So my Spiral Heart Rod went for a swim, apparently...So my Spiral Heart Rod went for a swim, apparently...Diary

JezzyJezzy4 года назад
So my boyfriend opened the door to go get a pizza and saw we had two packages outside. I had gotten one package from Modcloth, and there was another flat package in a bag. I thought maybe it was one of his Christmas presents for me, but it was addressed to me. He left, and I looked at the package. I saw those dreaded words...


I had been waiting for my Spiral Heart Rod for a while, but hadn't really gotten worried because hey, it's the holiday season. Plus I had SAL'd it. Well, it had finally arrived, but I couldn't imagine it coming out of this unscathed.


Look at how thin it is! This was CRUSHED. I prayed to the collecting gods that Bandai's blister packaging had held up at least and protected the wand.

The box had to be peeled apart in order to open it.


The paper was still damp, and was completely molded to the shape of the box. Crazy.


Unfortunately, the box was damaged - the corners banged up, and some visible water damage. There goes the resale value. But once I had it out, it was the moment of truth - was the wand itself damaged?

http://imageshack.com/a/img907/8030/S5u5An.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img910/9509/p2diJk.jpg

Nope! She made it! And honestly, the pictures do not do the wand justice - it's beautiful IRL! I'm so thankful that the damage was only to the box!

But that begs the question - do I even try to talk to AmiAmi about getting some sort of compensation? It was registered SAL, so there was some insurance, but the item itself wasn't broken. I'm leaning towards "No." Part of me feels that using the skinny box wasn't the way to go, but my boyfriend pointed out that if the box was any longer or wider, it might not have held its shape at all!

But I guess this shows me not to trust SAL so much. I usually reserve EMS for orders over 10k, but I might have to rethink that strategy from now on, depending on the item.

But thank the gods it arrived here relatively safely. It could have been so much worse!
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AA's boxes are usually very sturdy, so it must've taken a lot of 'effort' to destroy it like that. Disgraceful. File for compensation this is NOT ok at all!
4 года назад
"We care", lol. A month or so back I got in a Mandarake order from usps which looked like it had been kicked across the country to me- they had torn the bottom of the box apart, saw the handful of books inside, and glued the destoyed bottom flaps to the packaged books inside. u__u Luckily there wasn't anything more fragile inside. But wow, they really smashed your box up! Glad the wand was alright, it looks gorgeous!
4 года назад
Wow, I didn't understand at first that the first picture shows the same package from different angles, I thought it was two different packages! O: Good to hear that the item is OK!
By the way, what is that "we care" sticker? Is it something that USPS puts on damaged packages?
4 года назад
Stalking Loli hunter
As long as the item itself arrives without anything damaged or broken, AmiAmi doesn't offer a compensation (and they are on the right to do so, why should they lose money because the mail carrier took your box for a swim and then sat on it?)

Your item is fine, so this ain't that bad at all. I don't think I ever had a figure break in shipping (and I've been collecting and re-selling figures for almost 6 years!). Enjoy your proplica, it looks amazing! Hopefully Bandai will release proplicas of other mahou shoujo items I like better~
4 года назад
wow if that item didn't have a solid blister pack you would have just received a pile of parts… could you even imagine if that were a book or prize figure order *shudder*
But really the journey through postal is the same for either EMS or SAL its just a matter that one offers speed (in some cases) and insurance while the other you're just kinda flying on a hope and a prayer
4 года назад
I'm so glad that the rod came out alright! Goodness, that would have been such a fright!

Personally, I see boxes of items I know I'm keeping as just cases for the items. I don't display them and I try to throw out what I can because of lack of space. If you were planning on potentially selling this at some point, then I would be upset. But if it's a keeper, then at least it did its job!

I haven't ever emailed about anything before... But if you were planning on keeping the box, then maybe give it a go? Doesn't hurt to try right?
4 года назад
How funny, when I tried to preorder the Spiral Rod through Amiami it wouldn't offer the Registered SAL option to me, only EMS...that's why I ended not preordering it, haha (it would have been hard to afford it anyways)

Back to the topic, how the box arrives is not Amiami's responsibility but your local post office. And EMS or SAL doesn't really make a difference when it comes to this; I've read similar stories with EMS shipments.
4 года назад
afaik EMS doesn't make it safer, just FASTER... which, may be slightly safer just because it's spending less time on the road? But yea, this is really a thing to talk to the post office about, because it's not AmiAmi's fault (if anything their packing saved it). x)
4 года назад
I would be mad if the package got damaged like that -_-
4 года назад
"We care"? That's priceless -__-
4 года назад
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