Big proxy loot! Moetan, POP, Baccano!, Chrno Crusade, Mecha MusuBig proxy loot! Moetan, POP, Baccano!, Chrno Crusade, Mecha MusuLoot

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Recently my image hosting decided to call it quits without informing me. This caused all my blogs on MFC to have their pictures gone.

Re-uploading and re-linking all the images is a long task. If you are reading this and are interested in the blog below, please leave a comment and I will give fixing that specific blog priority.

Thank you for checking out my blog!

Hello and welcome to a big loot blog! Before I start I wanted to warn that this blog will be very picture-heavy and also I collect from a lot of older series, so this may not be up to the tastes of everyone!

The package



So much bubble wrap and foam padding!


A sneak peak at the items you will see unboxed later on! Because this loot is so big, I sorted them by subject/franchise (that way you also easily can skip (to) the items you're interested in). This blog will have items from Mecha Musume, Moetan, POP artworks, Chrno Crusade, Hardcore Tano*c and Baccano! (in that order)!

For people interested in the proxy experience (big wall of text):Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлер
After a lot of recommendations, this order was my first (and also last) order with FromJapan. Because it's a bit of a long rant I decided to put it in spoiler.

What happened is that I won a lot of small auctions at Yahoo! Japan through FromJapan's website and tool. Everything went okay until the point items got shipped out. There was a lot of weird communication on FromJapan's side and when I got the package, there was a huge screwup. FromJapan put a wrong declarations form on the box, making it look like I got completely different items (marked as childrens' toys) and with a value of 3x as much as what I actually bought!!! It looked like a mix-up with another FJ client maybe? Anyway I was pretty pissed with a huge costums fee and charge (being almost as much as the amount of items I bought) and contacted FromJapan (I also got very lucky my costums didn't decide to open the box, because if they would have seen that the contents were completely different than what was written on the outside of the box I could have gotten into trouble too). FromJapan's behaviour and "explanation" for what happened was horrible and made me choose to never deal with them again. If I summarize my the e-mails they send me (because I got a different blame everytime): I got personally blamed, but also my computer and my browser for "messing up their website". They didn't want to take any responsibility for the weird stuff that had happened. Even though I tried to let them know the best way I could, I don't think they understood the seriousness, troubles and charges costums can give you for mistakes like this (most of their costumers are from the US probably?). The only possibility for me to get any of my right with the unnecessary charges I had to pay is if FromJapan would have worked together with me and/or Dutch Post to show what I really bought (because Dutch Post didn't trust only my screenshot enough and they don't send invoices as e-mails). Where I was hoping for a bit of costumer service and help with a mistake made on their side, ended up with me fighting like crazy with them through e-mail to not get any results.

I know people over here that have made many many orders with FromJapan without any problem and I guess if you never have to contact their costumer service, the site and the bidding works pretty good. But oh boy, you are screwed if you need any communication with them. Very interesting to add to all of this was that the friend that recommended me FromJapan the most, also got screwed over on her next order there. Where after her package was shipped, a few days later she got an high PayPal invoice from them without any explanation except for "extra charges that needed to be paid in 2 days". Because she wanted to know what was going on before paying anything she contacted the costumer service and they refused to give her any explanation. After her 2 days for paying the invoice passed, the store send her a warning saying that they needed to reship the box so she had to pay and otherwise her items would be thrown out. Well, at least she got her answer from them that way... But even after her paying when she contacted them again, they never wanted to tell her the reason why the package needed to be reshipped (she suspects that it was because of a mistake on FromJapans' side that the item was send back and they let her pay the costs for that).

tl;dr FromJapan, never again. I lost a lot of money and time on a proxy service that is supposed to be cheap and easy to use.

Mecha Musume

I'm actively trying to to get all the figures from ENCYCLOPEDIA #25241 and ENCYCLOPEDIA #25243 complete! Considering these are quite old trading figures, they can be very hard to find! My good friend CYREN pointed me to a big lot that was on Yahoo! Japan with a lot of different ones from the both series in there. I was sure I would end up with doubles if I won the auction, but considering these are hard (and quite pricey) to find loose, I decided to go for it. The listings' pictures only showed a ton of boxes piled up, I wasn't sure which ones I would get... Let's find out!



First up were a few randomised ones from the ENCYCLOPEDIA #25241 set. I like how it still had the outer box.


