatsoever.







The Pose (9/10)

Not much to say here about the pose. He's in his standard "looking up to the top left corner" pose with fists clenched, feet shoulder length apart and ready for combat. The pose fits the piece though and I couldn't ask for anything else. Again, strong and stern the pose gives of a sense of power and authority. Really not a whole lot to say about it.



The Base (9/10)
The base is very well done. The base was meant to mimic the ground Goku was standing on when he underwent his transformation (a.k.a Planet Namek) and it accurately represents that. The base is a rock form base composed mostly of rocks, gravel and Grass. Perhaps the most notable feature of the base are three large lightning bolts protruding out of the ground (meant to embody the lightning his body generates when undergoing the Super Saiyan transformation and the lightning striking the ground nearby when he first underwent the transformation, as seen in this scene particularly at around 1:41).






The sparks are made of a translucent yellow plastic, and it fits the figure quite nicely. Usually I'm not one for extra things like this, (I usually see them as an annoyance), but it works to add to the overall effect of the figure. Nice touch. Now the ONLY problem I could see people having with the figure is that it is permanently attached to the base. Personally I don't mind this since the figure is done so well, I feel it's almost akin to a mini centerpiece item. However, for those who have space in mind or spacial concerns are a cause of anxiety... they may not like that the figure cannot be removed from the base. It doesn't take up too much space, if anything the lightning bolts add more to the width of the figure due to them being spread out in three directions from the base. Still, something to keep in mind, I personally wouldn't score the figure any less than what I already have (minus the one point), but it is something that should be observed and addressed.

Final Thoughts
This figure is amazing, if you're a fan of Dragon Ball by any means then I do not know why you haven't picked this figure up yet. He is still available on Mandarake and seems to be hovering at the price of 4k (which is how much I got mine for). I actually picked up two of these becuase I liked the piece so much. It's a definite must have for any fan, and even more so for those looking to complete the marvelous SCultures line launched by Banpresto in 2011. I consider this to be the best piece of the line hands down. As I stated earlier I used to think the best piece was the SSJ3 SCultures, but I have been sorely mistaken. This figure takes the cake. From the sculpt, to the paint, to the detailing - everything is made with such attention to accuracy and with intricate detail that I wouldn't think that this was a Banpresto Prize item on first glance. The only problem people may have with it, is that it is permanently affixed to the base, other than that, wonderful stuff. Ichiban Kuji did this figure justice. I am proud to have this in my collection, and I should hope that this review would instill similar feelings in my readers. Amazing work.

- Intricate attention to detail
- High Quality Reproduction of Goku in his first SSJ transformation
- Flawless Colouring
- Vibrant & Vivid colours used (evident in the hair specifically as well)
- Flawless Sculpting

- Figure is permanently attached to the base, this could be seen as a negative for those with spatial concerns

~ And here you have it, my Ichiban Kuji ~Strongest Rival~ SSJ Son Goku Review! Hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for more! ~

(I liked it so much I got a second :P)

(Complete SCultures Line)

Preview for the next review...


Extra Photos ***WARNING! Lots of Photos ahead! You've been warned!***

Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерComparisons:

I'll compare this Goku to the Wild Style Goku (a figure of similar fashion) to show how well it's made. The WS Goku was made recently (only 2010) and there is a stark difference in quality.









(A face not even a mother could love! Bleh! What was Banpresto thinking?)

(This on the other hand is spectacular!)








You can clearly see from these comparisons that the Kuji Goku is leaps and bounds over the Wild Style. The Wild Style has more rugged muscle definitions on the torso, arms and back and more tattered clothing. However, the Kuji model looks more refined and polished. The face is also abysmal on the Wild Style, while the face on the Kuji model is superb. From the face to the hair to the clothes, everything looks better on the Kuji model. However I do like the colour of the Wild Style Goku's hair (although I like the Kuji's even better), I wish they had made the hair that colour for the SSJ3 model, that would have made that piece truly impressive.