Unboxed, it turned out there were 7 figures in there. I got the following ones:

1x ITEM #9235
2x ITEM #9232
1x ITEM #7242
1x ITEM #6953
1x ITEM #9230
1x ITEM #9231
1x ITEM #9380

Which means that from this set I'm still missing: ITEM #9381 , ITEM #9379 , ITEM #9383 and ITEM #9382 , which are the rare repaints. So I can expect to pay a big buck for them in the future (or I should get lucky with another lot)... I want them all, so I'm not giving up!


Now a full box from ENCYCLOPEDIA #25243 ! Exciting!


Some of these were still with a factory sealed box! I like how every box comes with a leaflet for the Figumate set ENCYCLOPEDIA #25240 as I completed that set a while ago. Also interesting to point out here is the secret figure from this set, which you can build by collecting the others!


The secret I'm talking about is Electro Lolita 02 ITEM #9384 , the most sci-fi looking one from them all. Stuff like this is really neat and an extra "reward" for people trying to get complete trading figure sets. I wish I saw stuff like this more!


The box had the following figures:

1x ITEM #7245
2x ITEM #7243
2x ITEM #7246
2x ITEM #7244
2x ITEM #7247
1x ITEM #199481


The lot also had a sedond box with ENCYCLOPEDIA #25243 figures!


In this one I got:

2x ITEM #7243
2x ITEM #7247
2x ITEM #7244
2x ITEM #7246
1x ITEM #199481
1x ITEM #7245

Which leaves me with a total score of:

2x ITEM #7245
4x ITEM #7243
4x ITEM #7246
4x ITEM #7244
4x ITEM #7247
2x ITEM #199481
Which can build me 2 of the secret ITEM #9384 and leaves me with the following from the set missing: ITEM #9369 , ITEM #9373 , ITEM #9378 , ITEM #9374, ITEM #9372 , ITEM #9375 , ITEM #9371 , ITEM #9370 , ITEM #9376 and ITEM #9377 . Which are all the repaints and the extremely rare Rabbits! So those will also be expensive and hard to find...but the good news is that I have a lot of others now double that I can make trades! *Wishing for Mecha Musume fans to see this blog post*

Moetan/POP Artworks


Even though she is known for her bad quality, I saw this Ink ITEM #57566 for cheap and couldn't help myself! STALKING 's review BLOG #5316 prepared me for her quality and shabby box, but wow...she's pretty bad. Luckily she has a cute, cheerful face going on and I adore her posing (I have the matching artwork as a wallpaper on my computer a lot)!


She was listed as unopened, but yeahhhh...I don't believe that. Either that or she has even more horrible QC than I expected.


She's slightly shiny and far from perfect. I'll just pretend that she's a prize figure. I feel so bad for the people that pre-ordered her back in the day thinking she would look anything like her prototype picture.



I also managed to find an affordable copy of the Moetan DS game ITEM #278795 ! I have to admit I mainly bought this game for the artwork on the box. The game is still sealed and even though my DS Lite can play JP games, I feel this collectors' urge to keep it sealed. What should I do?


Another small lot I won was with multiple figures from the CM's Corporation / Movic Moetan trading figure set! It looked in the pictures like the full set, but the image quality was so low and blurry...


Opened up it turned out that I got ITEM #26182, ITEM #9366 , ITEM #26184 , ITEM #26181 (which I already own) and ITEM #9364 . Which leaves me missing all the repaint versions and the secret from this set. I'm still really happy because I got mutliple new ones and these are pretty pricy to buy loose!


I really wanted the Lollipop artbook from POP ITEM #43959 and saw 2 listed as I was browsing Yahoo! Japan. One seemed to have a small dent in the corner, so I decided to bid on the best looking one.


Turns out that the good condition one I won is completely sealed! Oh, man! I decided to keep it sealed for now, because I'm going to move soon and want to be sure it remains undamaged.


It even comes with all the original tags and cards! I feel like a bad person if I would ever open it! But I want to look at the pretty pictures inside!


Continuing on with the books, I decided it was finally time for me to hunt all the published "Moeru Eitango Moetan" books. This is the first one ITEM #339851 .


For the people not familiar with these books: they are English "vocabularies" to teach Japanese anime and video game fans about the most common sentences they hear and use...in English!


I do have to add here that the English in these books is pretty bad, which makes them very funny for people more advanced in English and people that like to joke with "Engrish".


I mainly bought these books for the cute, original artwork by POP. Such as this one where Nijihara Ink is cosplaying her transformed version, Pastel Ink!


Moetan II is quite different. First off it comes in 2 parts ITEM #339854 & ITEM #339855 and they are a lot bigger and with lower paper quality than the first book.



The book itself is mainly black and white pages and features a full story. First the story is told in Japanese, after that it's told in English with different artwork.



Interesting to point out is that in this book, Ink and her secret love Nao are not the main characters! Even though both look a lot like them, they are new characters called Yuni and Touya.


Onto the book number 3 ITEM #339856 ! This time Ink is the main character again and the book is about learning sentences and phrases with a few short stories. There are also poems in here.


This artwork is my favorite from the book, Ink and Ah/Ark visiting a convention in cosplay! Ark as Lum Invader is the funniest thing I've seen in a while!



Some examples of the English you can...learn.


For the next item I thought I lucked out and found one of the really rare subreader bonus books that are out there from Moetan.


Unfortunately it was a small magazine bonus book that tells about the anime series... This small book was the biggest let-down of my loot, especially for the price getting a pretty high total with the extra fees and shipping.


The only good thing about it was this very cute artwork I didn't see before!

POP Artworks


Another artbook I really wanted and bought was the POP Wonderland Cinderella book ITEM #44917 ! I earlier bought the Red Riding Hood ITEM #44914 book for cheap, so I wanted to expand my collection.


A sad and good thing I found out about by buying this book was that it's supposed to come with this quite luxury outer cover...so my Red Riding Hood one is incomplete (which explained it's price thinking back at it).



POP's artwork is really pretty with cute pastel-colors like always!

Chrno Crusade

Chrno Crusade doesn't have much merchandise available, so everytime I see something I haven't seen before and is legit merchandise, I go all-out!



I won an auction for this strap and mobile cleaner from Azmaria ITEM #327821 ! It's an item I never saw before!


A very lovely user Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерI don't have your PM's anymore, so I forgot who you are, I'm so sorry! If you read this, let me know! pointed out to me that ITEM #11156 was in stock at Surugu-ya! He was the last one I was missing from the Aruze figure set!




The details aren't the highest, but I'm very glad that a "big" figure exists from my favorite character!

Hardcore Tano*C

I mainly listen to OST's from video games/anime/movies and electronic music. Some louder electronic music also helps me to do chores, so when I found out about Hardcore Tano*C I was quickly hooked at the many different artists and styles working on these CD's! Even though I barely listen to physical CD's anymore, I wanted them for collecting/display purposes.




This is the first CD, I bought it because...well, don't you want to start a collection with the first one?


Also for the people not familiar with them: the Hardcore Tano*C logo is adorable!




I also bought the 4th CD, because that one has most of my favorite songs and I love the artwork. I'm not sure yet how much more I will buy from Hardcore Tano*C, because now I have my favorite items from them. I also would prefer to buy from the circle itself instead of auction-sites, so I hope to have a chance in the future to visit one of their stands.


Baccano! is probably my most favorite franchise and items can be really hard to find from this!




I'm very happy to have found a good condition copy of the DS game ITEM #337478 ! The game itself is unfortunately quite boring. It's a digital novel that uses artwork from the anime.


The booklet that comes with it is pretty nice!


The "Enami Katsumi Illustrations" book ITEM #44371 was a book I have been looking after for quite some time for and missed out from buying it a lot! Now I finally got it! The reason I wanted this specific book, is because it containts the most of Baccano! artwork from all of Enami Katsumi's books.


I'll try to keep it short, but I absolutely love the colors and very individual style Enami Katsumi uses!



One of my favorite Miria and Isaac outfits! Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерMy boyfriend and I really want to cosplay these!


In this book was actually a lot more non-Baccano! artwork than I expected. This one is from Vamp! if I'm correct. Unfortunately a lot of works with Enami Katsumi's illustrations aren't translated in English and hard to find information about if you're a non-Japanese speaker/reader (like me). Vamp! is also written by Narita Ryohgo who does Baccano! and Durarara!!.


This artwork has a lot more anime-ish feel to it and looks to have come from an JRPG. I know he did the character designs for a recent Star Ocean game, but I don't think that is this one? /// Turns out it's from one of the recent "Ys Seven"-games, thanks WARIO54 !


These artworks are from Junkgirl Jig, which looks really interesting to me, but also unfortunately is an untranslated short novel where not much info is to be found about in English.

Not related to this loot, but I recently won an auction for this rare Baccano! item ITEM #365068 and I'm really excited to receive it soon (even though it's just a small clear file)!

Complete loot

We've finally come to the end of this huge loot post! It was quite hard to fit everything into one picture, but I tried!


What am I doing with my life. Being happy!