Also Comparing this Ichiban Kuji piece to the 2010 SSJ2 Gohan that was also created in a similar fashion to this figure (lightning bolts of power, organic base etc). (Here you can see the obvious jump in quality in the Goku figure.)










More Shots:















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Raithos5 лет назад#2807904I'm glad you liked the review and found it helpful, and yeah this is definitely one of the best Gokus XD. You're going to love those two pieces when you get them, they're seriously nice!

I am sure I will. :) The detail on all of these are phenomenal and am so impressed with them, especially Ssj Goku and Ssj Broly. The muscle mass on both of them are incredible and are enough to leave you speechless.
5 лет назад
Raithos Stagnant
DBZFanGirl22845 лет назад#2807831Thank you for this review! Despite never owning a single Ichiban Kuji figure I have been a fan of this line for a long time and this has always been on my top figures to get and I am finally going to buy him and couldn't be more excited for it. :) I also have 100% Final Form Freeza and Ssj Broly Ichiban Kuji figures on my wish list to get later this year and can't wait! Thanks again for the review, it was very informative and helpful to me.

I'm glad you liked the review and found it helpful, and yeah this is definitely one of the best Gokus XD. You're going to love those two pieces when you get them, they're seriously nice!
5 лет назад
Thank you for this review! Despite never owning a single Ichiban Kuji figure I have been a fan of this line for a long time and this has always been on my top figures to get and I am finally going to buy him and couldn't be more excited for it. :) I also have 100% Final Form Freeza and Ssj Broly Ichiban Kuji figures on my wish list to get later this year and can't wait! Thanks again for the review, it was very informative and helpful to me.
5 лет назад
Awesome review, i just got him a couple of month back and he look amazing with other Dragonball figure! Really Glad that i got him :D
7 лет назад
RaditzFan Ultimate Raditz Fan
Great review! I really like the detail of this one. Easily a great figure of Goku in his SSJ form. :)
8 лет назад
Whoa, amazing Goku!!!
(Great review too.)
The difference between the two versions is pretty stark: the Wild Side one looks like he's on steroids. ^_^'
8 лет назад
Nice review Raithos :)

truly this Goku is amazing, everything you said is true.
about the stand, I didn't thought at all of removing it so I was surprised that some people find it a cons.
your pics are nice, and I could sometimes find more details that I didn't notice (like the shoes)
I really wish they had made SSJ3 into Ichiban Kuji and gave him the same treatment (and colours) he would be amazing, sadly this Goku is better than him in terms of final product quality
I like the introduction about Tenkaichi Budokai tournament and the Ichiban Kuji line.

I like the preview pics of the next review, I think I know that evil tail XD
8 лет назад
Raithos Stagnant
Chibi_GohanVery nice review... tons of pictures (maybe a little too much? :D), and very nicely detailed. I did see this figure on Mandarake earlier this week for a pretty nice price (I thought), but it sold out before I could place an order on it :(. I'm going to try to snag the next one, since it seems to pop up often enough.

I thought about doing a review on that Freeza myself :P.

On another note... Wild style Goku sure is ugly.

Thanks, I really liked it so I took a loooooooooooot of pictures, yeah maybe tone down the pictures next time.

It's still available, but I'd secure one soon, I have a feeling they won't be so easy to get soon enough...

You should, it's epic, I'm definitely getting to work on the Freeza one next.

He's SOOOO ugly, it's a shame really :/ I'm glad Banpresto made it right with this Kuji
8 лет назад
Very nice review... tons of pictures (maybe a little too much? :D), and very nicely detailed. I did see this figure on Mandarake earlier this week for a pretty nice price (I thought), but it sold out before I could place an order on it :(. I'm going to try to snag the next one, since it seems to pop up often enough.

I thought about doing a review on that Freeza myself :P.

On another note... Wild style Goku sure is ugly.
8 лет назад