To finish it

Thanks for reading this blog and I hope you enjoyed reading/looking at it! My next blog will be one about the events I went to that ENCYCLOPEDIA #8199 gave at a convention I visited recently!

All pictures in high resolution will get uploaded here: profile/Maakie/...
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Prettybarf3 года назад#20972713Pretty surprised to see tano*c in a random haul, but I'm definitely pleased

Hehe, I wanted physical CD's from them for a long time~ Hopefully I can ever pick a CD from them up in person! ^^
3 года назад
Pretty surprised to see tano*c in a random haul, but I'm definitely pleased
3 года назад
VioFitz3 года назад#17014816Yeah, I found Baccano but, I can't seem to find this anywhere about this Junkgirl Jig...

Baccano! is now getting officially translated books! I highly recommend you to pick them up, most of them are for cheap sale too a few months after release!

Here is the first one: www.bookdeposit...

And the second one is my favorite so far: www.bookdeposit...

Junkgirl Jig doesn't even have fan translations...and I'm not sure if we can ever expect those, unfortunately. :(
3 года назад
Maakie4 года назад#8921866Thanks! :D I'm also really happy with this loot! ^^
I really recommend you to watch/read Baccano! :) The other series in this book have barely been translated unfortunately, including Junkgirl Jig, which I'm really curious about myself. :(

Yeah, I found Baccano but, I can't seem to find this anywhere about this Junkgirl Jig...
3 года назад
VioFitz4 года назад#8840357Wow, that's one big haul there!! Nice, Maakie-san! So many loli stuffs but, I'm digging those Enami Katsumi Illustrations artbook eventhough, idk of this series at all. & that Junkgirl Jig red head sure loves showing her midriff which interest me so much.

Thanks! :D I'm also really happy with this loot! ^^

I really recommend you to watch/read Baccano! :) The other series in this book have barely been translated unfortunately, including Junkgirl Jig, which I'm really curious about myself. :(
4 года назад
Wow, that's one big haul there!! Nice, Maakie-san! So many loli stuffs but, I'm digging those Enami Katsumi Illustrations artbook eventhough, idk of this series at all. & that Junkgirl Jig red head sure loves showing her midriff which interest me so much.
4 года назад
Stalking4 года назад#5587838Really nice loot!
I'm so glad there's still people around that keep buying Moetan merchandise, it makes me feel less alone on this big Earth, heheheh!
I'll get my hands on the DS game sometime, so I'd like a review on that, if possible :P
The Cinderella book is also PRECIOUSSS! I have Little Red Riding Hood, but I plan on completing the collection one day. I'll be moving next year so I'm not really buying anything right now though :'0
Anywayyyy, gorgeous loot, enjoy your lolis <3 !!!

Thank you! :> But man, the quality of that Ink is so bad, and that while I was prepared for her with your review! O.O You, me and darkfader are the only active Moetan collectors I know. xD

I see the DS game for sale quite a lot! At almost every time there is one to find on Yahoo! (I didn't expect mine to be sealed, though. xD)

Also those POP Wonderland books are so incredibly cute, I want to complete the set one day too! ^^

I'm enjoying all these items to the fullest! :D

Mareem4 года назад#5587847Thanks XD
Perhaps I'm gonna stick to them as long as what I'm ordering are few and cheap things so I won't be overwhelmed w/ too much fees later on. I hope you find a good proxy that'll work out well for you too :)

Yeah, I just keep on trying! And I hope/wish for you to continue to stay safe when using FromJapan! :)
4 года назад
Maakie4 года назад#5587825Fweew! Glad to read yours went well! Are you planning on continuing using them or are you going to switch?
Thanks XD
Perhaps I'm gonna stick to them as long as what I'm ordering are few and cheap things so I won't be overwhelmed w/ too much fees later on. I hope you find a good proxy that'll work out well for you too :)
4 года назад
Stalking Loli hunter
Really nice loot!
I'm so glad there's still people around that keep buying Moetan merchandise, it makes me feel less alone on this big Earth, heheheh!

I'll get my hands on the DS game sometime, so I'd like a review on that, if possible :P
The Cinderella book is also PRECIOUSSS! I have Little Red Riding Hood, but I plan on completing the collection one day. I'll be moving next year so I'm not really buying anything right now though :'0

Anywayyyy, gorgeous loot, enjoy your lolis <3 !!!
4 года назад
Mareem4 года назад#5587639Thanks again for sharing your experience, FJ just contacted me and fixed my problem...so relieved

Fweew! Glad to read yours went well! Are you planning on continuing using them or are you going to switch?
4 года назад
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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